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Hiring an experienced app development team is key to helping bring your idea from concept to reality. With the right developers on board, you can ensure that your app launch is successful and engage users with a reliable product that meets their needs. As a business owner, it's important to invest in talented professionals who understand the challenges of app development and have the skills necessary to create innovative solutions.

Finding the right developers for your project

An experienced development team can help take your business ideas from concept to reality by creating modern, reliable applications that are tailored to meet your needs. Our experts can build the following solutions for you:
  • Native application

    Create a mobile application that is tailored and dedicated to a specified platform like iOS, or Android.

  • Cross-platform application

    Use technologies such as Flutter or Kotlin Multiplatform to build a mobile app that will flawlessly work with different operating systems.

  • Web application

    We will help you design and build or rebuild web-based software using approaches and tools that suit your specific business needs.


Netguru worked on NEONAIL, a beauty mobile app with a Virtual Try-On feature

A cross-platform app development project

Netguru partnered with the COSMO Group to revolutionize the beauty industry. By tackling an intricate engineering project, this cutting-edge technology was made possible through precision engineering work in order to ensure superior quality performance across all platforms and devices.

The mobile app development services included:

  • Consulting and proposing solutions and technologies
  • Building the algorithms and machine learning models to create an authentic nail salon experience in real-time using augmented reality
  • Building the proof of concept (PoC)
  • Developing the app for both iOS and Android
  • Connecting the app to the ecommerce shopping cart to enable users to seamlessly purchase products

When should you hire app developers

Secure your competitive advantage with top-level IT resources! Bridge the talent gap and ensure success in diverse, challenging fields - all without sacrificing quality.
  • Fill talent gaps

    Hire experienced developers from a global pool to boost your in-house mobile app development team’s capacities.

  • Extend your capabilities

    Hire additional app development talents at any point of your project’s lifecycle and complete your product on time.

  • Build an app from scratch

    Find a team of experts in app development that will handle the whole product development process - from ideation to release.

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