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Digital acceleration provides solutions to the key challenges of maintaining loyal customers, increasing revenue, and streamlining operations. Investing in better retail software leads to sustainable, profitable growth.

Attract customers with personalization and automation, and optimize operations with AI.

  • Personalized shopping. Sophisticated personalization across the whole customer journey.
  • Autonomous stores. Automate physical and online systems for a convenient shopping experience.
  • AI-powered operations. Delegate work to powerful AI systems to achieve operational excellence.

Digital solutions for every flavor and size of retail

Say goodbye to technological dilemmas. Develop the systems you need to ensure profitable growth.

  • Grocery. Inventory management, customer analytics, ecommerce integrations, point-of-sale systems.
  • Fashion and Luxury. Customer relationship management systems, virtual try-ons, AR/VR shopping experiences, ecommerce solutions.
  • Furniture. Augmented reality visualizations, inventory management systems, ecommerce platforms, customer analytics.
  • Quick commerce. Real-time inventory tracking, route optimization for deliveries, ecommerce platforms, AI-driven demand forecasting.

This is what we can do in three days

See how we apply rapid prototyping in our retail projects.

  • Natural language search. Intuitive and convenient search experience in no time
  • Rapid image generation. Engaging visuals for menus and marketplaces generated in seconds
  • Product image modification. Adjusting backgrounds on the fly
  • Image description generation. From image to words, faster than ever
  • Customized product chatbots. Offering information in an accessible way
  • Customer support chatbots. Ensuring the customer gets all the answers

Building a virtual try-on manicure app for COSMO Group’s NEONAIL

COSMO Group, a global cosmetics company, wanted to create a system that offers customers a lifelike 3D effect of colored nails in real-time.

Industry: Cosmetics

Services: Machine Learning, Mobile Development, Usability Testing

Client Expectations:

  • Develop a virtual nail styling app that provides a realistic and immersive 3D effect.
  • Ensure seamless user experience, easy navigation, and an integrated e-commerce platform for immediate purchase of tried products.
  • Ensure compatibility of the app across multiple platforms and devices, including iOS and Android.

Result of the partnership:

Successful delivery of the Color Match NEONAIL app, aligned with the client's requirements. iOS and Android users can try out various nail colors, shapes, and patterns in real-time with a lifelike 3D effect.

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a virtual try-on manicure app for COSMO Group’s NEONAIL

Rapid MVP development for Żabka – leveraging innovation to combat food waste

Delivering MVP feature in the app of Żabka, the leader in modern convenience stores in Central and Eastern Europe.

Industry: Retail, Convenience

Services: Web & Mobile Development, Product Design, Ideation, Testing

Client Expectations:

  • Translate the idea of preventing food waste into a functional MVP for a user trial.
  • Achieve a quick turnaround for ideation and implementation of the new feature.
  • Maintain complete transparency and stick to a rigorously estimated budget.
  • Ensure the development, testing, and launch of the feature don’t interfere with the performance of the existing app with a large user base.
  • Leverage the Click & Collect module within the app for the new feature.

Result of the partnership:

The MVP feature was seamlessly connected to the existing mobile application within six weeks, delivered under budget and ahead of schedule, and rolled out in multiple stores.

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MVP development for Żabka

Top-Notch UX for a car sales platform

OLX Motors Europe sought a partner for product design consulting and flexible team extension to assess product value and ROI prior to development.

Industry: Car sales

Services: Product Design, Product Design Sprint (PDS)

Client Expectations:

  • Find product design consultants to supplement the internal team.
  • Estimate the business value of redesigning a classified ads form.
  • Implement a price evaluation feature to support informed purchasing decisions.
  • Establish best practices and processes within the OLX Motors Europe team.

Result of the partnership:

Detailed report with redesign recommendations based on extensive user and business analysis, along with a successfully designed and implemented price evaluation feature.

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UX for a car sales platform OLX

We strive to overdeliver for our valued clients

  • Netguru's experts understood Żabka’s business goals, and thanks to their value-oriented approach, we elevated the retail customer experience to a whole new level.
    Paweł Grabowski

    Paweł Grabowski

    Head of unmanned solutions at Żabka, (Żabka Future)
  • You all have been excellent to work with; we really appreciate how well the projects are managed and run. You have built a great team.
    Paul Watson

    Paul Watson

    Ledbury Co-Founder
  • Creating natural-looking, three-dimensional, colored nails in real time was challenging, so we chose to work with Netguru because of their expertise in cutting-edge technology.
    Magdalena Bednarkiewicz

    Magdalena Bednarkiewicz

    Senior Project Manager at Cosmo Group

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  • Our team has extensive experience in developing software across different markets, having worked with companies such as IKEA, Volkswagen, or Keller Williams.
  • From planning and design to implementation and maintenance, we have all the expertise necessary to help you innovate.
  • Our robust scale fosters growth within your projects, and our agility enables us to swiftly adapt, offering custom software solutions that fit like a glove, adjusting in tandem with your dynamic requirements.
  • We have a track record of delivering high-quality software solutions, with a 4.9/5 rating on Clutch, and an NPS score of 73, which is above the industry average.
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  • Kamil Puk, Retail Consulting Director

    Kamil Puk

    Retail Consulting Director | Service Delivery, Netguru
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    Barbara Rybicka

    Retail Consulting Director | Commercial, Netguru

Understanding retail software development

The secrets behind digital solutions that satisfy the complexity and nuance of the retail business.

What is retail management software?

Retail management software assists retailers in their business operations. It provides features that help manage and streamline all the tasks involved in running a retail business, from sales and customer service to inventory management, employee scheduling, and financial reporting. It helps retailers make informed decisions, optimize processes, and enhance customer experiences. By automating repetitive tasks and providing critical business intelligence, retail management software can improve the efficiency and profitability of retail businesses

What are the benefits of retail software development?

Retail software development can result in improved efficiency, increased sales, and enhanced customer satisfaction. Custom software can be tailored to a retailer's specific needs, helping optimize operations, reduce manual tasks, and provide insightful data analytics. It can also offer a seamless shopping experience through integrated ecommerce and POS systems, personalized customer engagement through CRM, and much more.

Why is technology important in retail stores?

Technology keeps retail stores operational and efficient, enabling workers to accomplish more or focus on providing great customer service. It enables functionalities like real-time inventory tracking, seamless transactions through POS systems, personalized marketing with data analytics, and interactive customer experiences with digital signage and mobile apps. Moreover, technology facilitates an omnichannel retail strategy, integrating in-store, online, and mobile shopping experiences.

What are supply chain management systems?

Supply Chain Management Systems (SCMS) are software solutions that manage and optimize the entire supply chain process, from supplier to consumer. They help in managing the flow of goods, data, and finances, ensuring timely procurement, production, and delivery of products. SCMS can provide visibility into the supply chain, improve forecasting accuracy, reduce costs, and enhance customer satisfaction.

What are ecommerce platforms & POS solutions?

Ecommerce platforms are software applications that allow businesses to sell products online, manage content like product descriptions and catalogs, and handle customer transactions. Point of Sales (POS) solutions are systems used in physical stores to process customer transactions, manage inventory, and track sales. Many modern retail businesses use integrated ecommerce and POS solutions for a seamless omnichannel shopping experience.

What is the retail app development process?

The retail app development process starts with defining the app's objectives and target audience. Next, a detailed plan is developed, outlining the app's features, design, and technology stack. The app is then built in stages - design, development, testing, and launch. Post-launch, the app is regularly updated based on user feedback and analytics. It's essential to ensure the app aligns with the retail business' overall strategy and enhances the shopping experience.

What are custom ecommerce software solutions?

Custom ecommerce software solutions are tailor-made software applications designed to meet the specific needs of an online retail business. They can include features like product catalog management, shopping cart functionality, payment processing, customer relationship management, analytics, and anything else you need. Custom solutions offer flexibility and scalability, allowing businesses to add unique features, integrate with existing systems, and grow with their needs.

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