Designing eRecruiter’s Mobile App for Recruitment Management

Mobile app design services to extend eRecruiter’s web offering
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About this project


eRecruiter is a Polish-based tool for recruitment planning, management, and automation. The company wanted a mobile app to complement its desktop software. Thanks to Netguru’s designs, prototype verification, and comprehensive handover, the client now has a fully fledged mobile service.


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Recruitment software to streamline the hiring process

Trusted by over 1,800 customers, eRecruiter is one of the most popular recruitment management platforms in Poland. Founded in 2009, the all-in-one HR app allows recruiters to source job applications, contact candidates, and cooperate with businesses – all from a single platform.

About the project

The project’s primary goal was to design and implement a fully fledged mobile service as an extension of eRecruiter’s existing web solution. The app had to be suitable for a range of devices and developed in React Native for cross-platform coherency. Visual compliance with the desktop app and brand guidelines was crucial.

To understand the concept and prioritize ideas, we first used our ultimate weapon – a Product Design Sprint workshop. We then went through the design process from start to finish: from creating user flows and wireframes, user testing, creating a high-fidelity prototype, and delivering comprehensive handover documentation to ensure app development went smoothly.

eRecruiter two apps view

User testing

For the user testing phase, we built an interactive lab that broadcast each interview and test into a room occupied by the client and the rest of our team. Each session was recorded and reanalyzed after finishing the workshops.

User flow map

The nature of the environment in which we’ve been working forced us to prepare a highly-detailed user flow map including additional tooltips and hover states.

Lo-fi wireframes

After a few weeks of work, we organized another user testing session to validate our late-stage lo-fi prototypes. The gathered feedback allowed us to elevate the wireframes onto a satisfying level.

While testing the prototypes, we figured out that swiping gestures were something our users tried to do a lot. Also, depending on the type of the user, different people interacted with the interface using different techniques. Users confirmed that the desktop version plays an important role, so the mobile app should reflect that as well.

eRecruiter app visualization with white-blue background

Moving to the MVP phase

When we started working on a high-fidelity prototype, the seemingly easiest part of the project turned out to be more challenging than we initially expected. During this phase, we had to think about a variety of end devices and coherency with the desktop version.

To avoid the necessity of restarting the application every time new data was available (like a new candidate application, a message from a candidate), we decided to extend the range of push notifications to display some specific recruitment-related options.

For the same reason, we designed and implemented Touch ID and face recognition features. Thanks to these enhancements, users can quickly and effortlessly log in and check the updates.

Handover assets

We prepared comprehensive handover documentation, including elements such as style guides, a walk-through video, and a list of development recommendations stemming from the user testing.

Implementation: Mobile development phase

Upon handing over our designs, the client’s development team began implementation. Having a Product Owner on the client’s side as our point of contact made the cooperation easier.

Thanks to our initial Product Design Sprint, the developers already had a thorough understanding of the app’s functionalities. The team worked in Scrum, releasing a new functionality at the end of each sprint.

One challenge we faced was discovering the app’s backend wasn’t fully compatible with the mobile requirements. This caused some delays during the development process.

Nonetheless, thanks to our smooth collaboration, eRecruiter was satisfied with the work we delivered and was interested in continuing the cooperation into the future.

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