Hidden Heroes by Netguru a Winner in The Drum Awards for Content

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Updated Mar 20, 2023 • 7 min read
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We are thrilled to announce that Hidden Heroes has won The Drum Award in the News, Media, or Publishing category. The eight stories published during the year reached over 15 million people. The Drum Awards celebrate the best in creative and innovative marketing.

Sharing knowledge and educating is the best part of our marketing efforts.

“We created Hidden Heroes to highlight the people behind great technologies, and being recognized by The Drum demonstrates that we succeeded. We're not stopping here, and we'll be back with more heroes in 2023." – Natalia Chrzanowska, Creative Producer at Netguru.

As a BCorp company, we always care about giving back to the community, and recognizing excellence and engagement is one of our key values. The Hidden Heroes initiative is a great implementation of both – we give people behind the great technologies tribute they deserve, and we present their stories to all who may find them inspiring.

Hidden Heroes is a tribute to innovators who set the foundations on which we build robust solutions for the modern world. Their inventions make the world run, but their stories remain hidden. Until now. Hidden Heroes uncovers unexpected connections between people's stories, technologies, and ideas that are widespread public phenomena today.

The project paid tribute to:

  • Pattie Maes
    Belgian-born computer scientist Pattie Maes was inventing the core principles behind the social media age when Mark Zuckerberg was still in kindergarten. Read her full story here.
  • Radia Perlman
    We take it for granted that decentralized networks like the Internet “just work.” But decades ago, pioneering computer scientist Radia Perlman solved a crucial problem that made those networks possible. Read her full story here.
  • Lou Montulli
    More than two decades ago, Web pioneer Lou Montulli invented browser software cookies with the goal of preserving user privacy online. But then things took an unexpected turn. Read his full story here.
  • Douglas Engelbart
    More than 50 years ago, Douglas Engelbart gave the “mother of all demos” that transformed software forever. The computer world has been catching up with his vision ever since. Read his full story here.
  • Phil Zimmermann
    Three decades ago, Phil Zimmermann almost went to jail so that you can send an email without worrying that your personal data will be stolen. Read his full story here.
  • Gladys West
    As a young African American girl living on a farm during the Great Depression, Gladys West discovered she had a gift for math. Forty years later, she mapped the shape of the Earth and helped invent GPS. Read her full story here.
  • Nasir Ahmed
    Fifty years ago, the computer scientist Nasir Ahmed came up with a brilliant idea for compressing data, laying the groundwork for Zoom, YouTube, Instagram, and all the other cornerstones of today's image-based online life. Read his full story here.
  • George Samuel Hurst, Jeff Han, and Ken Kocienda
    When Apple unveiled the multitouch interface with the iPhone launch in 2007, it seemed as though computing had been reinvented overnight. But in reality, it was an innovation three decades in the making. Read their full story here.

Netguru believes that winning this The Drum Award for Content, will draw more attention to these individuals' important work that we take for granted nowadays, and encourage others to follow in their footsteps.

The Drum Awards are a major accolade in digital marketing, and being recognized is a testament to our team's hard work and dedication.

About Hidden Heroes: Hidden Heroes was launched in April 2022. In 2022, Netguru published eight stories written by Steven Johnson – an American popular science author, media theorist, and TED Speaker – including Pattie Maes, Radia Perlman, Lou Montulli, Douglas Engelbart, Phil Zimmermann, Gladys West, Nasir Ahmed, and George Samuel Hurst, Jeff Han, and Ken Kocienda. Each story is available at hiddenheroes.netguru.com. The project is available on podcasting platforms, including Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Read more here.

Photo of Rafał Sałak

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