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Agile and waterfall are two distinct project management methodologies. Agile is younger than waterfall and is very effective in today’s dynamic software development world. Can it learn something from it’s older sister? Certainly - decades of waterfall project management established some tools and processes that agilists would benefit from, especially when it comes to project budgeting.
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When it comes to project management in software development, the agile methodology continues to prove its efficiency at rapid response to change. Nonetheless, subsequent iterations do require following a plan, which is usually set during a sprint planning meeting that kicks off every iteration. In this article, we take a closer look at the value of sprint planning and how to do it right - in accordance with agile, the unquestionable cornerstone of the software development process. 
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Many companies have embraced agile project management in software development because developing software quickly and transparently while reacting to market changes has become imperative in today’s rapidly changing business landscape. According to a Gartner 2019 study Agile in the Enterprise, the main benefits of agile are better alignment between business and IT departments, better ability to manage changing priorities, and accelerated product delivery.  
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