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You have a fantastic idea, but... are you sure your customers are going to love it as well?

New technologies are driving innovation, and the variety of products available is increasing faster than ever. There are currently over 9 million apps in the world, yet only a small percentage survive – 95% of new products fail.

Behind every successful product is a great strategy

If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions, it means you’re on the right track to creating a product that your customers are waiting for.

  • Do your customers want it?. We will help you validate the unknowns such as: the actual demand for your product, whether the problem you want to solve is essential for your users or if they will choose you over your competition.
  • How will it be experienced?. Intuitive UX and UI are critical components of revenue generation, ensuring users' satisfaction and retention. We will bring clarity to your product by designing attractive solutions for your users.
  • How to get to where you want to go?. First, we will help with establishing a compelling vision. Next, we'll plan and propose the roadmap to achieve it, mindful of possible shifts in market and customer needs, as well as other risks.

An award-winning well-being app to combat daily stress

Build the right things in the right way.

Shine helps users relax and build their self-esteem. At first, Netguru’s role was focused on mobile app development in React Native. As time went by, we became a trusted partner who helped to shape Shine’s product strategy and help maintain and develop the iOS and Android apps to support their growth.

  • Voted “Best of 2018” on the app store
  • $5 million raised in series A funding
  • 4.7 app store rating
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  • I've really appreciated the flexibility and breadth of experience we've been able to tap from the Netguru team.
    Jonatan CTO Shine-1

    Jonathan Uy

    CTO at Shine

What's in it for you?

When done right, product strategy will guide the progress of your solutions for years to come.

  • Lead with purpose. Your "why" is your reason for being and should be the first area of exploration. Together, we'll uncover the purpose of your product to develop the foundations of the right strategy.
  • Delight with value. Delighting your customers is about more than just meeting their needs in the right moment. Collaboratively, we will make the effort to better understand their implicit desires to exceed their expectations.
  • Boost competitiveness. To design products that are better and more efficient than those offered by your competitors, we will guide you in getting to know your current and potential customers while being aware of the market landscape.
  • Stay ahead of the curve. Being aware of current and future trends can significantly enhance your product's success, which is why we'll carefully analyze possible micro and macro trends, and make them a part of a robust strategy.

USE: our holistic approach to shaping product strategy

The proprietary USE framework created by Netguru ICON helps us navigate any challenge comprehensively, from understanding, through strategizing and all the way to execution.
  1. Understand. In order to ensure our solution addresses the right problem, we carefully review the current situation to gain insights about the target audience and the context they operate in.
  2. Strategize. To quickly shape the most compelling direction, we identify product and business goals, generate various ideas and elaborate on those with the greatest chance of success.
  3. Execute. Using a wide array of applicable methodologies, we validate our solutions with the target audience and apply their feedback, ensuring smooth implementation.

What is a good product?


A good product is simply the one that people need or want. Product features are irrelevant until the end-users can benefit from them. According to a study conducted by CB Insights, 35% of startups fail because there was no market need for their product or service.

Good products:

  • Help people with their tasks, sometimes more than one at the same time
  • Anticipate human challenges and suggest answers
  • Are easy to use, look beautiful and elevate users' mood
  • Are economically viable and technically feasible

When will users buy your product?

A digital product is a piece of software that helps people achieve their goals. We call these goals "jobs", following the "Jobs to be done" framework. Jobs are tasks the users need to complete, problems they want to solve, or needs they want to fulfill. As people are multidimensional creatures, jobs can have a diverse nature:

  • Functional: tasks like writing a book, taking a photo, etc.
  • Social: connected to our social life, such as gaining status, being perceived as an expert, etc.
  • Personal or emotional: fulfilling our psychological needs, such as: feeling good or secure, etc.

Key components of a successful product

Great products don't have to be revolutionary or disruptive. To be successful, serve the right features to the right audience on the right market.

  • Right features are those that bring value to customers. User tests will help you evaluate and divide them into critical, desired, or improvements, which will provide the basis for the product roadmap.
  • Right audience is determined based on the following options: a segment representing the most significant needs, a segment with the biggest purchase power, a segment with the biggest number of users, a segment that’s easily accessed.
  • Right market is established taking into consideration questions such as: is the market growing or shrinking? Where can you beat the competition? Where can additional synergies emerge? Can the market costs work in the product's business model?

Key principles of an effective product strategy

Focus on people: Start with the people you’re designing for and finish with new tailor-made solutions to suit their needs. This focus makes it easier to empathize with the target audience.

Focus on problems: Falling in love with the problem means accepting your ideas might be wrong. It means the solution in front of you isn’t valuable until tested successfully with the real end-user.

Prototype, and start small: Prototypes are visions of the future  enabling you to see if your idea will work. They reduce risk by ensuring we’re not wasting time working on delivering the wrong thing.

Test more, guess less: Instead of gambling your time and resources, you should invest it carefully by testing the early version of your product with your target users and using their feedback to fuel further development.

Fail fast: Failing is always an option, but if done early, it can be harnessed to achieve success. This approach values extensive testing and incremental development to determine whether a pivot is needed.

Methodologies behind a good product strategy

Our product strategy consultants mix and match the following methodologies to obtain the best results:

  • Design Thinking is a human-centered approach to innovation and problem-solving processes. It allows everyone to use creative tools, created by designers, to address a vast range of challenges.
  • Lean Startup is a method of managing and building a business, product, or service by experimenting, testing, and iterating based on the results of the tests and experiments.
  • Agile is a type of project management process mainly used for software development, where demands and solutions evolve through the collaborative effort of self-organizing and cross-functional teams and their customers.

How can an agency help with building innovative products?

Developing new products or reimagining ways of delivering value can be an overwhelming experience. Where does one need to begin? How do you bring colleagues together to set on a new path? Will this new product idea become viable at all?

When doing new things, information can be scarce and stakeholders can be skeptical. When innovating, there might not be a lot to go on other than intuition. However, the sooner that gut-feel and instinct becomes grounded on facts and sound analysis, the better the chances of translating that novel idea into a ground-breaking product, a viable business.

Our product strategy consulting team believe — and have proven — that innovation is a disciplined process, rather than accidental or arbitrary. Netguru's innovation consultancy offers structured and methodical approaches to help you sharpen your take on innovation — be it a novel product, an advanced technology, a new process, a fresh business concept.

An innovation agency with deep experience will not only help you uncover data and insights, but walk you through battle-tested processes, frameworks, and methodologies. At Netguru, we’ve built the expertise to prototype ideas and stress test them so you can make the right call before you heavily invest in its full development or implementation.

There are plenty of tools in our innovation toolkit, but here are some that can get you started:

  • Discovery and generative research
  • Trends and competitor analysis
  • Product prototyping and testing
  • R&D sprints
  • Hackathons
  • Customer behavior analysis
  • Business model discovery and design
  • Product roadmap development

Create a strategy that delivers products people really need

Leverage product strategy consulting to discover the process that guarantees the users will desire your product, that the product will be technically feasible, and will bring a return of investment for your company.

A fintech platform that revolutionizes private equity

The Moonfare team turned to Netguru as a trustworthy technology partner.

Netguru took on the challenge of creating a product that would command trust, fulfil strict security standards, and provide an amazing user experience and built the front and backend of the app.

  • 1000+ members
  • €60 million in managed funds
  • 200 investors
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Weronika Kościelniak

Senior Consultant | Strategic Design

Weronika has worked on shaping successful products across various industries such as fintech, real estate, healthcare, and sport & entertainment.

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  • Our cooperation with Netguru is a true partnership. Whenever we faced challenges this year, we could rely on Netguru for our urgent staffing needs and time-critical deliverables. The Netguru team has gone above and beyond any expectations of what a strong and reliable partner can be.
    Hima Mandali

    Hima Mandali

    CTO at Solarisbank
  • My experience of working with Netguru was absolutely excellent. Different software teams go through ups and downs, and good software teams are resilient. What makes the Netguru team succeed is being able to ride ups and downs as a team
    Gerardo Bonilla

    Gerardo Bonilla

    Product Manager of Moonfare
  • As OLX Group experienced a significant increase in demand for design talent, we could count with Netguru to support us as a real extension of our in-house team. Their designers were embedded in our day to day, sharing the same commitment and focus to deliver impactful solutions to our customers. Beyond the great design work produced, they are really nice people to work with, which is equally important to build a long lasting partnership.
    Victor Salciotti

    Victor Salciotti

    Head of Product Design at OLX

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