We are using business as a force for good

To remain transparent about our Environment, Social and Governance practices, we disclose information related to our organizational structure and diversity, due diligence policies, pro publico bono activities, cash and in-kind donations, and our environmental impact.


Our main commitments

The global economy should be inclusive, equitable, and regenerative for all people and the planet. We value partnerships, networks and endeavours that helps us lead the way to a better future.
  • B Corporation™ since 2020

    We are a certified B Corporation

  • Stakeholder governance

    In 2023, we formally included stakeholder governance in our statutes

  • United Nations Global Compact

    We are a participant of UNGC since 2019

  • Carbon neutral since 2020

    We offset our unavoidable CO2 emissions with high quality carbon credits

Our 2023 ESG at a glance

Our business landscape is constantly shifting – and so are we. Here's how we changed for the better in 2023.
  • Governance

    We added a compliance clause to our standard agreements This constitutes a general commitment – both for the client and for Netguru – to conduct business in an ethical and sustainable manner, with respect for human rights, legal regulations, and business standards.

  • Social

    All governing bodies have female representation Since 2023, this includes our Supervisory Board. The proportion of women in each monitored organizational category has increased compared to 2022.

  • Environment

    Our CO2 footprint dropped and we keep doing tech for good We built an AI-powered prototype of a mobile app boosting a zero waste marketplace.

We’re not yet obliged to report on ESG but we do it as we want to be transparent about our impact to our stakeholders, we want to learn and improve, and we’d love to inspire other tech companies.
Długosz Karolina.

Karolina Długosz

Sustainability Lead & Client Partner at Netguru

Our vision

We believe in a sustainable digital world where everyone can realize their full potential.

See our first ESG Statement for 2022