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Updated May 25, 2024 • 12 min read
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In today's fast-paced world, it is vital to quickly validate ideas, build new software fast and ship it to the market without waiting. Mendix low-code development platform is the ally of all companies looking for new ways for digital acceleration.

Businesses compete with each other to provide cheaper services without compromising on quality. Faced with fierce competition and the growing demands of end-users, they are hurrying to digitize their operations and expedite software development. That’s where no- and low-code platforms come in. They help to significantly accelerate the app development process, thereby streamlining digital transformation efforts.

Data shows Mendix is making big waves in this low-code market. It plays a starring role in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms, where it is listed as the best low-code application platform and has been identified as a Leader in Completeness of Vision and Ability to Execute.

Mendix was also placed as a Leader in The Forrester Wave™️: Low-Code Development Platforms For Professional Developers, Q2 2023 which emphasized, “innovation history and its large community marketplace of over 5,000 platform add-ons” as the platform’s strategic strengths. With its 18 years of history and rising popularity, it's clear Mendix isn't just a flash in the pan - it's here to stay and it might be useful for you to get familiar with it.

What is Mendix?

Mendix is a low-code app development platform crafted to tackle the challenges of software development. Functioning as an all-encompassing solution, it streamlines and automates the entire process of creating and delivering digital products to the market. Mendix makes it fast and easy to build, deploy, maintain, and upgrade your software at scale.

Given its cloud-native nature, Mendix allows easy deployment of apps, be it on-premise or on any cloud platform. With minimal coding requirements, businesses can develop a range of applications - including web and mobile apps, internal tools, and testing solutions - much faster than when using traditional development methods.

Check out this article to learn more about the benefits of the all-in-one low-code Mendix platform.

6 examples of Mendix applications

The Mendix low-code platform is used by more than 4,000 enterprises and has an active community of more than 300,000 developers who have created over 950,000 applications for 50 million end users. Let's examine examples of apps developed with Mendix to gain insights into how you can utilize this platform in your business.

WaFd Bank + Mendix = Archway

WaFd Bank (previously known as Washington Federal Bank) is a retail and commercial bank with over 200 branches across eight US states. Recently they started a project with low-code aimed to redefine the online banking experience. How did it all happen?

The WaFd team was on the lookout for online banking portals that fit their specific needs. When they realized that an off-the-shelf solution wasn’t flexible enough, they decided to build their own software with low-code.

It took them only 10 months to built a custom banking portal with Mendix. The solution was adaptable, so - when asked - they built a similar one for the back-office team. Turned out, this solution solved a need most banks go through in trying to visualize customer data. As Dustin Hubbard, WaFd’s CTO, now the President of Archway says:

“When we realized the problem we were solving for WaFd was pretty universal, it was evident that there was an opportunity to spin it off and help other banks and credit unions benefit from the same technology.”

Archway is a startup that spun off from a software created at WaFd using Mendix. They recently raised $15 million to help digitize consumer-facing products used by regional banks across the U.S. Archway Software is now available on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Quion and Mendix

Quion, one of the largest independent third-party mortgage and consumer credit servicers in the Netherlands, has built its online self-service portal with the Mendix low-code platform.

The challenge was to develop a scalable solution that complies with applicable laws and regulations. The Quion team also wanted for the platform to be relatively simple for in-house developers to update and add functionality. In addition, the goal was to achieve independence from external suppliers when making changes and to be able to quickly add functionality to the front-end. Liesbeth van der Burg, Product Owner at Quion describes it like this:

“With Mendix’s low-code platform, we have been able to set up a first version of our online portal within six months. After that, we were able to expand the online features rapidly based on the needs of our customers. The online portal has had a measurable impact on the business. We offer a short time to market and can create more value to our clients in less time.”

The Quion portal allows consumers to manage their mortgage affairs effortlessly. From accessing mortgage details and reviewing messages and emails to requesting changes like early repayment or updating bank account information, it provides a user-friendly experience.

The platform created with Mendix reduced call traffic by 37% and mail traffic by almost 20%.

OpenClaims and Mendix

OpenClaims is a SaaS insurtech startup disrupting the traditional way of how car damages are being handled. Thanks to their platform insurance firms can reduce their claim handling costs by 50% and decrease network management costs by 25%. And guess what - there would be no OpenClaims without Mendix.

Their SaaS solution is Mendix-based. It was created for insurers, vehicle leasing companies, and original equipment manufacturers to digitize and automate claims and repair management workflows.

Mendix's low-code development platform makes it faster and easier for OpenClaims to develop tailored solutions for insurance companies. They can kickstart a pilot app project and showcase its early impact. Through quick iterations they fine-tune the app and gain momentum. Lex Orie, Founder and Chief Commercial Officer at OpenClaims declares:

"We're looking forward to continuing our journey with Mendix and gathering in-depth knowledge to expand our platform with components based on best practices in the industry."

Boston Globe and Mendix

Back in 2013, when The Boston Globe was sold by The New York Times, they had to quickly cut ties with their previous owners and IT infrastructure. To make the transition smoother, they adopted Mendix’s application platform.

Thanks to Mendix they were able to deliver a bunch of applications in no time, supporting unique processes across various departments.

For instance, they migrated a legacy Lotus Notes app for newsroom corrections. What previously required more than a month of coding in Lotus, could now be accomplished in just 5 days with Mendix. One developer in just 20 days built an app that allowed the advertising team to add photos to ads. It took two developers only 30 days to develop an app that automated the process of managing the newspaper’s 500+ freelancers. All of this was accomplished with Mendix. As Wade Sendall, Vice President of IT, The Boston Globe claims:

“Using the Mendix platform, we can do things we simply wouldn’t have been able to do using traditional development methods because Mendix is so much faster and easier. The platform has allowed our IT department to become an enabler and change agent within the organization.”

TNT and Mendix

When TNT Express urgently needed visibility of local customer care operations around the world, their eyes turned to the Mendix platform. Key people internally were recommending Mendix for its visual, model-driven approach to rapid and agile development.

Using Mendix, TNT built an app in only a week. It was done solely by a TNT non-technical employee and a Mendix developer. The TNT employee explained what was needed and watched the developer turn those needs into reality. Afterwards, a UX designer created the user interface and page layouts. Within a week the app was ready to deploy.

The TNT employee was Janet Keeling - TNT Global Head of Associates Customer Service. She said:

"The Mendix platform offers us speed and agility as well as a lower cost/risk exposure versus traditional code-based application development.”

The TNT Express custom software application, ‘MyCustomerContacts’, is now used for customer service reporting in 170 countries.

Avalon Foundation and Mendix

In search of a solution that would replace their legacy CRM, The Avalon Foundation turned to Netguru for help. For an NGO actively helping over 14,000 people, an efficient, smooth, intuitive, and simple solution was a must-have.

Our Netguru team suggested a low-code solution built with Mendix, as it allowed accelerated delivery. The results were as promised. The Netguru team managed to build and implement a fully functional and user-friendly product in under 7 months. With traditional development it would have taken approximately 2 years. Moreover, the solution offers much-needed flexibility, enabling seamless and swift adjustments on-the-fly. As Łukasz Wielgosz, Board Member at Avalon Foundation said:

"Working with Netguru meant consulting at every step of the way – we loved the focus on constant improvement and tackling difficult topics upfront. Apart from transparency, the team excelled at speed and planning. We knew when we could count on the results, and we got them fast."

Apart from the CRM, the NGO was looking for a new website. Netguru took care of that as well, advising the client every step of the way and introducing significant improvements to the UX and UI.

Are you ready to get started with Mendix?

Mendix software development platform may be a good fit for companies of all industries and sizes. These examples illustrate just how useful this low-code platform can be, especially in terms of speed.

It saves valuable time and resources. It helps you build flexible solutions at speed and scale, enhances productivity, giving you the ability to innovate and iterate at a faster pace.

Would you like to learn more about Mendix and how it can benefit your business? Don't hesitate to reach out to us at Netguru. Our Mendix team is ready to provide comprehensive information about the platform, offering support and bringing your vision to life with the assistance of our top-tier developers.

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