Disruption Playbook: Fintech 2021

Navigate the future of fintech with strategic insights from 27 top experts

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From fintech startups disrupting the market to forward-thinking incumbents reimagining their services, fintech is now driving change on a global scale.

The pandemic hasn’t been the only driver of change, though. Open banking, buy now pay later, embedded finance, and AI are just some of the major trends that have been transforming the industry.

  • Keeping on top of trends and knowing what’s new in fintech is critical if you want to make smart decisions and get ahead. To help you do just that, we’ve created this playbook. Inside, we you'll find insights that'll help you navigate the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead.
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Insights into the companies shaping the financial industry

Disruption Playbook: Fintech 2021 brings together expert insights on five key topics:
  • Fintech and banks. Combining competition and collaboration to drive innovation forward
  • Commodifying crypto. What happens when we regulate something that should be free of regulation?
  • The payments industry. What’s next for consumers and financial institutions
  • Buy now, pay later. Drivers, benefits, and challenges
  • Product design in fintech. Trends for 2021 and beyond

The world of fintech is complex and continuously evolving – but you don’t have to navigate it alone

  • There is a very strong movement of open banking, which accelerates alternative payment methods because cards are dominant in some parts of the world but in other parts actually not.
    Sven Dörfel

    Sven Dörfel

    VP of Product – Online Payments & Risk at SumUp
  • We should design our products with integrity and stay away from those dark patterns, that manipulation. We're all tired of what big tech does with our data and being the product.
    Shelley Armstrong

    Shelley Armstrong

    Head of Design at Finastra
  • There is a category of fintechs wanting to become the next generation of banks and take a larger share of the pie. But there are probably a lot more that aren't a threat and fall into the partner category.
    Savitri Bishnath

    Savitri Bishnath

    Entrepreneur in Residence at Citi Ventures

Fintech is now driving change on a global scale

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