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Java developers at Netguru possess an exceptional set of skills, which allow us to develop top-notch Java-based solutions

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What Encompasses Java Development Services?

Java development services encompass a wide range of activities, from designing and developing Java-based applications to providing support and maintenance for existing apps. The language is intended to work on a powerful backend and create robust, high-performance applications, digital products, and widely understood software.

Scope of our custom java software development services

Java's platform-independent nature makes it possible to deploy delivery applications on a wide range of devices, from smartphones to enterprise servers. At Netguru, we specialize in every possible aspect of Java software development, so for us, there are no impossible things.
  • Enterprise Java Development

    We create java-based software, customized to your business needs. We start with simple utilities and finish with large-scale enterprise solutions.
  • Java Consulting

    Our Java consulting services include issue diagnosis, code review, and expert technical support. We offer deep insights into the challenges you face.

  • Java-Based Solutions Development

    We use Java to develop backend-based solutions for industry-specific mobile apps, backend APIs, web applications, websites, or web portals.

  • Java Team Extension

    Need more Java experts for your team? We can enrich your team with our Java Developers that possess specific skill sets, and will help you finish a project!

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Java Software Development Services - Example Client's application

Skills & Technology used by Netguru's Java development team

Spring framework: Spring MVC, Spring Core, Spring Data, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Spring Integration, Spring Batch, Spring Security, Spring JMS

ORM: Hibernate, EclipseLink, Java Persistence API, jOOQ

Building microservices: Spring Boot, Quarkus, Spark, Micronaut, Dropwizard, Grafana, Prometheus, Openshift

Testing: junit4, junit5, Mockito, Test Containers, Rest Assured, Wiremock, Gatling, Cucumber, TestNG, easyMock, Playwright, Cypress

Tools: IntelliJ IDEA, Maven, Gradle, Eclipse, GraalVM

Common libraries: Flyway, Liquibase, JDBC, JSON parsing (Jackson, GSON etc), Apache Commons, Guava, Google Guice, JMS (RabbitMQ, Kafka, ActiveMQ etc), Lombok, HttpClient, Java Reflection and Aspects (cglib, AspectJ etc), XML processing (jaxb, xerces etc), Dynatrace, Keycloak, Helm, Cassandra, Hazelcast, SQL Loader

Scala: Akka, ZIO

Example features built with Java for specific vertical applications

Java provides a rich set of libraries and frameworks what enable us to develop well-suited solutions for any vertical.
  • Delivery Applications

    We create Java-based applications to manage deliveries, create delivery routes, find the best routes, and even provide real-time tracking information to customers.

  • Fintech Applications

    Due to Java's high security, we develop features for managing finances, tracking investments, making payments, or exchanging currencies.

  • Retail Applications

    We provide a Java-based centralized database and real-time tracking to help businesses manage their inventory, track sales and analyze customer data.

  • Healthcare Applications

    We use Java for developing features like electronic health records (EHRs), clinical decision support systems (CDSSs), and medical image processing software.

  • Ecommerce Applications

    We utilize Java for a wide range of eCommerce solutions, from simple shopping carts and payment processing to complex enterprise-level systems.

  • Technology Applications

    In Technology, Java enables us to create a wide range of features like ability to create custom applications, a drag-and-drop interface, or an intuitive user interface.

  • Real Estate Applications

    We provide Java features for both private and commercial destiny like managing properties, tenants, leases, and finances, or even developing a dedicated agency CRM.

  • Entertainment Applications

    Java is a high-demanded language in the entertainment industry due to its use in building streaming platforms or 3D animations.

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Build an Amazing Java-based Products With Netguru

With extensive expertise in software engineering and over a decade of experience in working with various technologies, we have all the tools necessary to create the best Java solutions for your business needs.
Why Java is a Great Programming Language

There are seven primary reasons why Java is such a popular programming language:

  • Language longevity: Java was first released in 1995, and it is still one of the most popular languages today. Java's long lifespan is due to its stability, maturity, and wide range of features.
  • Object-oriented programming: Java is an object-oriented language, which means that Java programs are composed of objects that interact. Object-oriented programming makes Java code easy to understand and maintain.
  • Simple to learn and maintain: Java is a simple language to learn, and it has very few syntactic rules. Java code is also easy to maintain because Java is a statically typed language. This means that Java programs do not change their type at run-time, making Java code less error-prone.
  • Security: Java is a secure programming language because it uses secure features such as bytecode verification and sandboxing.
  • Automatic memory management: Java uses automatic memory management, which means that Java applications do not have to manage memory manually. Java uses a garbage collector to reclaim unused memory, making Java applications more stable and reliable.
  • Multithreading: Java supports multithreading, which means that Java applications can run multiple tasks simultaneously. Multithreading makes Java applications more efficient and responsive through maximum CPU utilization.
What Distinguishes our Java Developers?

Our Java developers deliver source code that is high quality, well-written, and easy to maintain. Our track record of taking on large-scale backend projects and executing them successfully speaks for itself.

Our Java development team's turnaround time is fast without compromising quality.

Our methodology

Netguru is a team of experienced developers who can help you build a top digital product. We've done it for banking, healthcare, retail, and more – so we know what it takes to create a successful product.

Each project presents a unique challenge, but our basic agile approach is to design, build, document, and communicate. And we use various technological stacks and processes depending on the task at hand.

We balance standardization and flexibility to ensure we don't stifle creativity. To ensure the right balance between standardization and personalization, we apply three decentralization principles:

  • Autonomy: We give team members the freedom to make decisions within their area of expertise.
  • Alignment: We align team members with our company's values and objectives to ensure the entire organization moves in a single direction.
  • Ownership: We hold team members accountable for their decisions and actions, including taking ownership of experiments and responsibility for results.
Leverage highly experienced Java developers

Working with an external Java development team is often the more cost-effective alternative since it doesn't make much sense to invest in your own development staff before you have a proof of concept for your product.

Our Java Development Process

The Java software development process at Netguru is based on the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) model. We focus on 5 phases which are implemented at various stages of work with the software - from the analysis of the scope of the entire project to work in agile sprints on specific tasks / features.

  • Requirements - The goal of this phase is to gather requirements for the project or some part of the project (MVP, features, epic, etc.) to assess what resources are needed to plan work in terms of choosing the optimal solution and starting development.
  • Design (software) - The main purpose of this phase is to choose the right tools and approach for the project based on the requirements gathered in the previous stage. Selected aspects of the design phase include:
    • choosing the right Java-based technology stack

    • defining key components of the systems from an architecture/infra perspective

    • preparing necessary diagrams, and documentation to make it clear to other stakeholders

    • to determine the necessary talent and skill set

    • threat modeling of key project risks

  • Development - Implementation is a key element of java software development. In this phase, the project team converts the previously defined requirements into functional code whose goal is to provide business value based on requirements and defined architecture. It is worth noting that the key goal of the development phase is to provide business value through functional software and also consulting.

  • Testing - It is not only about Quality Assurance. This phase describes all actions, processes, and artifacts related to the testing of our products including the work of QAs, Developers, DevOps engineers, Security Engineers, automatic tools, and other forms of testing. Netguru put great importance on the quality of manufactured products, which is why our SDLC has a number of elements centered around testing. They are implemented at individual stages of work and are by various stakeholders depending on the area and/or project specification.
  • Deployment / Maintenance - The final stage of the development cycle is Release / Deployment. In this phase, the new code goes to the target environment - test or production. In this phase, generating new features or any other types of software development is on hold. The project is up and stable. The team monitors system metrics. The purpose of this monitoring is to determine its current utilization of compliance and verify if the system is compliant with the agreed SLO.

These areas allow us to provide a better overview of the development process and build products with the highest quality because it contains requirements and recommendations in several categories: Business Domains, Data Model, Performance, Security, Documentation, System infrastructure, Application Architecture, Quality, and Monitoring.

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