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Working at Netguru means flexibility, trust and meaningful choices

Working at Netguru means being a part of a community that values growth, mutual trust and respect.

We want to continuously learn and improve, so we maintain a feedback-oriented mindset. And most importantly, we care – about creating sustainable software, about how our actions affect the world, and about each individual employee’s experience. As a Certified B Corporation®, we offer a safe, inclusive and productive environment for all team members, and we’re always open to feedback.

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Learn about our values

We’ve taken the time to condense our values into seven key points. They shape the way we work with clients and with each other, and are the foundation for Netguru company culture. As we grow and improve, we expect these values to evolve alongside us. We use internal initiatives, such as Ask Me Anything sessions with the core team, to keep our values alive.
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Netguru’s Core Values

These values reflect what’s important to the entire company. They guide our efforts, define our culture, shape the way we approach software development, and change alongside us as we aim for more and more ambitious goals. Initiatives such as Live Books, the Burning Minds conference, regularly scheduled feedback, and Netguru Hero & Super Heroes, are examples of how our values affect daily life at Netguru.
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  • 1

    Exceed clients’ and colleagues’ expectations

    Never settle for "good enough" when you know you can and should do better.

  • 2

    Take ownership and question the status quo in a constructive manner

    Trust your gut and your knowledge, even if you need to question your team leader or CEO.

  • 3

    Be brave, curious and experiment – learn from all successes and failures

    Take risks and make mistakes - that’s how we learn, and how we innovate.

  • 4

    Act in a way that makes all of us proud

    We are all in this together and everything you say and do, whether internally or publicly, reflects on us.

  • 5

    Build an inclusive, transparent and socially responsible culture

    Culture doesn’t happen by chance – we need to be proactive and work on it every day.

  • 8

    Be ambitious and grow yourself and the people around you

    As you work towards career goals, be mindful of the people around you and of how you can help each other.

  • 7

    Recognize excellence and engagement

    We know the value of well-earned respect and constructive feedback.

It's all about people. Let’s hear them out.

  • We’re building work environments in which we feel good – supported and safe. Because of our awareness of other people’s needs, of information exchange through the internet, we can practice more empathy.

    Mateusz Jankowski

    UI Lead
    Jankowski Mateusz 1
  • Working in an inclusive environment that allows you to grow makes all the difference. And knowing that the company has great values and is not afraid to stand up for them makes me feel very proud of the culture we created.

    Marta Grzesiak

    Quality Assurance Engineer
    Marta Grzesiak
  • The technical challenges and the leadership aspect are my favourite parts of the job. I discovered the latter only in Netguru, where I’ve been given the opportunity to support my colleagues in overcoming challenges.

    Stanisław Zalewski

    Senior Python Developer
    Zalewski Stanisław
  • At Netguru, every team member is eager to show appreciation and give recognition to the people who they collaborate with whenever they do an awesome job. I believe it is thanks to the culture of continuous feedback and open communication – we all feel responsible for it.

    Marta Stachowska-de Freitas

    Senior Recruitment Specialist & Team Leader
    Marta Stachowska-de Freitas
  • Why is Netguru way different? Because they care, it’s as simple as that. I knew where I was heading from the very first day of my recruitment process. My first weeks at Netguru were no different – the onboarding process went smooth and I felt at home. I was even assigned a dedicated mentor whose role was to support me throughout my first weeks. Being a Project Manager at Netguru means being friends with a whole bunch of experienced people who are willing to help and share their knowledge.

    Adrian Kamiński

    Project Manager
    Kamiński Adrian

You decide what comes next. Choose your career path

We want to offer our team members personalized opportunities for growth, based on their level of experience. There is always room for development.
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Your voice matters

We believe that a company is nothing without the people. We want to earn our team’s respect and engagement. That’s why we continue using data and feedback to improve our internal processes and communication, talk to the team about what they want us to work on next, and we listen.
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We want to create a workspace that will make you proud

At Netguru, we work hard to create a welcoming space for the team, and we’re happy to share the results.
  • 2019 Employer Branding Excellence Awards

    Best Employer Branding Strategy, awarded by HRM Institute.

  • 2020 Employer Branding Excellence Awards

    Recognition of an internal Covid communication campaign, by HRM Institute.

  • 2020 Poland's Most Attractive IT Employers by Universum

    Recognized among the top IT employers.

  • 2020 IT Community Survey by Bulldogjob

    Netguru among the Top 5 most attractive IT employers next to Facebook.

  • 2021 IT Community Survey by Bulldogjob

    Netguru ranked among the Top 3 most desired IT employers.

  • 2021 Netguru “Great Place to Work®” Certified

    Netguru among world’s best companies to share the title.

More than just a job

We value partnership and flexibility. That’s why, in addition to the perks listed below, you’ll be able to choose your own benefits from hundreds of options using the Worksmile platform.
  • Multisport card

    Keep your body and mind in shape.

  • Private health insurance

    Generous private healthcare package.

  • Life insurance

    Life insurance for you and your family.

  • Internal initiatives

    Webinars, workshops, rich knowledge base, internal conferences.

  • Growth budget

    Budget for books and team development.

  • Discounts on Apple products

    Buy Apple hardware for less

  • Home office bonus

    One-time 1000 PLN budget for upgrading your equipment.

  • The best equipment

    Aside from a MacBook, you get other top-quality equipment.

  • Leader’s support & mentoring

    Develop your skills by your leader's side, and get a mentor from the first day.

  • Fast-paced career path

    Opportunities for professional development, a promotion, and a pay raise.

  • Flexible hours and remote work

    Work efficiently – from home, from the office, or remotely.

  • iPad for recommending an employee

    Spread the word about Netguru and get the newest iPad.

Start your career at Netguru. Let’s improve the digital world together!

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