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Augmented Reality App Development Services - Overview

Augmented reality app development services are helping building technology that uses virtual reality to superimpose computer-generated images and objects over real-world settings. It allows users to interact with digital elements in an immersive environment. With the help of AR, developers have the ability to create applications that are interactive, engaging, and entertaining.

Augmented reality solutions

Transform the traditional user experience with innovative digital solutions. When should you think about building AR application?

  • Low user engagement. Is churn your biggest pain point? Improve user engagement with captivating interactive experiences with real-world elements.
  • Bad sales. Do you observe high cart abandonment? Give your customers a chance to experience products like in a real world to increase revenues.
  • Lack of brand awareness. Does't your brand stand out of the crowd? Make your business known by offering experience that customers have not seen before.

Netguru is a first-rate augmented reality app development provider

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We have experience in creating augmented reality apps for ecommerce businesses as well as developing AR apps as a part of our internal RnD initiatives. Our cross-domain expertise allow us to provide holistic support in AR development project:

  • Consulting and proposing innovative technologies
  • Creating proof of concept
  • Developing apps in iOS and Android
  • Using innovative tools such as Kotlin Multiplatform
  • Using machine learning to create unique user experience
  • Utilizing AR-specific technology stack such as Google ARCore, Vuforia, Apple ARKit

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We offer a wide scope of augmented reality app development

Are you looking to make a statement in your industry? Let us customize AR technology solutions for your business needs - and be sure that you’ll stand out from the crowd.

  • Marker-based AR. Smartphones can detect objects from their environment and place life-like animations or interactive content on top of them - transforming ordinary everyday scenes into exciting new experiences.
  • Location-based AR. They harness the power GPS and other positional inputs to place virtual objects. The camera scans the physical environment and displays objects as a result of it being programmed to be in specific locations.
  • Markerless AR. Markerless augmented reality employs a powerful combination of sensors to accurately map the movement and orientation of mobile devices with unprecedented precision.

How do we work in Netguru

Let's bring your idea to life. Our experienced team of app developers is dedicated to helping you create an immersive experience with the use of cutting-edge augmented technology. Tap into our proven process and explore what's possible.

  1. Discovery. Starting with an in-depth project audit, needs identification and business case documentation review.
  2. Planning. Creating project scope and core team logistics identification.
  3. Execution. Plan execution, including risk identification and mitigation, and best code management practices.
  4. Support. Results analysis, provided with comprehensive documentation and knowledge transfer.

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