Data Analytics Services

Make more informed decisions and optimize their operations for greater efficiency and profitability.


Data Analytics Services - Overview

Data analytics services are a form of specialized consulting that provides organizations with data-driven insights and solutions. These services use sophisticated analytical tools to help businesses identify patterns in their data, as well as uncover hidden trends, correlations, and relationships.

Data analytics solutions

Data analytics services can be used to provide predictive models based on past performance, enabling companies to improve customer experience, optimize operations, and create more effective marketing strategies. These are the problems we can help you with:
  • Lack of personalized customer experience

    Analyze and interpret data to create tailored experiences suited for individual's needs.

  • Financial losses

    Determine patterns of spendings and investments to identify potential risks before they occur.

  • Inefficient operations

    Uncover hidden opportunities for increased efficiency within your organization.

  • Growing risks

    Identify potential problems, anticipate future scenarios and plan accordingly.

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We offer a wide scope of data analytics services

Data analytics solutions are invaluable for businesses of all sizes and types to make decisions with greater precision and accuracy.
  • Predictive analytics

    Predictive analytics can help you identify opportunities for growth and prepare for possible risks.

  • Descriptive analytics

    Using current and historical data to discover business trends and relationships.

  • Diagnostic analytics

    Solving puzzles and asking the all-important "Why?" to uncover hidden patterns in our data.

  • Prescriptive analytics

    An approach looking at possible outcomes and provides guidance on how to optimize practices for maximum efficiency.

Let’s work together

How do we work in Netguru

At Netguru, data analytics services are approached with a tried and true process that ensures quality results every time. We take the necessary steps to break down complex problems into simple solutions – understanding customer needs, creating innovative metrics to support our findings, visualizing insights through engaging visuals - all leading up to providing meaningful recommendations for success.

How we work?

  1. Starting with an in-depth project audit, needs identification and business case documentation review.

  2. Creating project scope and core team logistics identification.

  3. Plan execution, including risk identification and mitigation, and best code management practices.

  4. Results analysis, provided with comprehensive documentation and knowledge transfer.

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