Cloud-based application development

Cloud services can speed up development, improve the final product quality, and increase productivity.

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Cloud Application Development

Cloud-based software or a cloud-based application is an app that runs in the cloud and is interacted with by web browsers and APIs. It provides the functionality of a native application and its servers are usually located in a remote data center operated by a third-party cloud services infrastructure provider.

Cloud-based software or a cloud-based application is an app that runs in the cloud and is interacted with by web browsers and APIs. It provides the functionality of a native application and its servers are usually located in a remote data center operated by a third-party cloud services infrastructure provider.

There are plenty of benefits of cloud application development. Firstly, they can be updated, tested and deployed really quickly, accelerating the response to your business needs, which increases agility and flexibility. Secondly, cloud-based applications rely on application programming interfaces (API), which provide access to third-party data sources and storage services. As a result, cloud applications can be smaller and are developed faster.

On top of that, cloud-based application development can be a gradual process. The components of the application and architecture can be implemented in steps. It also means lower costs for your business. As the major cloud infrastructure and service providers work at a very large scale, they can offer competitive prices that wouldn’t be possible with an equivalent on-premises installation. Cloud software is also characterized by higher data security. Again, cloud services can afford the infrastructure for security measures specific for large enterprises, and your business can leverage them on lower prices. Cloud applications are also better to scale and manage. And finally, they provide quick responsiveness and don't need to permanently reside on local devices.

The biggest difference between cloud and web applications is their architecture. It is a key benefit for users – they can use the cloud app offline as well and update its content online when needed. A cloud application performs processing tasks on a local computer or workstation. An Internet connection is required primarily for downloading or uploading data. A web application or web-based application, on the other hand, needs a continuous internet connection to function.

Cloud Advisory Services

AWS Competencies

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is easily the biggest provider of cloud-based services today. Four engineers at Netguru have been granted AWS Competencies in specialized solution areas for demonstrating technical proficiency and proven customer success. As certified AWS Competency partners, we guarantee our expertise in specific solution areas.

SaaS Consulting

Cloud SaaS consulting provides a wide range of services for SaaS companies and emerging startups who want to work within the SaaS model. Such consultation involves advice on SaaS best practices and strategies, help in choosing the right solution, optimising processes, mitigating risks and helping with SaaS implementation and management.

Cloud Migration and Implementation Services

Moving your IT infrastructure to the cloud can bring countless benefits to your business, products and clients, such as cost savings, better performance, higher security and many more. However, smooth cloud migration and implementation might require additional help from other cloud and developments service providers.

Cloud Management Services

Cloud management services can help you monitor and maintain a cloud environment efficiently, and automate and enhance your business operations that run in the cloud. Hiring a third-party cloud management provider can have a positive impact on security, costs, computing speed, storage, or network operations

Digital Distribution Platforms

Digital distribution is a service for the distribution of digital media content such as audio, video, software, and video games to users over the cloud in digital formats. There are numerous digital distribution platforms for different types of content, of which the most popular are iTunes or Spotify for music, YouTube or Netflix for video, and Amazon Digital Services or Desura for games.

Cloud Advisory Services

Netguru developers are happy to share their knowledge and expertise about cloud-based development. They can advise you on the important aspects you will need to consider when choosing the framework for your application. Check out our knowledge base about cloud-based development.

Industries we excel at

Our clients are businesses of different types and sizes. We developed projects for companies in a range of industries: finance, media, healthcare, education, government, real estate/property, social media, travel/transport, e-business, e-commerce, to name a few.

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Trust is a foundation for great products

Our clients often cooperate with us for many years, launching various products. It's because we always strive to become trusted technological partners who care to provide more than just software development expertise. Thanks to that, we work as an extension of our clients’ teams rather than an outsourcing agency.

What I appreciate in working with Netguru: that you take the ownership, you're experienced, and that we can rely on you.

Peter Grosskopf
CTO, solarisBank

The difference between Netguru and other companies with which we have worked so far is that Netguru is good at taking the ownership.

John Furneaux
CEO, Hive

Netguru is a great service provider. I like working with the team, it’s super professional, and they’re nice people to work with.

Asaf Davidi
VP of Product, temi

Build your cloud application with Netguru

Developers at Netguru build reliable and fast applications your customers will enjoy. They translate your ideas into functional products in a quick and flexible manner.

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