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Prospero.AI partnered with Netguru to develop an intuitive and user-friendly AI-powered platform that distills millions of real-time data points into simple, actionable insights, democratizing access to financial markets for both novice and seasoned investors.


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How does a company develop and release a mobile app MVP for both iOS and Android in just 5 weeks?

This is exactly how we solved it when Prospero.Ai came to us with this challenge.

The client

Prospero.Ai is a transformative fintech startup driven by a core mission: to democratize access to financial markets. Founded by a former Wall Street hedge fund manager who envisioned a fair and transparent market, the company pioneers a groundbreaking platform.

In a world where hedge funds profit from unauthorized data use, leaving individuals uninformed, Prospero.Ai presents a significant shift. It returns control and benefits to the individuals by applying AI to analyze vast amounts of stock data in real-time.

As explained by Prospero.Ai, “We turn complex trading patterns into stock insights that earn you more wins. Hedge funds don’t want you to have this, but our AI-driven analysis offers clear, proven signals, consistently delivering stock picks that outperform the S&P 500.”

Propero.Ai came to us for a collaboration for a project which involved the development of an application for both iOS and Android systems. Tailored to assist investors in making informed business decisions, the app enables users to efficiently group and monitor companies worldwide while accessing relevant statistics effortlessly.

Prospero case study


Prospero.Ai had a few challenges for us to solve first:

  1. There was a lack of detailed specifications for the development of the new interface beyond a rough process outline. This meant we had to work from a basic framework to build upon.
  2. There was a pressing need to rebuild the user interface from scratch to accommodate major changes. This involved a complete overhaul to ensure the platform could effectively meet evolving user needs.
  3. There was difficulty in attracting mainstream customers due to a high entry barrier in understanding the app's benefits. This necessitated a strategic approach to bridge the gap and make the app more accessible to a broader audience.
  4. There was a need for the development of knowledge-sharing features within the app to address this entry barrier. This involved integrating functionalities to facilitate user education and information exchange.
  5. There was a tight timeline for app development, to align it with the November conference for user acquisition. This meant working efficiently to meet deadlines without compromising on quality.
  6. And lastly, there was a clear aim to cater to early adopters and the early majority to secure further investments and drive ongoing product development. This required a focus on delivering value and meeting the diverse needs of these user segments.

With these challenges in mind, we pulled up our sleeves and got straight to work. Our team, which was composed of frontend developers, testers, and a project manager, came together and outlined a plan.

Prospero case study 2


In just 5 weeks they were able to:

  1. Develop a new version of Prospero.Ai's financial predictions app, complete with a revamped user interface and additional features.
  2. Redesign the user experience to attract mainstream customers and simplify the app's signals for easier comprehension.
  3. Prioritize the development of knowledge-sharing features within the app to enhance user engagement and education.
  4. Complete development by early November, aligning with the conference timeline to maximize user acquisition opportunities.
  5. Leverage React Native's single codebase approach to develop the app efficiently for both iOS and Android, saving time and resources.


Our collaboration with Prospero.Ai provided some fruitful results.

  • We provided an MVP before the crucial conference deadline and deployed it to stores in just 5 weeks, all while staying below budget.
  • We maintained high standards of code, work quality, and speed throughout the project.
  • We identified and addressed critical issues with client-side designs, significantly improving usability.
  • We proactively tackled performance, security, and accessibility issues that were initially overlooked by the client, ensuring a robust and inclusive final product.
  • Our impact was further validated with a NPS of 10

Netguru's adaptability to our evolving needs and the steady stream of insightful feedback and ideas prove they were not just a partner – they were an indispensable asset in helping us reach our vision to democratize the fintech industry.
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