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About Burning Minds

Burning Minds is our biggest internal event, where we share knowledge, exchange ideas and inspire each other. It features a wide range of speakers, mentors, and creative activities designed specifically for this occasion. It is a perfect combination of educational value and community engagement.

Knowledge sharing is really important in our culture, as one of our values says that we should grow ourselves and the people around us.

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Burning Minds 2021 - Together From Home

Event details:

This October we are going to organize the second edition of our online knowledge sharing event and we would like to invite you to join us for a Friday session.

Save the date ➡️October 22nd, 2021

The event will consist of presentations held by Netguru people as well as external guest.

All presentations will be delivered in English.

You don’t need to register for the event. It will be live streamed on our Facebook and Linkedin page.

Burning Minds 2021 Speakers

Meet our experts:
  • 24676232742_0733968f18_w

    Gerd Leonhard

    Keynote Speaker, Futurist & Humanist, Author, CEO The Futures Agency
  • Karolina Długosz Sustainability Lead at Netguru

    Karolina Długosz

    Sustainability Lead, Netguru
  • Sylwia Zabłocka SEO Specialist Netguru

    Sylwia Zabłocka

    SEO Specialist, Netguru
  • Dominik Oślizło Senior Discovery Consultant, Netguru

    Dominik Oślizło

    Senior Discovery Consultant, Netguru
  • Dudzik Wojciech Machine Learning Engineer, Netguru

    Wojciech Dudzik

    Machine Learning Engineer, Netguru
  • Wojciech Prażuch Machine Learning Engineer, Netguru

    Wojciech Prażuch

    Machine Learning Engineer, Netguru

This year's presentations are corresponding to one of the following themes

🏗️ Building beautiful
#code #design #dos&donts #tips&hacks

It might be obvious for you, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you shouldn’t share it with your teammates. It’s those details; tips and tools that can revolutionize a process and make our tasks flow much smoother and faster. We want to hear about your big ideas and 1% improvements regarding:

  • Design Process & Delivery - tips and hacks

  • Code & Programming

  • Code & Design review - what, how and why

  • App testing and usability

  • Tech solutions we use and why

🚀 Sustainable growth

#sustainability #growth #tech-for-good #environment #eco

There are 750+ Netguru people. Between us, we’ve accumulated so many experiences; some amazing, and some, well, not that cool However, we want to hear about both! Share your wins to inspire your teammates and give them the motivation to believe in their own abilities. Tell us about your down moments to help your teammates realize it’s ok to falter. We all go through rough patches and it’s how we pick ourselves up that matters.

Also, we focus on Sustainability topics more and more. It affects both management, strategy, leadership but also technology, consulting and tech ideas. Let’s gather all these factors into the new theme associating sustainability and growth topics. We want to hear about your commitment and mindset about the topic, not forgetting about impact on leadership and self-development:

  • Sustainability in tech

  • Tech for good

  • Being a leader

  • Mental health / Combating stress / Work-life balance

  • Personal and team achievements

  • Environment

💚 Working well
#workculture #remote #teamwork #ethics #productivity

As we grow, our work culture becomes increasingly important to us. We believe that how we approach work is what makes us different from other companies. This track is all about managing work, decision making, fostering relationships, and enforcing ethical conduct. Tell us how you manage relationships with customers and those within your team. Take us through your day of remote work. Tell us how you champion the rules of ethical conduct. Broaden our working horizons.

  • Working different at Netguru

  • Remote first

  • Building relationships with clients/ teammates

  • Collaboration between teams

  • Managing workload / productivity hacks

  • Decision making

  • Ethics and responsibility at work

👨‍🔬 Tech innovation

#future #technology #ai #ml #rnd #vr #ar #iot

This is our brand new path, which we want to divide from Building beautiful theme, as it was considered as the most tech one. Tech innovation tells stories about technologies of the future, brand new solutions, experimental tools and methodologies and its way they change the world. For example, we consider the impact of Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Augmented Reality as technologies changing our day by day existence in the world and are groundbreaking in the service of mankind. We want to hear about your approaches and interests to:

  • Internet of Things

  • Research and Development aspects

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Machine Learning

  • No-code / low-code approaches

  • Experimental tech stacks with a potential to change the way we develop software.

Speakers recordings from Burning Minds 2021

If you couldn't be with us on that day or if you would like to watch the talks again, no problem! Below you will find links to the recordings ➡️🚨Important note: We will only provide video with the speaker’s consent.
  1. Gerd Leonhard, Futurist & Humanist, Author, CEO The Futures Agency


  2. Dominik Oślizło, Senior Discovery Consultant at Netguru

  3. Sylwia Zabłocka, SEO Specialist at Netguru

  4. Wojciech Dudzik and Wojciech Prażuch, Machine Learning Engineers at Netguru

  5. Karolina Długosz, Sustainability Lead at Netguru

Speakers recordings from Burning Minds 2020

  1. ⭐️Troy Hunt (Microsoft Regional Director, Founder of Have I Been Pwned)

  2. Krzysztof Urban (Tech Lead @Netguru)

  3. Robert Kostrzewski (Machine Learning Engineer @Netguru)

  4. Paweł Durczok (Product Designer @Netguru)

  5. Wojciech Dudzik (Machine Learning Researcher @Netguru) and Milan Sawicki (iOS Developer @Netguru)

  1. Agnieszka Stanisławska (Senior Project Manager&Team Leader @Netguru)

  2. Michał Kasperowicz (QA Specialist & Team Leader @Netguru)

  3. Anna Piętka (Marketing Operations Specialist @Netguru)

  4. Klaudia Cembor (Portfolio Manager @Netguru)

  1. Dominika Bell (Project Manager @Netguru) and Olga Andrzejewska (Project Manager @Netguru)

  2. Przemek Kotecki (Head of Operations @Netguru)


Burning Minds 2022!

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