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Enquire? Inspire! with Magda

Magda is our super smart QA Tester. Her bright mind and an eye for details makes her a real Bug-tamer. She may be a bit quiet at the office but believe us, she knows how to voice out her concerns when something needs to be improved. When she doesn't have her head stuck in the computer screen, she loves to search for treasures and play hide & seek with other geocaching enthusiasts. On the top of that she does her best to master Japanese and dreams about the trip to the Land of the Rising Sun. And if there is still some time left, Magda loves to read comic books and UX related materials.
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How to describe a bug well?

Dear biologists. I’m sorry, but this is not a manual for you to find out how to describe new species. This is a brief guide to our bugs-reporting flow which helps us to keep high quality in whatever we undertake.
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