AI Primer Workshop

Discover the potential of AI adoption in your company and gain actionable insights with our 6-hour AI Primer Workshop

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AI Primer Workshop - Overview

Are you struggling to leverage data or AI in your products, services, or internal operations? Here's the solution.

AI Primer Workshop is designed for decision-makers looking to understand the potential of AI adoption in their companies.

During the workshop, our team of data scientists and product practitioners will dive deep into your business and provide personalized insights to help you make informed decisions regarding AI adoption.

Addressing most popular AI challenges with AI Primer Workshop

Many companies struggle with common AI challenges such as data quality, model bias, or lack of talent with the right expertise. Our workshop is designed to help businesses overcome these challenges and more, so they can fully realize the potential of AI in their operations.
  • Lack of expertise in AI technology

    We provide businesses with personalized insights and recommendations based on best practices and their data maturity level to identify potential AI adoption areas.

  • Informed decisions about AI adoption

    We help organizations to brainstorm and discuss AI use cases relevant to their department's needs and goals, as well as ideas evaluation with our team of AI experts.

  • Understanding how AI impacts business growth

    Industry-specific AI trends analysis and a better understanding of AI as driver of digital acceleration allow companies to adapt AI solutions right were they're most beneficial.

  • Keeping up with AI trends and competition

    Knowing the best practices, latest developments, and trends in AI adoption in your industry enables you to leverage the knowledge that is already in use and advance it with a more innovative approach.

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What you gain with AI Primer Workshop

Actionable insights from data scientists, product practitioners and business leaders to help you make informed decisions regarding AI adoption.
  • Industry AI trends analysis

    Check how your your competitors adapt AI solutions and what drives the market
  • Ideas generation and evaluation

    Brainstorm on potential AI solutions and evaluate benefits for your business
  • Insights into the latest AI trends

    Align your ides with the latest technology solutions and best practices
  • Workshop report summary

    A report with initially identified and evaluated ideas for potential AI adoption in your company
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How do we work in Netguru

Identify AI potential in your business with an intensive AI Primer.

We’re offering a 6-hour workshop, during which we’ll do a deep dive into the potential of AI adoption in the client’s company. The workflow includes three phases:

How we work?

  1. We inspire participants with the concept of AI, generative AI, Large Language Models and its applications in various fields and demonstrate the potential of AI in enhancing communication, efficiency, and customer experience.

  2. In this part we encourage creative thinking and brainstorming on potential use cases for AI in various products and departments. We dive into your business context and challenges, and see where AI could have the most impact.

  3. We generate and evaluate ideas to discover how AI solutions can be integrated into existing processes within the product portfolio.

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