Aleksandra Paszkiewicz, Head of People at Netguru, Listed as a People Pioneer by ChartHop

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Nov 21, 2022 • 2 min read
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We're happy to announce that Aleksandra Paszkiewicz, Netguru Head of People, has been named to the CharHop 2nd Annual People Pioneers.

The People Pioneers Award, now in its second year, recognizes leaders who have made an impact by redefining the HR discipline with people-first strategies to unlock business resilience and build a future-ready workforce in lean and green times.

"The value of being a people-centric company is growing, especially in these trying times. In the coming years, every leader and organization should prioritize people's well-being (mental and physical),"

– said Aleksandra Paszkiewicz.

Our Head of People was recognized among people like:

  • Adrianne Court, CHRO at Tealium
  • Chad MacRae, VP of Talent at Tinder
  • JaNaye Norman, VP of People at Modo Labs
  • Jen Paxton, VP of People at
  • Joanna Wise, SVP of People at Whip Media
  • Larry Indovina, Chief People Officer at Top Hat
  • My Doan Cong, Head of People at ALT
  • Natalie Rast, Director of People Operations at Stensul
  • Noah Warder, Head of People at Guusto

It's yet another example of the value of our people-centered culture. Taking care of employees' well-being, listening to their needs, and creating a welcoming environment in a remote location.

Photo of Rafał Sałak

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