Netguru stands with Ukraine

The tragedy our Ukrainian neighbors and colleagues are facing calls for immediate action. Here’s how we do our bit, and how you can chip in too.
Person holding a card with an Ukrainian flag

Our call to action

Our teams are in touch with our friends and colleagues in Ukraine and Poland as we try to understand the most pressing needs we can accommodate and the best ways in which we can offer support to both co-workers and their loved ones.

The war in Ukraine is not a local affair. Ukrainians fight for the values we all hold dear. We see it as our duty to support not just our Ukrainian community at Netguru, but all our neighbors who now fear for their lives and the future of their country.
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Kuba Filipowski

CEO at Netguru

Six dimensions of support

For now, we’re focusing on the following six areas of relief. We’re monitoring the situation to understand how we can have greater impact.
  • Relocation to Poland

    We’re helping our colleagues and their families stay safe.

  • Extended support for our colleagues

    We're offering our people and their families more space to take care of what's important.

  • Supporting organic initiatives

    We’re helping our people help and matching their individual donations.

  • Tech for Ukraine

    As part of Tech to the Rescue, we’re involved in two non-profit Ukraine-focused projects.

  • Sharing knowledge with others

    We’re sharing our know-how and resources with others for greater impact.

  • Psychological support for the team

    We’re making sure our people get the support they need.

Here's how we offer help

Here’s an overview of all actions we took to support our employees and the Ukrainian people.

Relocation to Poland

​​For the past few weeks we’ve been contacting our Ukrainian employees, partners, and contractors to understand their needs and offer relocation assistance for them and their families.

Some of the people we’ve reached out to are already safe in Poland, and more are on their way.

We’re also prepared to support other Ukrainian teams in their office relocation, providing temporary use of our office spaces in Poznań, Kraków, Warszawa, Łódź, Wrocław, and Białystok.

Extended support for our colleagues

To show that we stand with Ukraine and support its citizens we decided to introduce a few measures of support for Ukrainian citizens who are already living in Poland or all those who have decided to relocate from Ukraine after February 24th due to the military action (regardless of their nationality).
Our extended support includes:

  • An additional 10 days of paid leave, to be used this year
  • Non-repayable financial aid in the amount of PLN 3 000
  • Free mental health support and Polish language classes for the employee and their relocated family members
  • Additional financial aid and resources to help relocate employee's family members to Poland

Supporting organic initiatives

As one of many bottom-up initiatives, many of our team members decided to share their living space with war refugees from Ukraine. Together, we’ve developed a list of all available accommodations in order to make it easier for our support coordinators to organize help and communication between them and dedicated NGOs.

Netguru Team is involved in various charity initiatives, from providing or collecting clothing and hygienic supplies donations to offering transportation and financial support.

Every financial donation to an NGO of their choice will be matched by Netguru, and we’ll donate the funds to the Polish Center for International Aid.

Tech For Ukraine

​​As part of the Tech To The Rescue initiative, we are extending our support to all the people in Ukraine.

Tech To The Rescue is an organization aiming to connect changemakers from the social and tech worlds that creates opportunities for unlocking technology resources and the potential of global collaboration to create positive social impact.

We’ve committed to support the Tech For Ukraine non-profit initiative with our talents and skills.

Netguru is currently involved in two non-profit projects developed as part of Tech For Ukraine: the first one is aimed at supporting the management of the humanitarian response of multiple NGOs (coordinated by Polska Akcja Humanitarna), and the second one is a joint database on diverse individual and collective efforts to manage the information chaos resulting from the current situation.

Sharing knowledge to help others increase their impact

We’ve developed a set of resources that includes guidelines, contact details, and verified humanitarian relief organizations. All to help our clients, vendors and our whole community stay informed about the current situation and how they can get involved.

We’re also offering our support and best practices in establishing temporary offices, project coordination, process management.

Psychological support for the team

As of March 1st, 2022, every Netguru team member receives complimentary access to mental health support services. Consultations are provided anonymously. We’d like to acknowledge our friends at Therapify for offering their help.