Building an Online Booking System for a Travel Tech Company

Cruise booking made easy
seahub app intergface

Seahub is a travel tech company that allows users to book cruises online. As the booking sector hasn’t evolved in the past 10-15 years, Seahub took the challenge to revolutionise and modernise the industry using top-notch technology.


  • An online system for booking cruises online needed to be built.
  • Old and inefficient cruise booking technologies and the ambition to revamp the whole cruise booking sector.
  • Crafting and implementing responsive and intuitive user interfaces.


Seahub turned to Netguru to help them with the visual part of the website. Two designers were involved in the project on a full-time basis. Their main job was to translate the client’s vision into delightful user interfaces.

  • Creating an appealing logo and other visual brand elements.
  • Designing user interfaces for the cruise booking website.
  • Using top designing tools to provide the best possible outcome.


Cooperation between Netguru's product design and the in-house development team at Seahub went smoothly, and the client could quickly release the product on the market.

  • Fully functional cruise booking system introduced within less than six months.
  • For now, the development team can work on modernising the sector by solving major problems with the outdated technology.
  • The company is on the path to becoming the leader in the cruise booking industry.


  • 7,763 views on Behance
  • 16,000+ vruise options
  • 2 designers
  • 1 month to design a web app
  • I’m normally not a fan of consultants, and I prefer hiring internally, but Netguru did set my model off… I don’t think I’ll ever need to hire designers because we’re so happy with what Netguru does for us. They can count us as loyal customers! :)

    Samuel F. Poirier

    CEO at Seahub

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