Easy Online Payments With an App for a Payment Card Services Provider

Comprehensive support in native mobile app delivery for iOS and Android
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Short overview

Netguru came together with a payment card services provider to create a mobile application for iOS and Android that introduced a new payment method to the Polish ecommerce market.


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Project management
Product management
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Modern payment solutions pave the way for frictionless ecommerce.

Here’s how we partnered up with a large payment card services company to deliver impactful change to online shoppers.


A European branch of a payment card services provider ventured out into its first B2C project. The goal was to deliver an online payment solution that would ensure fast, safe, and convenient phone number-based payments.

As a trusted partner able to quickly bring together mobile engineers well-versed in security standards of a highly regulated financial institution, we built an expert team under a tight deadline.


The client reached out to Netguru for comprehensive support in native mobile app delivery for iOS and Android. Our task was to work hand-in-hand, across multiple time zones with the technical team on the client side, responsible for the backend, and a third-party company that stood behind the design.

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Our project team consisted of:

  • A product owner whose role was to create all requirements from scratch, bring together all the stakeholders, and ensure a product that would meet client expectations
  • A project manager who made sure the delivery was as smooth as possible
  • Three Android engineers
  • Three iOS engineers
  • Three quality assurance specialists who continuously tested the product to meet high security standards and helped improve its accessibility.

Top challenges

The project had a unique set of challenges our team had to face:

  • Near 100 stakeholders
  • Experts spread around multiple time zones (US, UK, Singapore, Poland)
  • Two complete backend revamps due to the client’s internal shifts
  • Multiple changes to designs driven by branding decisions on the client side
  • Stringent corporate security standards that weren’t always in line with usability standards
  • Work in multiple programming environments many of which were unstable

What went well

Working in a high-intensity and ever-changing environment requires focus and flexibility.

We are proud:

  • We took ownership of the project and delivered everything the client asked for,
  • We successfully overcame all project challenges,
  • We challenged ideas and came up with useful workarounds,
  • We offered seamless budget management throughout the project,
  • Over the course of two years, the project team experienced no talent rotation.

Woman using an app to pay online


The collaboration started in May 2020 and we officially handed over the project and completed the product in March 2022.

  • The mobile application – built from scratch – met all the client’s requirements.
  • As of October 2023, the app boasts over 50.000 downloads on Google Play.
  • We delivered a highly secure and performant solution.
  • We covered the project with tests to ensure it was in line with accessibility standards.
  • We performed an effective handover leaving the client with a clear timeline, detailed action plan, tutorials, and a Github Wiki.
  • Customer satisfaction in the project reached an NPS of 9.

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