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Top Flutter Apps

Flutter has recently become one of the most popular software development kits. Created by Google, it’s a cross-platform SDK, which allows developing apps for both iOS and Android from the same codebase.

It has been receiving praise for the efficiency of its development process and the beautiful results. And the numbers don’t lie: to date, more than 100,000 Flutter apps have already been released, according to

So what does the Flutter development process actually look like, and what makes Flutter apps stand out from those developed using other SDKs? Let’s take a closer look at 11 apps developed with Flutter to find out.

Flutter - a short overview

This open-source framework was created by Google in 2015 (they called it “Sky” back then). It is a cross-platform solution, meaning that you can use Flutter to create apps with one codebase to run on different platforms. It is also the primary framework for Fuchsia - a new Google operating system that is reportedly planned to replace Android in the future.

Flutter - along with other cross-platform solutions - has a growing number of enthusiasts among developers. Why? Because it’s a convenient SDK (software development kit) that allows you to craft an app in a straightforward manner and then run it on both Android and iOS. Plus, it’s constantly being improved.

However, more complex apps may require some additional support from native developers - those who develop solely for just one of these platforms.

There are a few pretty big players using Flutter these days, with Google at the helm. Among this constantly growing group of companies, there is also the legendary London-based Abbey Road Studios with Topline for recording songwriters, and two Chinese giants: Alibaba with their Xian Yu app for selling used products, and Tencent with the NOW Live app for video streaming.

1. Google Ads

This is an app for managing Google ad campaigns directly from your smartphone. It is a simplified version of a desktop service that allows you to monitor ad performance no matter where you are - so you’re not tied to your office.

The app offers features like campaign stats, options to update your bids and budgets, real time notifications, keyword editing, and also lets users call on a Google expert. It is both intuitive and beautifully designed.

flutter-aps-mockupsgoogle ads-1600xx1200

2. Reflectly

Reflectly is an AI-driven personal journal app that uses cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, and positive psychology to deal with everyday stress, overcome negative thoughts, and simply stay positive. It allows you to write about your feelings and take care of your mental well-being.

Thanks to this app, you can get detailed insights on how your days are going + also gain some valuable insights from leading experts in self-help to help you cope with any mental health problems.

3. Hamilton

This is the official application for one of the most famous award-winning Broadway musicals — Hamilton. It was designed specifically for its large community of fans to help them stay up-to-date with all musical-related news.

The Hamilton app offers, among other things, a karaoke feature for those who want to sing along to their beloved songs, a daily trivia game, access to a number of different Hamilton lotteries, along with exclusive videos and slideshows. The user experience is magnificent on both platforms.

4. My Leaf

My Leaf is an open-source application designed as a third-party alternative to the official NissanConnect app, for managing the Nissan Leaf car. And it’s totally free.

With this simple app you can, for example, see your current battery status with an option to initiate charging remotely, view the current climate control state of your vehicle or retrieve your car’s last location.

flutter-aps-mockupsmy leaf-1600xx1200

5. Kalium

Kalium is the official wallet for the BANANO cryptocurrency. Although it may seem a little like a joke, these crypto coins are real - along with their beautiful design and community of ~15,000 users.

The Kalium wallet features secure pin and biometric authentication, real-time notifications, an intuitive address book for managing contacts, and support for over 30 currency conversions. It’s sleek, clean, and super easy to use.

6. MyValue

MyValue is a Sri Lanka-based rewards program app from the Kompas Gramedia Group - the largest media corporation in Indonesia. Using the app, customers can get access to various attractive offers.

How does it work? Users exchange Value Points in the MyValue application to get, for example, special hotel prices, cheaper books and discounts on food, clothes or entertainment services.

7. ING Business (Poland)

Flutter is still a relatively new option for app development, so not everybody is ready to jump in just yet. That said, some big players are already getting on board. ING, the Dutch multinational banking and finance corporation, is one: the banking group has been open to innovation in many areas of their digital services and corporate processes. So it should not come as a surprise that ING Bank Slaski in Poland used Flutter to develop a new app for its business clients.

The bank redesigned the functionalities from an older version of the app to make them more intuitive. But using Flutter gave them more than just a new, sleek design. The toolkit minimizes the time it takes to write and test new code. As a result, the company can introduce new functionalities for both mobile operating systems seamlessly and without unnecessary delays. In today’s fast-paced banking and fintech industry being able to quickly meet users’ needs is crucial to staying competitive.

Global Finance Magazine named the new ING Business app the best corporate bank mobile app in Central and Eastern Europe.

8. Nubank

Nubank is a digital bank based in Brazil. With over 34 million customers, it’s the largest fintech in Latin America. It offers bank accounts, credit cards, and personal loans - all fully digital, with the customers accessing all their services via an app. This includes tracking credit card transactions, blocking cards and other sensitive operations, so it’s crucial for the company to invest in the most secure technology.

Nubank has been mobile-first since being founded in 2013 and was always quick to adopt innovative software solutions. After initially working in Kanban and Swift, in 2019 Nubank decided to use Flutter as their primary technology for cross-platform development.

The team appreciated Flutter’s development capabilities, noting that “we found the Flutter development experience to be superior, with better hot reload capabilities, robust official documentation, and a more stable API.”

What’s probably their most striking reason for choosing Flutter is how it put their people, instead of a technology stack, in the center. Nubank discovered they use too many different stacks for different products, which was making it difficult for developers to become full-stack and caused a lot of confusion. It also resulted in the company experiencing a lot of staffing difficulties. Since Flutter is easy to learn, it lowered the entry barrier and made the teams work more efficiently and independently.

The bank has already built a new product entirely in Flutter: Life Insurance. As Nubank’s Mobile Engineer Reinaldo Moreira points out, “Flutter enabled us to launch Life Insurance in just 3 months. Before, developing and launching a new product would take several months or even a year. Using Flutter helped us accelerate our development for both platforms and the tools created from our mobile platform have also made a huge difference. I can’t think of a scenario of how this feature could have been done without using Flutter.”

9. Report Pollution App by Pure Earth

Pure Earth is a New York-based non-profit that aims to reduce toxic pollution around the globe.

An important part of the organization’s work is helping the local communities affected by pollution to document and report it. It used to be done via Pure Earth’s website but the process was not straightforward and Pure Earth was not getting as many reports as they were hoping for.

Then Pure Earth became Netguru’s first partner in their R&D for Good initiative, which aims to use Netguru’s innovation expertise to support non-governmental organizations in their digital journeys. Together they decided to create a Report Pollution app. It had to be both simple to use and engaging, allowing users to create a report, upload photos, and easily share it with others. At Netguru they already had experience with Flutter, and knew it would be the perfect tool for this job.

Pure Earth is an international organization, and it was important that the app be easy to use for people from all parts of the world. One of the great features of Flutter is that it makes internationalization a breeze by supporting multiple languages and layout options that fit languages not written left-to-right. This allowed us to quickly deliver an app that supports Pure Earth’s efforts globally.

10. Lunching

Lunching is a Flutter-based mobile app for ordering food for delivery to your office, designed by Netguru for both Android and iOS platforms. Through the app, each user can make an individual order within the organization’s (company) account. Payments can be made per order or in bulk each week.

Netguru created this app for developers who haven’t used Flutter to give it a try and see what they think.

Flutter is a perfect fit for food delivery apps, which need to be user-friendly and have a beautiful design that supports great photos and animations. We were able to create a quick and simple user flow, which allows the whole order to be completed in just four clicks.

The results were overwhelmingly positive. Some of Netguru's developers were skeptical of Flutter before using it, but quickly changed their minds and were impressed with its ease of use and performance. Dart, Flutter’s language, was easy to learn for most, although for those used to working with strong typing or generics like in Swift or Kotlin, the Dart syntax took some time to get used to.

Lunching app flutter

11. FitAnka

FitAnka is a fitness platform created by Anka Dziedzic, a Polish fitness trainer and influencer. It primarily targets working moms, offering fitness routines and challenges as well as dietary programs. FitAnka had a Wordpress website that was experiencing performance issues and no mobile platform.

Netguru developed an app in Flutter because it was a good tool for integrating the web with the mobile platform. This app has all the functionalities including managing the accounts, training schedules, and payments. It’s easy to use and fully integrated with the existing website.

The result is a full mobile application that allows FitAnka subscribers to use all the services on the go. For a fitness and wellness app it turned out to be a perfect solution as active people have high expectations when it comes to accessing their training resources. In just a week after the release, the app was downloaded more than 1,000 times.

Build your app with Flutter

All mentioned above apps built with Flutter have few things in common: Quick and efficient the development process, sleek, friendly design, and ease of implementing updates.

Flutter can be an especially good option when:

  • you need to develop an MVP (minimum viable product),
  • you need to market your app quickly,
  • you need an app for Android and iOS with a beautiful UI that is both fast and reliable.

Does Flutter sound like it matches your mobile development needs? Or would you rather stay with the more established frameworks, like React Native? Still not sure what to choose? Whatever your situation may be, we’re happy to help. Reach out and we’ll find the right tools for your app together.

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