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Updated Mar 21, 2023 • 6 min read

We love change at Netguru. Nothing is set in stone. You can define your working hours, shape your working space, and create your own career path.

We do have some guidelines for each stage of your adventure with project management, but the actual career decisions are entirely up to you. So ask yourself: what makes you tick? And find your place in our team!

Junior Project Manager for 3 Months

Let’s make one thing clear: the 3-month juniorship at Netguru is a trial for both you and ourselves. Do you have the right skills to help our clients deliver great products? Are you flawless in communication? Does this type of work suit you?

You start with your own projects, and a massive database of our internal knowledge to digest. By giving you this responsibility, we want to show you that we trust you from day one. What do we expect in return?

  • Embracing failure. You will learn and you will fail. Learn from those failures.
  • Motivating the team. You need to be a team player and get on well with all kinds of people.
  • Knowing what good management means. It doesn’t matter, if you used to manage a club, a big convention, or a study group – you need to convince us that you’ve done your management well!

Project Manager with Knowledge and Independence

Congratulations – you made it! You are now managing 3-5 projects, having a bunch of great developers and QAs in your teams. You have some internal area that you own and you support others on a daily basis.

What do you really want to do as a PM? What direction do you want to evolve in? Are you a natural leader, born to solve other people’s problems? Or maybe you are all into technologies, servers and whatnot, so you don’t need any translation when developers are talking shop? Or maybe you like to take the project in your own hands, because you know what the business and market want from it?

You don’t need to know it right now. Your leader will help you figure out the path of your development that will make you satisfied with your daily responsibilities. Regardless of our particular interests and the paths we’ve chosen, all PMs in Netguru have one thing in common: we know how to manage projects in the agile, time & material model. We love to communicate, and we believe in transparency between our clients and us. We also love to go off the beaten path – never follow any rules blindly if you feel they aren’t helping your project. Still, to go off the beaten path, you need to know where the path is – you’re going to learn where and what the path is (i.e. the best practices and principles of management) during your juniorship.

Senior Project Manager with Strong Experience

So you cut your teeth on a number of projects. You embraced your failures and created innovative and efficient processes based on that. You are a role model for the ones with less experience than yourself and a great mentor for the team.

You can strike the right life-work balance, and bring a great value not only to the projects you manage yourself, but also other projects you review, moderate and support.

We will not impose any particular path on you that you need to take. You already know yourself how you want to develop as a person, probably aided by the regular face-to-face meetings with your leader. We believe that a senior position is meant for people who know their virtues and are able to take advantage of them in their everyday responsibilities, benefitting themselves and the company...

Senior Project Manager Specialist

Fear not, we won’t leave you entirely alone. Lately, we’ve created two new expert paths. They are guidelines for those who are still not entirely sure what they want to do next. Remember that these are merely suggestions for you. We are more than happy when people come up with their own ideas to develop and we make it possible.

A Senior Tech Project Manager is a person who can to suggest technological solutions to the client. S/he is able to conduct a technical analysis of the project’s status, speed, optimization, and the data that have been obtained through analytical tools. A Senior Tech Project Manager is able to simplify processes, or recommend out-of-the-box solutions to speed up the development.

  1. Has knowledge about security practices
  2. Knows and is able to propose right database structure
  3. Analyses results from our quality-controlling tools
  4. Version controls systems are no mystery
  5. Is able to propose right application architecture
  6. Is a tech advisor for the client beyond what’s standard for Netguru
  7. Works on the constant improvement of our tech stack

A Senior Biz Project Manager is someone who can support the client with business decisions. S/he will be able to modify the business model, identify personas, come up with new ideas for and improvements of the client’s business model.

  1. Is able to dig deep into the client’s business model, and the app’s outline on the basis of that.
  2. Adapts the product to the market expectations.
  3. Is more of Product Owner than a “run-of-the-mill” Project Manager.
  4. Supports the client with the target audience analysis.
  5. Interprets the results of business analyses.
  6. Works on the constant improvement of our business processes

Of course, it’s up to you which path you will eventually choose. What’s important for us is that you follow your dreams and make them come true. Evolve, explore, and manage like a pro. Be a pro! Check out the vacancies we currently offer and apply now!

Photo of Marta Ciesielska

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