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Will Your App Survive a Bug Bash?

Looking for a quick and effective way of testing your new app while in development? Why not get your whole team involved in a vigorous session of bug bashing?
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If we were to invent a Netguru alphabet, the letter “R” would unquestionably stand for review. Why? It helps us avoid mistakes, develop our skills, and achieve the best performance possible. See how the continual review process can improve the team’s workflow and help employees evolve in no time at all.
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Why Feature Testing is Important

Listen up, folks! Here's my story on how I ran away from bug nests to enter Behavioral-Driven Development and realised that it will be hard for me to live without feature testing.
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9 Ways to Keep Your QA Happy (And Efficient!)

Your QA team has their hands full of work to catch up with everything they get from PMs, developers and you - the client. If you are curious on the best way to make a QA’s life easier, have a read below.
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After reaching the point where your product has grown to a large scale application, you probably start to ask yourself - why the hell do are all my tests executions so long?!
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How to describe a bug well?

Dear biologists. I’m sorry, but this is not a manual for you to find out how to describe new species. This is a brief guide to our bugs-reporting flow which helps us to keep high quality in whatever we undertake.
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