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A unique online event for leaders who want to capitalize on AI. The best mix of enterprises and startups, panel discussions, fireside chats, and hands-on session.

Tuesday, June 13, 2023


Watch the video recap and learn firsthand about the successful adoption of AI at Zalando, Slack, Microsoft and more.

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Connect with AI experts from top brands and startups, engage with 1000+ AI enthusiasts

  • Recap the benefits of generative AI tools like ChatGPT, MidJourney or Jasper with insights based on real-world use cases
  • See how experts bust the biggest misconceptions and tackle some top challenges

Why join us?

  • 15+ Gen AI speakers from top brands

    Insights from practicioners and evangelists

  • 1000+ attendees

    From NY, San Francisco, Singapore, London, Paris, Berlin and more
  • 10+ Gen AI Real Use Cases

    That will change the way you do things at your company

Meet Disruption Forum Generative AI Speakers

All humans, not a single bot.
  • dinesh deva

    Dinesh Deva

    VP Product and Engineering AdTech, MarTech at Zalando SE
  • 1671618628352

    Nils Loeffert

    Lead Solution Engineer at Slack
  • 1675247842178

    Maja Schaefer

    CEO at Zowie
  • shish-shridahar

    ShiSh Shridhar

    Global Retail Lead | Microsoft for Startups
  • Fergal-Reid.jpg.optimal

    Fergal Reid

    Director of Machine Learning at Intercom
  • Gloria Lupo Pasini-1

    Gloria Lupo Pasini

    Account Executive at Slack
  • 1586839795602

    Michael Jung

    CFO | Global Business Development Head at DeepBrainAI
  • Christian Brucculeri, Quiq

    Christian Brucculeri

    SVP at Quiq
  • 1580738270826-1

    Marc Teipel

    Azure App Innovation & AI Specialist - Enterprise at Microsoft
  • 1630181488736

    Morgante Pell

    Co-Founder at Grit
  • Paulina Pasławska

    Lina Pasławska

    Product Manager at Netguru
  • Jarek Święcicki, Morizon

    Jarek Święcicki

    CEO / Cofounder at Grupa Morizon-Gratka
  • 1630077142449

    Sebastian Graff

    Founder & CEO at True Carbon
  • radek_szeja

    Radek Szeja

    Retail Consulting Director at Netguru
  • Maria Smorawińska, Netguru

    Maria Smorawińska

    Delivery Lead at Netguru
  • Patryk Szczygło

    Patryk Szczygło

    Research & Development at Netguru

Disruption Forum Generative AI: Agenda

  1. 01:00 AM PDT | 10:00 AM CET

    The Role of AI in Future Ecommerce and Marketing - Pre-event Special Episode of Disruption Talk

    At this special episode of Disruption Talks Dinesh Deva, VP Product and Engineering AdTech, MarTech at Zalando SE, together with Radek Szeja, Retail Consulting Director at Netguru will discuss:
    - How to combine AI and ads?
    - What are the boundaries between personalization and privacy?
    - How AI will change the e-commerce landscape?

    Join the talk here!

  2. 8:00 AM PDT | 5:00 PM CET

    Welcome Speech

    by Radek Zaleski, Senior Partner at Netguru
  3. 8:05 AM PDT | 5:05 PM CET

    How to Build AI-Powered Organizations

    Everything you need to know to start capitalizing on generative AI tools and AI-driven approach to operational efficiency and business growth


    Michael Jung, CFO at DeepBrainAI
    Marc Teipel, Azure App Innovation & AI Specialist at Microsoft

  4. 8:30 AM PDT | 5:30 PM CET

    GenAI as the next frontier in customer experience boost

    Boosting customer satisfaction with unprecedented speed and efficiency – welcome to the new era


    Maja Schaefer, CEO at Zowie

    Fergal Reid, Director of Machine Learning at Intercom

    Christian Brucculeri, SVP at Quiq

  5. 8:55 AM PDT | 5:55 PM CET

    Generative AI adoption in enterprise software development

    Discussion with Morgante Pell, Co-Founder at Grit and Adam Nowak, Consulting Director, Engineering at Netguru
  6. 9:15 AM PDT | 6:15 PM CET

    Revolutionizing Real Estate Search with AI-Powered Natural Language Processing

    Fireside chat with Jarek Święcicki, CEO/ Cofounder at Grupa Morizon-Gratka and Ola Prejs, Head of Growth at Netguru
  7. 9:35 AM PDT | 6:35 PM CET

    Coffee Break

  8. 9:45 AM PDT | 6:45 PM CET

    Boost the Productivity of Your Sales and Service Teams with Slack and ChatGPT

    Speakers: Nils Loeffert, Lead Solution Engineer at Slack
    Gloria Lupo Pasini, Account Executive at Slack
  9. 10:05 AM PDT | 7:05 PM CET

    AI governance, control and commercialization risks

    Discussion with Sebastian Graff, Founder & CEO at True Carbon moderated by Radek Zaleski, Senior Partner at Netguru
  10. 10:25 AM PDT | 7:25 PM CET

    Innovating E-commerce: Exploring the Power of Virtual Dressing Room AI Experience


    Lina Pasławska, Product Manager at Netguru

    Radek Szeja, Retail Consulting Director at Netguru

  11. 10:45 AM PDT | 7:45 PM CET

    Mobile Diffusion: The AI-powered picture revolution


    Maria Smorawińska, Delivery Lead at Netguru

    Patryk Szczygło, Research & Development at Netguru

  12. 11:05 AM PDT | 8:05 PM CET

    Leveraging Generative AI for Personalized Customer Experiences in Retail

    Discussion with ShiSh Shridhar, Global Retail Lead | Microsoft for Startups moderated by Radek Szeja, Retail Consulting Director at Netguru
  13. 11:25 AM PDT | 8:25 PM CET


Screenshot 2023-05-25 at 18.29.39

Meet Mobile Diffusion - An App that Allows to Create AI Pictures Directly On Your iPhone


Meet Mobile Diffusion, the innovative image generator that uses the latest AI technology to bring your imagination to life. With this app, you can create stunning images based on your own text prompt. No need for an internet connection, it works offline right on your device
Embracing AI solutions, such as generative AI, enables companies to innovate faster, optimize decision-making, and uncover new possibilities that can lead to a competitive edge.
Radek Zaleski

Radek Zaleski

Senior Partner at Netguru

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