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About Burning Minds

Burning Minds by Netguru, an annual conference for our people and the whole IT community! It’s the largest internal event powered by a tech company we know of. 🚀🔥 This year we focused on Digital Consulting for Tomorrow.

Why have we chosen such a theme this year? Because we believe it can change the world of IT for the better. We’re thrilled to share our best knowledge with you, talk about ideas, and inspire each other.

We had three thematic paths full of meaningful content for you: from more techy talks for devs and QAs, to product case studies, and ideas around business and working culture you can put into practice right away!

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Get ready for this year's edition!

Stay tuned for the upcoming event

Another edition of our one-of-a-kind knowledge sharing event will take place on Friday – 30th of June 2023.

Last year, we were happy to include some of the greatest names of the tech world inside and outside of Netguru to be part of this venue – and we plan to do the same this year.

Check out the recordings from the last year ⬇ and stay tuned for updates about the upcoming conference.

Burning Minds 2022 Speakers

  • Olga Andrzejewska

    Olga Andrzejewska

    Senior Consultant | Strategic Design & Team Leader at Netguru
  • Andrew Backs

    Andrew Backs

    Founder / Chief Innovation Strategist at Pilot44
  • Jon Corshen

    Jon Corshen

    Founder / Chief Solution Strategist at Pilot44
  • Karolina Długosz Sustainability Lead at Netguru

    Karolina Długosz

    Sustainability Practise Lead at Netguru
  • Steven Johnson

    Steven Johnson

    Bestselling technology & science author
  • Michał Kasperowicz

    Michał Kasperowicz

    Senior QA Engineer at Netguru
  • Patrick Kua

    Patrick Kua

    Keynote speaker, author, former CTO and Chief Scientist
  • Pattie Maes

    Pattie Maes

    Professor MIT Media Lab
  • Agata Raczewska

    Agata Rączewska

    UX Practice Expert at Netguru
  • Barbara Rybicka

    Barbara Rybicka

    Senior Business Development Representative & Team Leader at Netguru

Burning Minds - Impactful Engineering Culture - watch the recordings from the last year edition!

Below you will find the recordings from every presentation. 📍
  1. 12:00 - 12:05

    Kick off and welcome from our CEO Marek Talarczyk

  2. 12:05 - 12:50

    Secrets of a Strong Engineering Culture

    Speaker: Patrick Kua
    Watch the recording

    Engineers today have many choices about where they work. A big determinant is the engineering culture – an aspect that reaches across the full stack. As a technical leader, what can you do to influence, change and build a stronger engineering culture? In this talk, Patrick will explore the building blocks of engineering culture, share examples of how he has enabled and transformed the engineering culture of many teams and organisations and how it can positively change the full stack. Unlock the secrets of a strong engineering culture and leave with knowing what areas you can focus on, ideas on what you can implement and understand how other companies have built strong engineering cultures.

  3. 13:40 - 14:10

    Cool Kids Table – How to build a team that everyone wants to be in

    Speaker: Michał Kasperowicz
    Watch the recording

    Have you ever wondered what secretes are staying behind successful and effective teams? In his talk, Michał will take you to the journey of building a truly wonderful team and tells you not about markers of success but about the road to achieving them. You will hear some familiar phrases like ‘Definition of Ready’, ‘estimations’, or ‘challenges’ with some tips on how to tackle them. The only thing you will NOT learn is how to join the cool kids table. Michał will show you how to build your own.

  4. 15:00 - 15:30

    Stick your neck out for a better view - story about taking (calculated) risks

    Speakers: Olga Andrzejewska, Barbara Rybicka
    Watch the recording

    During your life, you will probably hear multiple times that you should take risks, go out of your comfort zone, live life to the fullest. But is that really helpful to make that decision to take risk?
    Regardless of how you feel about taking risks, it is never an easy choice. So if you are looking to hear how our Senior Consultant and Sales Leader face risks in their personal and business life and finally how a true consulting project goes in Netguru, come and hear their presentation. Tune in, listen and make your risk-taking choices easier!

  5. 15:30 - 16:00

    Why Accessibility Matters

    Speaker: Agata Rączewska
    Watch the recording

    In this talk, Agata will explain why focusing on creating accessible software is extremely important. The goal is to share a vision of creating accessibility culture and prepare ground for educational initiatives, accessibility task forces, specialists and processes that have to be in place in order to ensure Netguru follows best accessibility practices and standards.

  6. 16:00 - 17:00

    Discussion Panel: Tech To The Rescue & Tech for Ukraine - how we all met at the crossroads of emergency relief for Ukraine

    Moderator: Karolina Długosz
    Panelists: Patryk Szczygło, Natalia Urbańska, Martyna Sierszen, Weronika Kościelniak, Daria Brylova
    Watch the recording

    When tough times come, being a human means helping others in any way we can. When the world is on fire and soldiers fight with guns, others - like us and thousands of other Engineers worldwide associated with Tech for Ukraine - have engaged in supporting civilians and non-profit organizations with various digital solutions.

  7. 17:20 - 18:05

    Supporting Human Intelligence with Machines

    Speaker: Pattie Maes
    Watch the recording

    While today's devices put the world’s information at our fingertips, they do not make us smarter, nor do help us with some of the skills that are important to realize our personal goals and lead a successful life, skills such as attention, motivation, creativity, mindful decision making, and emotion regulation. Building upon insights from psychology and neuroscience, Pattie Maes and her research group at the MIT Media Lab create AI-based systems that support people in maximizing their potential. Their research ranges from systems that support creativity by influencing dream content, to solutions for increasing motivation in learning, or teaching empathic and confident communication. Together, they paint an alternative vision for AI, one that puts people interests central in the development of smart machines.

  8. 18:05 - 18:35

    Cracking the Code on Corporate Innovation

    Speakers: Andrew Backs, Jon Corshen
    Watch the recording

    In this session, Andrew and Jon will look at prior innovation models to understand what worked and what didn't. They will share some of our hard-fought lessons and our top insights into how large companies work and how they can shift from incremental to disruptive innovation models and from "innovation theater" to real innovation outcomes. Let's hope that this presentation will also provide a foundational understanding of what we do and how we can work together to disrupt the world.

  9. 18:35 - 19:20

    Lessons From The Hidden Heroes: The Secret History of Innovation

    Speaker: Steven Johnson
    Watch the recording

    Steven will explore what the history of software can teach us about how we make genuine change in the world. He will talk about how to detect signals of change that give you an early lead on new technological revolutions; how networks of innovation are often as important as individual genius; how we can better anticipate the unintended consequences of our ideas. And the talk will show that the history of software breakthroughs is much more diverse than we conventionally think it is—and also explain why that diversity has been a critical secret to its success.


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