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Updated Jul 21, 2023 • 4 min read

At the end of October, with part of the Mobile team, we took part in Mobilization IX - a conference dedicated to mobile technologies.

Its main scope is the development of mobile solutions aimed at smartphones and tablets, with a particular interest in Android and iOS.

It was a big pleasure to take part in such a good event with 30+ world-class speakers, 30+ presentations, hectolitres of coffee and delicious grochówka :D
I love taking part in such events as it’s a perfect opportunity to meet other people with a passion for technology. It’s so inspiring seeing developers, leaders, speakers sharing their knowledge, discussing and arguing about things they’re passionate about. It’s nice to see how big is the community of mobile people that shares their problems and solutions. For me, it’s a perfect time to take a look at various aspects of my work from a different perspective and learn new things. During this edition, I attended 6 presentations - all of them were inspiring and well prepared, but I really appreciated 3 of them and want to share some thoughts.

Cooking with Coroutine Recipes

Coroutines are one of the hottest Kotlin features that can be used for asynchronous operations on Android. The presentation was performed by Filip Babić and Nishant Srivastava. They went through all the most important aspects of the usage of coroutines. They started with setting up coroutines in the Android project, which is easy as one additional line of code. Next, they showed different ways to configure coroutines and showed some use cases. Lastly, they showed how to handle errors with coroutines in different ways.

Kotlin Not-to-Do List - What we should avoid doing in Kotlin

My second favorite presentation was the Kotlin not-to-do list. Kotlin is a very powerful and expressive language that is used in many Android, backend, and multi-platform projects. Unfortunately, the expressiveness of Kotlin is often abused which results in creating code that is compilable, but really hard to read and error-prone. Marcin Moskala, who is the founder of Kt. Academy showed lots of practical examples. Huge thanks to Marcin for sharing those things - it definitely saves lots of developer’s lives.

Architecting Android and iOS app features for 2020

In my opinion, it was the best presentation I attended this conference. Kaushik Gopal is an Android Developer, but he is also known from his Fragmented podcast. It was a great presentation about his approach to architecture in mobile apps. What I loved about the presentation is that Kaushik showed how to use exactly the same architecture both on iOS and Android. If you are interested, I encourage you to dive deeper into code on Kaushik’s Github for iOS and Android.


To sum up, it was great fun to be there. If you are a developer and have never been to a conference I really encourage you to do this. Thanks for all organizers without whom it wouldn’t be possible to take part in such a great event. See you next year!

Photo by The Climate Reality Project on Unsplash

Photo of Szymon Nitecki

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