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UX design – Create products that sell

Building a great interface goes way beyond just making it beautiful. A powerful UI takes users on a pleasant journey with your digital product and unlocks an exceptional UX. It requires a lot of testing and a thorough understanding of your users’ behaviour, needs and problems. That’s where our UX services come into play. Depending on the challenge you face, our UX Design Agency will help you achieve your and your customers’ goals.

Design thinking empowers communication

Bring UX and UI designers on board to make your product shine
  • Graphics-tablet

    Design web and mobile apps

    Create seamless UX and beautiful UI for different platforms and devices

  • Like

    Validate your ideas

    Quickly create prototypes and validate to diminish the risk

  • Goal

    Improve conversion

    Increase the number of leads and sales from your website

  • Journey

    Streamline experience

    Discover bottlenecks in the user journey and fix them

  • Sign

    Sell with content

    Give users the right information at the right time and in the right place

  • Structure

    Refine website structure

    Create intuitive and user-friendly navigation

  • Custom

    Enhance productivity

    Build design systems to create new visual assets in a blink of an eye

  • Star

    Keep you brand consistent

    Design visual identity and brand assets for multiple channels


UX review helped whym increase the business value of the app

Valuable insights in one report

whym's founder decided to perform a UX Review on his application to discover and review potential issues as well as suggest the solutions and quick-wins. The process involved a thorough research regarding the application and its surroundings, creating personas and their needs, as well as detecting problems and developing potential solutions.
60% of products have issues that could be solved through usability research. UX review is the best way of validating your product.

Toto Castiglione

Senior Product Designer

Find a digital product design solution for every stage of your business development

A dedicated product design team can help you achieve business goals whether you need to craft the idea for a completely new product, evaluate the quality of an already existing one, or deliver a beautiful and usable product based on your business goals. Design services range from ideation, to UI & UX design, research, product review, and digital branding. With the right tools and processes you will validate ideas, optimize processes, and bring new digital products to the market.
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    Collaborate with the design team to increase productivity, boost profits, enhance public image, or changes in internal or external processes

  • Cards

    Product Research

    Dive deep into users’ behavior, business environment and product to collect data necessary to establish the next steps for your business

  • Fintech

    UX & UI Design

    Translates business needs into actual solutions and design seamless user interfaces that will help you fulfill you strategy and goals

  • Star


    Design a consistent language to communicate with your clients and create an emotional connection between customers and your brand

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Design process based on best practices and methodologies that deliver

Design is an ongoing process of a constant, iterative effort to make your product better and better. Devices and technologies through which users interact with your product will change so as your users, their needs and behaviour. Make sure you have the right tools, and battle-tested methodologies to face these challenges. And never stop the process

How we work?

  1. Make sure your team has all the key information and assets

  2. Collect insights and shape the product or its features

  3. Transfer your ideas into connected wireflows

  4. Verify solutions with potential users

  5. Craft delightful interfaces aligned with established assumptions

  6. Get ready for implementing designs into working products

UX and UI: The Perfect Duo

Each product’s design consists of two codependent parts - user experience (UX) and user interface (UI). UX is the structural representation of the product’s content and its features. A good UX design should be based on thorough research, data analysis, and knowledge about the motorical and psychological abilities of the end-user group. It should also take into account the general brand strategy, KPIs, and business goals & obstacles.

UX is about making things usable and practical, keeping the simplest possible visual styling. UI, or user interface, focuses on usability obtained through a proper, eye-pleasing layout. User interface is not only about the app screens. A designer needs to set the color palette, contrast, typography, and the final dimensions of components keeping in mind such facets as grid, baseline, responsiveness, and corporate brand identity.

UX Design

User experience design lies at the base of product design process, which in a classic scenario consists of 7 steps. Starting with the project ideation and setup stage, we move further through ideation and concept, then wireframing, user testing, design, implementing recommendations, and finally design handover, which is the project’s termination.

The first four steps are a part of UX design, whereas the other three form UI design. UX designers should first get to know the potential product’s customers as well as they can. They may conduct interviews, lead workshops or spend long hours reading about brand strategy or the end-user group. After the UX designer gathers enough information, they begin preparing user flow maps, sitemaps, and product prototypes which subsequently are tested with a group of chosen users.


Analyse your UX and check your market fit to know what improvements you should introduce. UX services will help you obtain valuable insights.


Implement knowledge-based changes to enhance user experience and conversion. Transform data into decisions that will help you achieve business goals..


Watch how the implemented solution makes the numbers skyrocket. Our well-established practices and proven methods will help you grow your ROI.

User Experience Design at Netguru

At Netguru, we always make sure the experiences we craft are not only delightful, but also provide additional value to your users and your business. This is why UX design plays an important role in our digital transformation process.

Netguru is an experienced UX design agency. We provide you with a whole range of services, from business idea to product delivery. Firstly, you can create a unique value proposition before design or development starts. We offer various research methods to collect user insights that are necessary to adjust your product to your users’ needs. Our evaluation methods will increase the functional and business value of the product you are building. Our UX design team will help you grow conversion rates, increase time spent in the app and improve customer feedback.

At Netguru, we understand that crafting a digital product is not an easy job. It requires in-depth knowledge about your users, their behaviour and needs. In order to obtain valuable insights you will need to leverage the right tools. Years of experience have enabled our designers to develop and verify distinct methods which improve product usability, get more traffic and increase conversions. With our UX services your users will have an experience so delightful that they’ll recommend your product to everyone.

Helping innovators achieve goals through exceptional digital design

Netguru software design team helps innovators achieve business goals through exceptional design and data-driven consulting. Share your challenge, and we’ll bring the maximum value at any stage of your business. Sixty multidisciplinary and internationally recognized designers with experience gained on full-stack projects for startups, unicorns, and well-established enterprises will support you on your journey to success.

Our partners about the cooperation with Netguru

  • Netguru has been the best agency we've worked with so far. The team is able to design new skills, features, and interactions within our model, with a great focus on speed to market.

    Adi Pavlovic

    Director of Innovation, Keller Williams
  • I’ve had a long-lasting partnership with Netguru. Happy that it works so well and hopeful that we can cooperate on more projects in the future. Netguru always tries to make things possible.

    Susanne Wechsler

    Director B2B at Babbel
  • It was great working with Netguru. I'm confident it was an excellent decision to get the team involved in redesigning the Swap app. It's an excellent outcome for us, as we can do it faster in-house.

    Bruno Ramos Berho

    CEO, Swap

Netguru in numbers

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Delivered by Netguru

We are actively boosting our international footprint across various industries such as banking, healthcare, real estate, e-commerce, travel, and more. We deliver products to such brands as solarisBank, PAYBACK, DAMAC, Volkswagen, Babbel, Santander, Keller Williams, and Hive.
  • Self-care mobile app that lets users practice gratitude


    $5M Granted in funding

  • Investment platform that enable to invest in private equity funds


    $28M Granted in funding

  • Data-driven SME lending platform provider


    $20M Granted in funding

  • Lead generation tool that helps travelers to make bookings


    $47M Granted in funding

UX solutions: all your questions answered

Not sure how UX designers can bring the value to your business. Check out some of the most common questions asked by the clients.
How much does it costs to design an app?

Asking this question is a lot like looking at the price of a car: it depends on what you want to accomplish. First, you need to specify what car you want.

What brands do you trust? How many seats do you need, and how much room in the trunk? Should the gearbox be manual or automatic? What about fuel type? Gasoline, electricity or a hybrid?

Shoot us a message and we'll help you with estimations.

Why do I need a UX designer?

By hiring a UX specialist, you will avoid failed investments in developing features that your users will not want to pay for and shift your efforts to developing only features that make sense for them. Which means that, at the same time, you will limit the costs and increase profitability. Cool, isn’t it?

What is UX design?

User experience (UX) is the structural representation of the content and features (including usability, navigation, visual hierarchy, information architecture, etc.) of a given product, based on research, data analysis, and knowledge about the motorical and psychological abilities of the end-user group. UX is about making things usable, and practical while keeping the simplest possible visual styling.

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