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Data annotation is time-consuming but worth the trouble

You might have heard the saying that quality data is the new oil. There’s so much value hidden in images, sound, video, and text. All you need to do is tap it.
Gain access to professional annotators
Our platform is a community hub for data annotation professionals worldwide.
Annotate various types of data
We support text, images, sound, and video, using the most popular techniques.
Take advantage of built-in tools
Easily divide data into sets and send them to annotators without compromising security.
  • Case study: Carlens - recognize and collect your favourite cars.

    Carlens, Recognize and collect your favourite cars.

    10,923 analysed photos, 10 weeks, and hard work of design and development teams, topped with AR engines and Machine Learning technology. That's our recipe for building a precise algorithm that will detect 5 car models using your smartphone’s camera. Here's more on our journey to create a fun tool with cutting-edge solutions.

    annotated & analysed photos

Make your data meaningful - the process of data labeling and classification

The process of annotation is most dependably done by human beings. It might sound low-tech, but it’s not that easy. Several steps need to be followed with precision and focus.

Collect your data
Choose the type of data that suits your purposes, and collect as much as you need.
Define classes
Define the categories for the classification of your data. In the case of Carlens, we used car models.
Describe each class
Write up the characteristics for each class and create a rule book. Your annotators will need it when they run into less obvious cases.
Begin annotation in DAP
Get to work! If you have a lot of data, you’ll need a team of annotators. Manual data annotation takes time.

Leverage your labeled data

Now you can use the data for your ML project to create models through supervised learning. Your machine learning app will use the annotated data set and learn how to categorise and define elements, thanks to the magic of deep learning and learning algorithms.

Take a look at Carlens, our data annotation project, to see the potential results in action. We used 10,923 annotated photos as training data.

campaign-creators-1167002-unsplash (1)

Ideation & Evaluation - best way to kick off your product idea

Whether you need to craft the idea for a completely new machine learning product or evaluate the quality of an existing data science project - we're here to help you. Our Machine Learning experts will be happy to assist you in building a solid plan for your business.

What types of data can we annotate?

In our multi-channel reality, one type of data might not be enough. Consider what data sets can do the most for your business. You can annotate all of the major data types on our platform, on various classification levels.
We offer binary and multiple choice photo sets, giving you extra flexibility.
Labeling video data can be a challenge. We want to make it easy for your annotators.
Annotate sound files based on type, author, the genre of music - and much more
Text data can be the basis for language learning projects, but it’s not limited to that use.

Build your machine learning project with a trusted partner

We’re in love with deep learning and the world of opportunities it opens up before us. Let’s work together to make something great, using cutting-edge, top-quality solutions.
Annotate your data
Data labelling and classification doesn’t need to be a chore. Our platform is user-friendly and easy to learn.
Build your learning model
Use high quality annotated data when building your machine learning algorithms.
Reach for the sky with your ML project
Take your business to the next level with machine learning. This is only the beginning.

Take advantage of support and management for ML projects

The project is done, but the product is never finished. We offer to guard its quality and support continuous improvement. Stagnation is a death sentence in today’s fast-paced world.

Boost your machine learning project with high quality annotated data
If you love deep learning algorithms and cutting-edge technology, you’ll love this!