Development and Product Design of a Project Management Tool

Product design services to provide a flawless coordination of complex real estate projects
construction product management project

About this project

The client offers innovative tools for construction companies. Netguru was responsible for providing UX, UI, branding and illustrations for a project management app that enables a real time control over complex projects in the real estate industry. The client received a user-friendly and consistent product.


Product design


Real estate

Construction projects require the implementation of complex processes and engagement of numerous stakeholders.

This can result in issues like miscommunication, delays, and contractors going over budget.

With complex projects that include construction, building management, and maintenance, the real estate industry presents specific obstacles to streamlining project management.

Additionally, the industry has not yet been transformed by digitization as much as many others.

Providing digital solutions for a better construction process

Netguru cooperated with a company that offers innovative tools for construction companies. Their mission is to digitize project management in construction and other related industries.

The company makes construction projects efficient and transparent thanks to gathering and transmitting key data to all stakeholders in real-time.

The client created a tool that gathers the data, puts it together, and delivers to all stakeholders so that they have a full picture of the project’s development and can make better decisions faster.

Thanks to the app, everyone involved can have all the relevant data at their fingertips. This enables:

  • gathering and managing information connected with employees and project development;
  • real-time control over the project;
  • streamlining communication with the client in one place.

As a result, projects can be completed more efficiently and transparently.

A project management tool for the construction industry

Scope of the project

Netguru’s role in cooperation with this company was:

  • building a website, a mobile and web applications for the platform;
  • providing branding, UX and UI design, illustrations and animations;
  • providing a product strategy consulting and solutions that could speed up the launch of the platform.

Challenges of the project

From early on in the process, it was clear for both sides that we’d be facing a few challenges along the way.

  • Complete rebranding: the client wanted to change their existing branding that was not fulfilling their expectations.
  • Accessibility of the service: many potential users from the construction industry are not necessarily tech-savvy. The platform had to be intuitive and have a user-friendly interface.
  • Versatility: the platform needed to serve people in different positions in the industry. It needed to include all the necessary features while staying easy to use.


  • User-friendly and consistent product.
  • Quick product launch: thanks to our consulting services, the client was able to get the product to market without delays, while building visibility and planning for further expansion of services.
  • Intuitive tool with clear user journey: we addressed all of the client’s user-friendliness needs and implemented UX and UI to make the product intuitive even for someone with little digital experience. The platform smoothly leads the user through different tasks.
  • Clean design: creates engagement and makes using it easy.
  • Scalability: the design is scalable for fast adaptation to new functions that the client was planning to implement.

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