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5 Tips On How To Be a User-Friendly QA Specialist

When delivering a final product, you might find yourself facing a tight deadline. The project has to meet certain specifications and the client’s requirements, and it needs to be free of bugs. In the midst of all that, end users are often forgotten. Users are going to have a bad time using your product if their needs are not taken into account during the development phase. This can, in turn, result in a product that is difficult to use and prone to human error. People tend to blame themselves for obstacles and errors they encounter using a product. This is quite unfortunate but mostly avoidable. See how you can avoid it. 
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5 Steps to Successful Android Testing

Okay, so you’ve decided to build a top-notch Android app. Great! The Android market is constantly growing, although it’s not easy to find success there. The first problem that you will face even before going to the market with your product is… testing. Which is an extremely difficult process, as the Android market is awfully fragmented. How to approach this and not fail even before your product’s debut on Google Play? Read our short guide on how to efficiently test and debug your Android application.
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How Good Habits Improved My Test Automation Skills

I have to admit that during my nearly one and a half year at Netguru my automated testing skills have not always been consistent. I struggled to make my tests modular, easy to write and easy to maintain. Nonetheless, learning some good DRY habits, Page Object patterns and reducing the amount of multitasking significantly reduced the effort I have to make in order to write manageable and clean tests.
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Make Your UI/Functional Testing Easier with XCTest

When it comes to mobile testing (well, testing in general) every QA specialist in the world does way too many manual tests. It's very time-consuming and often frustrating. So why would one do that? How can one avoid it? At Netguru we have been testing for over 8 years. We have some experience in mobile testing, and I would like to share with you some tips on how to automate your iOS testing, at least part of it.
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It’s a common perception that quality assurance in software is mostly testing, and that a lot of the testing is manual testing. However, this is only a fraction of what QA specialists deal with. Let me explain how various technical skills can boost your performance as a quality assurance expert.
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