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What is augmented reality? Augmented reality has become quite a popular term in the past few years thanks to Google Glass, but the idea is older than the first Android phone. Do you remember the Terminator movie? The main hero’s vision mapped the nearby area and displayed additional information about objects or people. And that, in essence, was AR.
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10,923 analysed photos, 10 weeks, and hard work of design and development teams, topped with AR engines and Machine Learning technology. That's our recipe for building a precise algorithm that will detect 5 car models using your smartphone’s camera. Here's more on our journey to create a fun tool with cutting-edge solutions.
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Interactive product catalogues, holographic monsters and learning aids for medical students. Take a look at some Augmented Reality apps worth your while.
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The latest game in the Pokemon franchise has taken the world by storm, and it’s helping Americans become fit again. It reminded people that being out, walking and exploring the city could be a better way to spent time than sitting on the couch. Its effects on increasing American’s physical activity are tremendous, the recent study found that Pokemon Go users from the US made approximately 144 billion steps more during a period of 30 days. Couldn't the designers have created a better interface, though?  
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How to Create an App Like Pokemon Go

Augmented Reality is increasingly turning into the hot technology of the moment, especially after the launch of the Pokemon Go game. Some time ago I devoted a blog post to how to start playing around with AR: Augmented Reality in Mobile Devices (with an App Tutorial for Android!). It was a huge success - more than 10,000 people read it. It turns out that location-based AR is not all that complicated so today let’s check what we need to create an app that works like Pokemon Go. Yes, you read it right, we are not immune to the temptation of using this game to boost our blog traffic. Shameless!
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