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Level up your projects with top tech talent for hire

Take advantage of global expertise and amplify your projects with staff augmentation services.
  • Fill talent gaps

    Hire highly-experienced experts from a global pool to boost your in-house team’s programming capacities.

  • Extend your capabilities

    Hire additional talent at any point of your project’s lifecycle and never miss a deadline.

  • Maintain ownership of your project

    Work with external developers while retaining full control of your project’s steering wheel.

  • Shorten the hiring process

    Reduce recruitment time and get new team members up-to-speed quickly with faster onboarding.

  • Gain flexibility and scalability

    Benefit from the flexibility of staff augmentation and scale your teams just when you need, as you need.

  • Eliminate delays

    Browse the global talent poll and remove the struggle of a prolonged search for project-critical skills.

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We’ve had a long-term relationship with Netguru. Netguru is a great and super-professional service provider, which brought new technologies, new methodology, and a fresh perspective to our project.

Assaf Davidi

VP Product at temi

IT talent shortages are no longer an issue with staff augmentation services

Fill your resource gaps with the best developers in diverse fields and technologies
  • Web developers

    Deliver state-of-the-art web applications by boosting your in-house team with remote tech talent.

  • Mobile developers

    Exceed user expectations with surefire solutions delivered by top mobile technology experts.

  • Product Designers

    Work with top-notch UX and UI designers to deliver foolproof products that people want to use every day.

  • DevOps Engineers

    Create rock-solid technologies, ensure scalability, and increase security with highly-experienced DevOps practitioners.

  • Quality Assurance Testers

    Remove flaws, solve issues, and safeguard your product’s quality with skilled QA testers.

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What are staff augmentation services in IT?

Staff augmentation is a software development outsourcing strategy that allows companies to extend their in-house teams by hiring external developers and expert workers on a temporary basis.

Staff shortages are commonplace in today’s IT industry. The demand for qualified software developers increases day by day, exacerbated by the challenges of the global pandemic.

Many companies struggle to find experts, especially in niche domains, with the skills and experience required to complete projects on time and within budget.

Staff augmentation is the software development market’s response to these common issues. It allows companies to benefit from both worlds: the advantages of software development outsourcing and the convenience of having an in-house team.

Staff augmentation cuts project costs related to recruitment, payroll, and implementation. It also offers great scalability, as contracts can be commenced or terminated conveniently, as required.

With staff augmentation services, companies can quickly hire developers for a specific project, in accordance with their requirements.

In that way, they expand their existing in-house teams with experienced experts. The specialists become part of the in-house team for a period of time specified in the contract.

What is the difference between staff outsourcing and staff augmentation?

Staff augmentation allows companies to integrate external specialists into their in-house teams. IT outsourcing, on the other hand, involves transferring a business process or a project to an external subcontractor.

Staff augmentation focuses solely on filling specific skill gaps organizations may find in their in-house project team. Staff hired as part of this model become the hiring organization’s employees, even though they work on a temporary contract.

This means that the hiring company is responsible for project management and can decide how it wants to achieve project goals.

In contrast, IT outsourcing focuses on taking over the responsibility for the project, or some of its aspects, from the external company. As such, the outsourcing company is accountable for project management, delivery and results.

Staff augmentation is a good solution for companies who want to remain in control of the project. They manage the team, the project scope, and the backlog in full.

Such organizations typically have strong in-house teams and management capacity. It is up to them to decide how to best utilize the developers’ time.

IT outsourcing, on the other hand, is a better option for companies who want to take care of other aspects of the business or the bigger picture while a project is being delivered by an external company.

It’s a good solution for organizations in which an IT team already works on a project at full capacity or when internal management is reduced.

What does the staff augmentation hiring process look like?

An effective IT staff augmentation hiring process will be much shorter than full-scale recruitment. Typically, the process consists of the following stages:

Identifying requirements

The hiring company should identify their requirements by preparing detailed briefs and job descriptions for the roles they would like to fill.

Market research

The IT staff augmentation service provider verifies the available market resources against the criteria specified in the job description. Pre-selected CVs are scored for relevance and submitted to the hiring company for further verification.

Skill verification

The hiring company selects a number of CVs from the pool provided by the staff augmentation service provider and carries out test assignments with the selected candidates.

Feedback on the tests and interviews

The hiring company provides feedback on the tests. Selected candidates are invited for an interview.


Following the interviews with selected candidates, the company decides who they want to hire.

Signing the contract

Both the hiring company and the staff augmentation service provider negotiate contract terms and the length of cooperation. The service provider prepares the contract for signature.

Once the contract is signed with the Staff augmentation service provider, the hiring company can proceed with onboarding the new team member.

Who are staff augmentation services for?

Staff augmentation services are perfect for businesses that want to scale their teams quickly, on an ad hoc basis. It’s an effective way to respond to workload spikes or staff shortages while remaining flexible.

This model allows businesses to benefit from external talent for a short period of time when they do not have the resources to offer permanent employment contracts.

In addition, staff augmentation services can help businesses in the following scenarios:

  • When they lack talent in-house: businesses increasingly struggle with finding and hiring developers with skills critical for project delivery. Staff augmentation facilitates access to the global talent pool of experts in diverse development fields.
  • When they look for cost savings: staff augmentation cuts costs stemming from recruitment and payroll, as well as project management and implementation.
  • When they a need new, temporary workforce: staff augmentation facilitates hiring for a limited time period (for both short-term or long-term) when businesses launch new projects. This employment model offers great flexibility and scalability.
  • When they look for specific, niche expertise: Staff augmentation services are a great solution for companies who struggle with finding talent in a specific programming language or niche development domain.
  • When they need additional testing capabilities: dedicated Q&A testers can help solve issues and ensure the best product quality before releasing a new product.

Build state-of-the-art tools with our seasoned developers and experts

Netguru offers comprehensive staff augmentation services for businesses looking to extend their in-house capabilities. Take advantage of top software developers and be prepared for workload spikes, reduce onboarding time and costs, just like others have.

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  • Netguru has also been great in terms of having the ability to understand how to balance your own design experience and the best design practices with the outcome of the KW Labs sessions.

    Adi Pavlovic

    Director of Innovation at Keller Williams
  • I've really appreciated the flexibility and breadth of experience we've been able to tap from the Netguru team. While most of our work together has been in React Native, at times when needed we've also gotten support in QA, design, UX, iOS and Android as well.

    Jonathan Uy

    CTO at Shine
  • I’ve had a long-lasting partnership with Netguru. Happy that it works so well and hopeful that we can cooperate on more projects in the future. Netguru always tries to make things possible.
    susanne wechsler babbel

    Susanne Wechsler

    Director B2B at Babbel

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Let’s answer some questions about staff augmentation

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions
What are the main pros and cons of staff augmentation services?

Businesses opting for staff augmentation services will discover numerous benefits, but they also have to be prepared for a number of downsides.


  • Filling specific skill gaps, quickly
  • Minimized HR processes
  • Reduced HR and operating costs
  • Greater flexibility
  • No geographic restrictions


  • Irrelevant when projects require extensive contextual knowledge
  • Reliance on external provider creates sustainability risks
  • Coordinating team members may be challenging as people don’t know each other
What are the main types of staff augmentation services in IT?

There are several different types of staff augmentation services in the IT industry.

The main ones include:

  • Specialized staffing and consulting firms: recommended when you need to find high-quality talent
  • Gig platforms: give access to freelance talent that can be hired quickly and flexibly
  • On-demand talent providers: offer speed, quality, and flexibility
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