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Vue is an open-source, progressive JavaScript framework for building user interfaces. It was designed to be incrementally adoptable – the core library focuses on the view layer only, so it's easy to integrate Vue with other libraries or projects.
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Data Visualisation With D3.js In Your Application

When creating a product you deal with tons of data on a daily basis – think about important information, about your users or details on how they are using your app. It should be reviewed and interpreted regularly – but how to do it efficiently? Regardless of what we are used to, tables are not the most user-friendly way to display data. Most of the time it’s not about reviewing specific numbers, but looking for trends – and this is when data visualisation comes to play.
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Here at Netguru, we love working with both Rails and React on our tech stack, and, lately, we’ve found ourselves using them more and more. But there has always been a problem with using image paths (rails adding digest hashes) in our React components - we had to pass it as a prop from views to redux containers and from there to our dumb components. That involves a lot of redundant steps, making it more likely that something will go wrong; this is why we came up with rwr-view-helpers, which makes it possible for developers to access Rails assets directly in javascript.
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More and more people are deciding to pick up programming as their professional path. People often choose app development as an alternative to their current profession when they decide to change the industry they work in. The reason is simple: professional developers are always in demand. It’s crucial for them to know which language they should learn to ensure that they will successfully find a job. Netguru and Typeform checked which programming languages enjoy the biggest demand today.
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JavaScript vs CoffeeScript in Ruby on Rails Apps

At Netguru, we regularly discuss technologies we use to make sure we are not lagging behind or losing some recently emerged features in the world of web development. Here's a short rundown of our discussions on whether to use JavaScript or CoffeeScript in our projects (note that we are currently using CoffeeScript by default). Be aware that this list is Netguru-oriented and you might have different opinions - feel free to comment below.
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