Scaling an Online Platform for Event Promoters

Tool for event promoters to reach the perfect audience across the world
evvnt app interface

Evvnt is an online platform that hepls event promoters instantly reach the perfect audience across the world’s network of event listing sites.

The company supplies their service in over 120 countries, both locally and internationally, in multiple industries.


As the business grows, the need for new features and better environment for scaling up emerges.

  • Increasing cost of maintaining existing code written in RoR with Angular, caused by its growing complexity.
  • A smooth and quick connection of the main app with Lead Machine was necessary to effectively attract more potential clients.
  • High code quality and wide test coverage were essential.
  • New features and upgrades needed to be introduced quickly.


Netguru's team project of 3 (Project Manager, RoR developer and QA specialist) focused on refactoring to give the project bulletproof code with consistent business logic. They introduced a set of tools to monitor the process and ensure that the highest quality would be provided. Their hands-on approach and regular meetings with the client made the process transparent, efficient and consistent with Evvnt's goals.

  • Implementation of multiple changes and new code in Angular Form.
  • Better prioritisation of tasks and clear, thought-out sprint planning.
  • Coding and connecting Lead Machine to the application without hassle.
  • Substantial increase in the number of code tests.


Evvnt has been around for 5 years and continues to serve event promoters worldwide. Thanks to improving the code structure of the app, its quality rose and the system works fine with no major bugs. Additionally, user onboarding was greatly improved.

  • Increase in revenue after applying technical fixes.
  • High-quality and transparent code that is easier to understand and manage, which lowers the app's maintenance costs.
  • Improved user onboarding with no blockers in the process.
  • A 60% decrease in the number of issue tickets.
  • An automated lead generation process and access to more sales leads.


  • 60% decrease in issue tickets
  • 3 project members
  • 120k+ events promoted
  • 1137h to finish project
We were positively surprised by Netguru. The handover was much simpler that we had thought it was going to be, and the expertise was much better than we had expected.

Richard Green

Founder at Evvnt

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