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Custom software has the power to transform your business. From internal process automation and support for key business operations to cutting-edge customer-facing platforms, company-specific digital solutions that can be the missing link in propelling your business forward.

Solarisbank raised €100m in funding thanks to their custom banking platform


It took Solarisbank less than three years to build its platform, scale up a team, and raise almost €100m in funding rounds with Arvato, BBVA, Visa, Lakestar, and ABN AMRO's Digital Impact Fund.


Take full control of your business processes

Bring maximum value to your business and define your brand through custom app development
  • Bespoke systems. Enjoy custom-made software solutions crafted with your unique needs and future plans in mind
  • Improved business processes. Boost employee productivity by providing effective management tools for your business operations
  • Efficient use of resources. Let nothing go to waste as your bespoke software solution helps you manage your company’s assets
  • Process automation. Automate repetitive tasks and focus your employees’ attention on what’s truly crucial for your business
  • Our cooperation with Netguru is a true partnership. Whenever we faced challenges this year, we could rely on Netguru for our urgent staffing needs and time-critical deliverables. The Netguru team has gone above and beyond any expectations of what a strong and reliable partner can be. It's a pleasure to continue our growth with such an outstanding tech company.
    Hima Mandali Solarisbank CTO

    Hima Mandali

    CTO of Solarisbank

Develop software that gives you a competitive edge using the latest technologies

Following careful examination of your business needs, our expert team will recommend the best strategy to successfully achieve your goals.
  • Big Data solutions. Transform decision-making processes and make insightful data-driven business decisions
  • Digital Transformation services. Safeguard the future success of your company and stay competitive in the global market
  • Cloud-based app development. Effortlessly speed up development, improve final product quality, and increase productivity
  • Web and mobile development. Deliver maximum value to your business with stunning custom web or mobile software
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Where should you start with custom software development?

When approaching custom software solutions, it's important to choose a software development agency that has the processes, tools, experience, and internal culture to make your software project a success.
  1. Research. We select an expert team to help you deliver your goals
  2. Scoping session. Our team partners with you to effectively shape your business idea
  3. Project set-up. We ensure that your project has the tools and processes needed to succeed
  4. Project kickoff. We work with you to successfully create a game-changing software product

Your strategic software development partner


In an era of rapid technological evolution, businesses must leverage cutting-edge solutions like big data, business intelligence, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to remain competitive. In this ever-changing landscape, partnering with the right software development company can be a critical determinant of success. At Netguru, we understand your business dynamics and are committed to helping you make informed decisions.

Whatever your idea, we’ll work with you to build an amazing product through web and mobile application development, full consulting services, project management, data management, and more.

Outstanding custom software allows you to meet users’ increasingly demanding expectations and can be a differentiating factor in attracting new users. When you partner with Netguru, you can rely on our strong focus on efficiency, scalability, and compelling designs.

We work to industry best practices and use the agile and scrum software development methodologies, ensuring that the development process meshes seamlessly with your internal procedures.

The Netguru team will take you through the entire lifecycle of your software product, expertly helping you to tailor it to your market for maximum impact and allowing you to capitalize on emerging and established trends.

Why choose Netguru?

Our software development agency collaborates with you to build transformative products through web and mobile application development, comprehensive consulting services, project management, data management, and more. Our custom software solutions are designed to meet the evolving expectations of users and provide a unique edge in attracting new users.

Our team adheres to industry best practices and agile software development methodologies, ensuring seamless integration with your internal procedures. We guide you through the entire lifecycle of your software product, aiding in tailoring it for maximum market impact and capitalizing on emerging trends.

Web and mobile application development

With Netguru, you can build powerful web applications using the most trusted and popular web development technologies, including Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Python with Django, and Elixir with Phoenix. Our software development agency is dedicated to bringing your web project to life with passion, dedication, and problem-solving skills based on extensive experience.

We build captivating, functional mobile experiences for various platforms and devices. Considering the unique expectations of iOS users and the diverse range of Android devices, we offer JavaScript experts fluent in the frameworks that power renowned apps like Facebook.

Manual testing, QA, and test automation

Quality assurance is a critical aspect of the software development process, especially in an era where users can decide to uninstall an app within seconds. Our dedicated QA experts ensure users enjoy their experiences with the products we build, utilizing manual testing and automated tests as necessary to provide a thorough and reliable QA process.

Software consulting and business challenges

Beyond being a typical software development agency, our experts are always ready to answer your questions and share their knowledge through consulting.

We aim to deliver software of exceptional value to your business, exceeding your expectations. Custom software should ideally complement your company’s internal processes, support your employees, and open up new growth opportunities.

Digital innovation with Netguru

The modern era of digital transformation demands innovation. Both established companies and startups leverage technology to gain a competitive edge, improve conversions, enhance customer relationships, and streamline processes.

Our top software development engineers and project managers are committed to guiding clients every step of the way, building innovative tools and solutions that delight users and meet business goals.

Digital innovation

We live in the age of digital transformation. Innovation reigns supreme in industries, from transportation and commerce to healthcare and finance. Large companies use technology to gain competitive advantage, improve conversions, build deeper connections with their customers, and make their processes more efficient.

Startups and smaller companies create innovative technological solutions to disrupt their markets and become new industry leaders, creating their own niches. Top software development engineers are ready to be there with their clients every step of the way, building amazing tools and solutions together, delighting users, and meeting business goals.

Who can benefit from custom software development?

From small businesses to enterprise-sized organizations, anyone looking to drive their business forward or support digital transformation can benefit from our custom software development. If you have a business challenge that can be addressed with smart software, we can help you realize the solution.

Why hire Netguru for software development services?

As a forward-thinking software development company, Netguru is committed to helping you grow your business with bespoke software solutions that captivate end users. We’ve enabled companies across industries – banking, healthcare, manufacturing, telecommunications, and retail – to create game-changing intelligent software solutions.

Our dedicated team of software developers can help you automate processes, build customer-facing platforms, define your brand, and redevelop your software infrastructure through tailored software solutions including custom mobile app development, web or enterprise software, cloud-based app development, or big data solutions.

By partnering with Netguru for custom software development services, you stand to gain:

  • Increased employee productivity

  • A competitive edge

  • Efficient resource utilization

  • Reduced time spent on repetitive tasks

Our talented team, experienced in handling complex projects and using a variety of programming languages, delivers software solutions that exceed expectations.

Netguru has been recognized asan industry leader by multiple associations, including Clutch and UpCity, demonstrating our commitment to delivering top-quality software development services.


React Native development services

Looking for reliable React Native development services? Netguru has you covered. React Native, a popular cross-platform framework, allows us to build high-performing, cost-effective mobile applications for both iOS and Android with a single codebase.

We're experienced in building mobile applications for businesses of all sizes and across various industries. Our focus is to ensure that the custom mobile apps we build offer users tangible value and a smooth experience, regardless of the circumstances in which they're used.

Invest in the future of your business today with our superior software development and consulting services. Contact Netguru to transform your business digitally and stay ahead in the competitive market.

Build a revolutionary product with an experienced software development services agency

Partnering with Netguru gives you access to a motivated team that not only has the experience and technical expertise to deliver outstanding software products but also the business acumen to help you exploit the opportunities in your industry. From high-quality mobile application and web development to product design services, Netguru has helped companies across a broad range of industries bring their visions to life.

A language learning platform for a new business branch

Working with Huyndai, Paramount, N26, Bacardi, Pirelli, and Acer.

Babbel has been incredibly successful in the B2C market. And when market research and analysis showed growth potential in the B2B market, Babbel decided to extend the existing application to capitalize on the opportunity.

The Netguru design and development team helped the company build an additional app module that would prepare it for a new B2B strategy and empower Babbel’s administrators to manage their users with more flexibility.

Today, Babbel supports language learning for team members in companies such as Hyundai, Paramount, N26, Bacardi, Pirelli, and Acer.

Read the case study
babbel dashboards

Software for a personal robot that appeared on a TED stage

A personal robot with advanced AI technology.

The temi robot uses three senses: sight, touch, and hearing, combined with advanced AI technology to support people in their everyday lives. Through face recognition, object recognition, voice fingerprinting, emotion detection, and much more, temi can perform an array of different tasks. This cutting-edge technology was built from scratch: hardware, design, and software were completed by three teams scattered around the world – in Israel, China, and Poland.

Netguru completed the native development for three platforms: the robot’s operating system (Android-based), an iOS app, and an Android app. Accolades for temi include:

  • The best of Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2018
  • Best of CES Asia Award 2019
  • Best robot of CES 2019
Read the case study
Temi@2x 3

Designing the agents app for the Middle East’s leading developer of luxury homes

Digital transformation.

The team at Netguru has been instrumental in helping DAMAC to produce a comprehensive digital product that delivers a range of features. Agents are now able to effortlessly browse through the latest offers and check all relevant property details, including the size, location, and specifications, amongst other additional features.

The app also has an in-built calculator that enables agents to automatically estimate a mortgage for their clients along with a Sales Offer Creator that allows them to generate a PDF file in just a few clicks. The platform was designed and developed for both iOS and Android systems to ensure maximum coverage of the target audience.

Read the case study
Damac app

Our partners about the cooperation with Netguru

  • Netguru understood our needs and their developers were passionate, skilled and conscientious about the work and project goals. That's a level of involvement I haven't seen before – total partner engagement!
    Ruairí Doyle

    Ruairí Doyle

    Former Head of Product at Apps for Good
  • Netguru has been the best agency we've worked with so far. Your team understands Keller and is able to design new skills, features, and interactions within our model, with a great focus on speed to market.
    Adi Pavlovic

    Adi Pavlovic

    Director of Innovation at Keller Williams
  • I’ve had a long-lasting partnership with Netguru. Happy that it works so well and hopeful that we can cooperate on more projects in the future. Netguru always tries to make things possible.
    Susanne Wechsler

    Susanne Wechsler

    Director B2B at Babbel

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    People on Board
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    Projects Delivered
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    Our Current NPS Score

Delivered by Netguru

We are actively boosting our international footprint across various industries such as banking, healthcare, real estate, e-commerce, travel, and more. We deliver products to such brands as Solarisbank, PAYBACK, DAMAC, Volkswagen, Babbel, Santander, Keller Williams, and Hive.

  • $5M

    Granted in funding for Shine. Self-care mobile app that lets users practice gratitude
  • $28M

    Granted in funding for Moonfare. Investment platform that enable to invest in private equity funds
  • $18M

    Granted in funding for Finiata. Data-driven SME lending platform provider
  • $47M

    Granted in funding for Tourlane. Lead generation tool that helps travelers to make bookings

Custom software development: all your questions answered

Not sure how custom software developments can bring value to your business? Check out some of the most common questions asked by our clients.

Which agency is best for software development?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best company for software development will vary depending on your specific needs and goals. However, there are some key factors to consider when choosing a software development company. 

First and foremost, you need to assess your own needs and capabilities. Do you have a clear vision for your project? Do you have the technical expertise necessary to bring it to fruition? If not, you may want to consider partnering with a software development company that can help you realize your vision. 

It's also important to consider the size of the company and its financial stability. A large company may have the resources and workforce to get your project off the ground quickly, but a smaller agency could be more invested in particular projects.

What is a software agency?

A software agency is a company that provides custom software development services. This can include anything from developing mobile apps, to creating enterprise-level applications, to building websites and web applications.

Most software agencies work with clients on a project-by-project basis. They'll take on a specific assignment, complete it, and then move on to the next project. This can be a great option for businesses that need custom software developed but don't have the in-house resources or expertise to do it themselves. It also allows agencies to build up a portfolio of completed projects that they can use to attract new clients.

How do I ensure the security of my app?

It's crucial to continuously monitor any errors that occur in your application. You also have to be sure to diligently fix the errors you detect and implement processes to ensure that the same vulnerabilities will not reoccur. A good way of doing this is by introducing a rigorous testing methodology.

Moreover, adding new features at the maintenance stage often means using a new API or library – you should have a mechanism in place that will allow you to verify that any given technology won’t compromise your security profile.

Finally, as your application grows, you might need to change hosting providers or expand your infrastructure by using a new provider or service. It is critical that this process is conducted in a well-thought-out, planned, and conscientious manner so as not to introduce any weaknesses which may compromise your application’s security.

How to effectively scale my web application?

Well it depends. But there are certain rules to follow:

  • Keep your code clean
  • Leverage 12factor
  • Take care of your database
  • Prevent problems with queries
  • Choose the right hosting
  • Track caching
  • Prepare for load balancing
  • Relieve the backend
  • Test and monitor
  • Optimize
  • Separate code
  • Update on a regular basis

What is application scalability?

An application’s scalability is the potential of an application to grow over time, being able to efficiently handle more and more requests per minute (RPM). It’s not just a simple tweak you can turn on or off; it’s a long-time process that touches almost every single item in your stack, including both the hardware and software sides of the system.

Curious whether Netguru is the right fit for your project?

We understand that every project is different and requires an individual approach. That is why we offer a free consulting session with an experienced software developer. During the session, you will have a chance to find out which software solutions are the right fit for your project and how working with Netguru may look like.

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