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Scoping sessions are the best way to shape your business ideas. Together we will turn your concept into a product that inspires masses.
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Scoping Sessions at Netguru

A scoping session is a meeting between you (i.e. our client) and our team of experts, including developers and a project manager. We go through all aspects of project planning: from time and cost estimation to scope definition.

Crucial for the overall success of the product.

We recommend scoping session services to all our customers, as they allow us to understand and design your business idea better.
  • Custom Roadmap. We help you craft a custom roadmap for developing your business vision and make sure your project is technically outstanding
  • Plan & Recommendations. You will finish the session with a solid development plan and expert recommendations.
  • Project Management. Our world-class project management professionals will make sure your unique idea is translated into a technical action plan.
  • Experienced Team. With over 600 successful projects, we’re here to ensure your start is as frictionless as possible.

From time and cost estimation to scope definition

Our experience confirms that scoping sessions have a major impact on the final outcome of the products we create.
  1. Concept definition. Scoping sessions enable you to evaluate your business vision with our specialists. We will help you review your idea and choose the most suitable technical solutions. We will provide you with insights and valuable expert feedback.
  2. User stories creation. Before crafting your action plan, we will help you create user stories for your product. We will go through your enhanced business concept and develop accurate user personas.
  3. Estimation. Our scoping session services will enable us to create a realistic estimation of the costs and timeframes of your project. Our industry expertise ensures that you will get the most accurate values.
  4. Roadmap creation. The scoping session ends with the preparation of a customised roadmap document. We will create concrete process guidelines for the development of your product idea. We will provide you with our best expert insights.

Scoping sessions: the beginning


Expect to be asked a load of questions by us. Millions of them! We will probe you about:

  • your ideas,
  • the name of the application,
  • the application type: is it going to be a web or mobile application, or maybe both?

...and much more.

Then, we sit down with our developers to create user stories. This may well generate more questions, but that’s just because we want to get a clear understanding of your vision and goals.

When all the materials are ready, we will organise a meeting between the customer, developers and project manager. This usually lasts between 2 and 3 hours. During the meeting, we will go through the User Stories we prepared earlier. They are all gathered in JIRA, the project management tool we use and share access with our clients. By discussing the user stories we ensure that everything is exactly where it should be.

Estimations and MVP

Next, we sit down and estimate all the tasks we need to complete and then draft an MVP for our customers including goals and milestones. We believe that this is the safest way to check if a business idea will succeed. Of course, we will be more than happy to develop the application beyond the original project if need be!

Also, the scoping session gives our customers an insight into our working practices and culture. It’s a great moment to see if we are a good fit for you. After the scoping session, the client receives the relevant estimations including all the materials we prepared for the meeting. They are yours to use as you wish.

Scoping session with materials prepared by the prospective customer

Sometimes the client’s vision is only simple in the client’s head - introducing it to others comes as a challenge. Make sure you know:

  • Who are your potential users?
  • What is the flow you have in mind?
  • Did we understand the user stories you have sent us correctly?

Why is that so important? We need to be sure we have left no stone unturned. Then, we move on to the meeting with the clients, estimations and preparation of the final materials.

Craft your product with us

Scoping will help you to plan your budget and make sure that it’s the direction you really want to go. The more thoroughly you plan the process firsthand, the less complications you encounter later on down the line.

Lunching – a food delivery app developed for iOS and Android

A great experience for both users and founders.

A simple and clear MVP application for iOS and Android brought to life with Flutter

Uber Eats, DoorDash, Delivery Hero or – these food delivery apps are changing the way we order our takeaway food. We decided to build a cross-platform app based on the Flutter framework as an internal project. Food ordering and delivery apps are perfect for Flutter because of the low level of complexity – yet they need to have a beautiful design to present tasty food photos as well as a quick and user-friendly ordering flow.

Read Case Study
Lunching – a food delivery app developed for iOS and Android

See how our support helped those companies

  • Let me put it this way: we have built a grand and impressive building. But without Netguru’s insights, we would be stuck on the ground-floor forever. We learn from VW Home each day. We definitely feel it might be the future of the car industry.
    Artur Kryzan Volkswagen

    Artur Kryzan

    Volkswagen CX Manager
  • Netguru has a very open door policy for the client. They make you feel as an integral part of the development team. Some agencies build walls between the client and their team, and disappear for weeks without any contact. Netguru offered constant communication.
    Ruairí Doyle

    Ruairí Doyle

    Head of Product at Apps for Good
  • Netguru is an important part of our ability to maintain fast growth. We have a set of talented engineers working as part of our team every day. Netguru adds so much value in supporting project management, QA, infrastructure, code quality reviews and great process.

    Kevin Dykes

    Co-Founder and CEO at RetentionGrid

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We are actively boosting our international footprint across various industries such as banking, healthcare, real estate, e-commerce, travel, and more. We deliver products to such brands as solarisBank, PAYBACK, DAMAC, Volkswagen, Babbel, Santander, Keller Williams, and Hive.
  • $47M

    Granted in funding. Lead generation tool that helps travelers to make bookings
  • $20M

    Granted in funding. Data-driven SME lending platform provider
  • $28M

    Granted in funding. Investment platform that enable to invest in private equity funds
  • $5M

    Granted in funding. Self-care mobile app that lets users practice gratitude

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