Rapid Prototyping for Pharma and Healthcare Leaders

Effective, time-framed business idea validation of your digital innovation
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How to validate ideas. Fast.

Digital health products are a way to take your relationship with patients, doctors, pharmacists and other target groups to the next level. Validate the prototype before you invest in the full solution to improve your chances of dominating the market niche.

Why Rapid Prototyping?

A clickable prototype accelerates user-centric innovation by generating immediate feedback from your target users. It allows you to validate your idea fast and minimize the risk of the product failing:
  • Design prototype

    A clickable prototype, created in a design tool (for example Figma), covering key user flows and showcasing the initial functionality of the solution. It can be used to test user behaviors, unblock internal budget or gather initial feedback.

  • Application prototype

    An interactive prototype of the application, possible to install on a mobile device. Covering up to three key features. Can be used for user validation and gathering feedback, but also for measuring users’ activity within the solution to map the most popular features.

  • Solution PoC

    Healthtech is subject to many legal requirements and limitations. As a result, most solutions are technically challenging. It is often necessary to validate the feasibility of using certain tools to solve a given problem. The best approach to a challenge needs to be researched. To achieve this, we conduct a Proof of Concept (PoC).

  • Further product development

    We provide you with a detailed plan beyond the prototype - outlining the delivery and further user studies strategy with an estimation of time and financial efforts needed to execute it successfully.


Your prototype delivered from scratch in under 6 weeks

NeuroNest - the future of Alzheimer’s care within your reach

At Netguru we believe in fast idea validation. That’s why we have created a combination of a clickable Application Prototype with the Solution Proof of Concept of a digital therapeutic platform supporting Alzheimer’s Disease patient care.

We wanted to showcase how within 6 weeks an initial idea can be brought to life in a way that allows investors and decision makers to see its future potential and to enable gathering valuable user feedback for further development.

Netguru Digital Health Product Teams

Develop your product prototype with the support of experienced Product Managers, Solution Architects and Healthtech experts.

Our holistic approach, paired with an entrepreneurial spirit, gives you a trusted partner to help build real, working and effective software.

See for yourself how it looks!

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    Design & validation

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    Innovative technologies

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  • It’s great how Netguru adapted to our highly regulated development lifecycle. I also liked that we were able to consult Netguru experts outside of the agreed assignment.
    Alexandros Sivris

    Alexandros Sivris

    CTO at VisionHealth
  • I’ve really appreciated the flexibility and breadth of experience we’ve been able to tap from the Netguru team.
    Jonathan Uy

    Jonathan Uy

    CTO at Shine (now part of Headspace)
  • Excellence and speed. It’s rare to get both, and Netguru delivers.
    Mark Greiner-2

    Mark Greiner

    Digital Innovation Manager at Merck KGaA Darmstadt, Germany

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