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Join the innovators that are leveraging modern technologies to digitize healthcare, provide better care, and create disruptive services.

It's high time for healthcare to go digital

From automated administrative management and cost reduction to remote patient diagnosis and treatment, digital solutions can be a great boost for hospitals, clinics, drug labs and more. Overcome regulatory hurdles and implement modern technologies to build the future of digitized healthcare.

Opportunities for digital acceleration in healthcare

Optimize existing administrative processes to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Engage patients and introduce new methods for diagnosing and treating patients without them leaving their homes.
  • Telemedicine. Diagnose and treat patients remotely offering quick and convenient access to care.
  • Digitization and AI. Streamline administrative processes in hospitals and handle patient records and treatment with AI-based solutions.
  • Internet of Medical Things. From digital therapeutics apps to specialistic hardware devices, IoMT enables remote patient monitoring and novel treatments.

Digital solutions for different areas of healthcare

Whether you're providing patient care or developing drugs, there are existing solutions that can help you.

  • Hospitals. Embrace advanced digital solutions. EHRs enhance care coordination and minimize errors, while telemedicine offers comprehensive care with reduced in-person demands.
  • Drug Labs. Leveraging AI and machine learning, digital technologies optimize the drug discovery process, enabling faster, more cost-efficient paths to market.
  • Home Healthcare. Prioritize patient outcomes with innovative solutions. Remote monitoring proactively addresses health concerns, and telemedicine ensures consistent access, even when in-person visits are challenging.
  • Clinical Informatics. Digital tools in clinical informatics refine drug information management, enhance clinical decision support, and streamline formulary design, fostering more informed, error-resistant patient care.

Transforming healthcare with digital solutions

From the App Store’s best wellbeing mobile app to a complex surgical digital assistant, we’ve been developing MedTech and HealthTech solutions since 2008.

At the forefront of surgical intelligence

Providing a digital assistant for surgical teams through Nodus Medical. Industry: Healthcare, Digital Medicine

Product Design Sprint, UX & UI Design, AWS Cloud Migration

Client Expectations:

  • Develop a digital assistant tool to support surgeons in their procedures, aiming to reduce stress and enhance efficiency.
  • Deliver user-friendly UX & UI design for both web and mobile assistant components.
  • Ensure a successful transition of Nodus Medical to the AWS cloud without disruption to services.
Result of the partnership:

Successfully delivered a digital toolset to assist surgeons, incorporated with an efficient and user-friendly UX & UI for web and mobile platforms. A seamless migration of Nodus Medical to the AWS cloud was also achieved.

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Nodus Medical - Health App developed by Netguru

From a simple daily messaging app to "Best of 2018" in the App Store

Creating a more compassionate world with the Shine App. Industry: Mental Health & Wellness, Mobile Apps

Services: Mobile App Development, React Native, Product Strategy

Client Expectations:
  • Develop a comprehensive mobile app, offering daily motivations, personal growth goals, articles, and podcasts encompassing meditation, challenges, sleep, and daily rituals.
  • Transition from a mobile app developer to a trusted partner who helps shape Shine's product strategy.

Result of the partnership:

The Shine app earned users from 189 countries and an average 4.7 rating in the App Store. The majority of members reported an increase in self-compassion due to Shine. The app also received the Best of 2018 Award in Apple's App Store and the 2019 Google Play Award in the Standout Well-Being App category.

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Shine - Health App developed by Netguru

Developing a mobile app to calculate the risk of lung nodule malignancy

Enhancing Early Cancer Detection with Oncimmune.

Industry: Healthcare, Cancer Detection

Services: Wireframing, Screen Design, Mobile App Development, React Native

Client Expectations:

  • Create an application to enable doctors to quickly calculate the likelihood of their patients having lung cancer.
  • Provide a comprehensive service, from building wireframes and designing screens to coding the mobile application.
  • Recommend an efficient solution, like React Native, to build the product effectively.
  • Ensure quick turnaround for design, development, and testing phases to enable swift promotional efforts and business goal focus.

Result of the partnership:

Successfully designed, developed, and tested the application in a six-week timeframe, enabling Oncimmune to swiftly proceed with promotional activities and focus on business objectives. The client was able to quickly gather feedback from doctors and patients thanks to the recommended React Native framework.

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Oncimmune - Health App developed by Netguru

Our partners on the cooperation with Netguru

  • Netguru provided us with a great technical competency. We've had a great designer, great developers (backend and frontend), and the quality of testing has been surprising. Testing is normally a big burden, but we've been impressed with the quality of it.
    Peter John

    Peter John

    Co-founder of Helpr
  • What convinced us is Netguru’s success story – it’s an interesting startup that has undergone a tremendous growth journey over the last couple of years. Netguru has a great team that can really deliver what's needed. We enjoy working together.
    Lukas Vogt

    Lukas Vogt

    Former CEO at Nodus Medical
  • I’ve really appreciated the flexibility and breadth of experience we’ve been able to tap from the Netguru team. While most of our work together has been in React Native, at times when it was necessary, we’ve very easily gotten support in QA, design, UX, iOS and Android as well.
    Jonathan Uy

    Jonathan Uy

    CTO at Shine

Building healthcare technology since 2008

Since the inception of Netguru, our team has been helping healthcare companies develop and test digital solutions and drive innovation.

Why choose Netguru as your digital health acceleration partner?

We dive into your business context and use our tech expertise to generate added value.
  • Our team has extensive experience in developing software across different markets, having worked with companies such as IKEA, Volkswagen, or Keller Williams.
  • From planning and design to implementation and maintenance, we have all the expertise necessary to help you innovate.
  • Our robust scale fosters growth within your projects, and our agility enables us to swiftly adapt, offering custom software solutions that fit like a glove, adjusting in tandem with your dynamic requirements.
  • We have a track record of delivering high-quality software solutions, with a 4.9/5 rating on Clutch, and an NPS score of 73, which is above the industry average.
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    Monika Mroczkowska

    Consulting Director, Netguru
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    Przemek Turkowski

    Senior Client Executive, Netguru

Questions about digital acceleration in healthcare

If you have any doubts, you can always contact our experts.

What does "digital acceleration" mean in the context of healthcare?

Digital acceleration refers to the integration of digital technology into all facets of healthcare. It changes operations, bringing about new processes, user experiences, and modifying organizational culture. Rather than just enhancing traditional methods, it reimagines them for the digital era, aiming to meet evolving market expectations and address healthcare challenges more efficiently.

How does digital acceleration impact the healthcare sector?

Digital acceleration allows medical facilities to optimize their operations, streamline processes, and harness vast amounts of data. Moreover, with the abundance of mobile and wearable technologies, healthcare solutions can be provided more conveniently and proactively.

Why is setting goals crucial for digital acceleration in healthcare?

To ensure the success of a digital strategy, organizations need to have a clear vision. This means understanding what changes will occur for medical staff and patients, as well as how their engagement and experiences will evolve. A well-defined objective steers the acceleration process, fostering a competitive edge.

What are the primary benefits of digital acceleration in healthcare?

Several advantages come with digital acceleration:
  • Preventive and proactive care: Wearable tech and data analytics introduce proactive healthcare and disease prevention.
  • Cost reduction: Services like telemedicine reduce administrative expenses, allowing professionals to concentrate on patient care.
  • On-demand healthcare: Mobile technology combined with digital acceleration ensures timely, accurate care, even remotely.
  • Smart records: AI and machine learning optimize the management and prediction capabilities of Electronic Medical Records (EMRs).
  • Enhanced patient engagement: Digital tools enhance care effectiveness, promoting patient adherence, and potentially reducing treatment costs.

What are the challenges of digital acceleration in healthcare?

  • Mindset shift: Embracing a digital-first approach and overcoming resistance to change.
  • Technology selection: Picking the right tech solutions and platforms is vital for growth and scalability.
  • Data security: Ensuring the security of sensitive medical data and complying with stringent regulations.
Various innovative solutions are shaping the digital healthcare landscape:
  • Virtual doctors: Many patients prefer online consultations for convenience.
  • Medical imaging: AI and Machine Learning significantly enhance the accuracy of medical diagnostics.
  • Real-time monitoring: Wearable devices and IoT sensors enable ongoing health tracking.
  • Patient engagement apps: Combining IoT with patient management apps boosts patient involvement.
  • Electronic medical record (EMR) Software: EMRs streamline communication between doctors and patients.
  • Healthcare IoT: It ensures coordinated, proactive care delivery.
  • Augmented reality (AR): AR can be used to visualize possible treatment outcomes, enhancing patient experiences.

From experts to experts

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Building meaningful technology to save lives: Disruption Talks with Kilo Health

Phil Bennett, Director of Engineering at Kilo Health.

Phil Bennett explores the adverse effects of technology-induced isolation, and how we understand tech better than our own brains. After a personal health scare, he decided to direct his skills to create meaningful tech to improve people's health.

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