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Fintech App Development - why does is matter?

For banks, insurance companies, and other financial institutions a consistent digital journey is a must these days. Their clients expect advanced and very personalized services, which at the same time offer a flawless experience.

Fintechs are rapidly taking over where legacy players have floundered. They offer customer-centric products while also finding new ways of savings.

Main reasons to invest in fintech app developement

  • Speed. Fintech apps have improved the speed of financial services. From SMEs to enterprises, businesses require solutions that are adaptable and quick, allowing them to save time and money. This is where fintech comes in handy.
  • Savings. Fintech is allowing millions of people to access financial services on their smartphones today. Thanks to fintech technology. businesses may now more quickly and more inexpensively enter the market.
  • Security and risk evaluation. Fintech solutions give businesses better protection against cyberattacks, along with the collection of consumer data. It leverages the latest and most advanced technologies to improve security and scan the data to predict any suspicious activity.
  • Better understanding of customers. Fintech businesses have access to enormous data sets on consumer spending habits. They may utilize this information to make future predictions about consumers' purchases. It helps them predict mortgage, automobile, or company loans based on their past experience and activity.

Fintech app development at Netguru

Our development services.

With a custom fintech app development company, it’s possible to achieve your business goals, expand your reach, and build your brand.

Using intelligent technological solutions and skilled mobile and business app developers, and designers, you can solve users’ problems and deliver results in less time.

At Netguru, our top development services help clients craft usable digital products that increase retention, enhance user experience, and lower costs.

Custom software and mobile applications evolve and scale with your business. What's more, by creating stable, secure apps, you build customer trust and maximize performance.

We offer native and cross-platform mobile solutions, KPI tracking, cloud support, and UX review, helping build easy-to-use, attention-retaining applications.

From idea to execution, we’re on hand.


See how our support helped those companies

  • Our cooperation with Netguru is a true partnership. Whenever we faced challenges this year, we could rely on Netguru for our urgent staffing needs and time-critical deliverables. The Netguru team has gone above and beyond any expectations of what a strong and reliable partner can be.
    Hima Mandali Solarisbank CTO

    Hima Mandali

    CTO at Solarisbank
  • My experience of working with Netguru was absolutely excellent. Different software teams go through ups and downs, and good software teams are resilient. What makes the Netguru team succeed is being able to ride ups and downs as a team

    Gerardo Bonilla

    Product Manager of Moonfare
  • As OLX Group experienced a significant increase in demand for design talent, we could count with Netguru to support us as a real extension of our in-house team. Their designers were embedded in our day to day, sharing the same commitment and focus to deliver impactful solutions to our customers. Beyond the great design work produced, they are really nice people to work with, which is equally important to build a long lasting partnership.
    Victor Salciotti photo

    Victor Salciotti

    Head of Product Design at OLX

Solutions to enhance your fintech business's operations and user experience

Banks, insurance companies, and fintech businesses face a range of challenges today. Our specialists will assist you in selecting the best solution to your needs, as well as provide support in a number of fintech product development areas.

  • Digital banking journey review. Examine your current setup and enhance your bank's digital customer journey. Improve the UX and UI of your apps, websites, and virtual assistants.
  • Digital banking tools development. Develop banking platforms, mobile apps, and other solutions that are tailored to the demands of specific customer demographics.
  • Financial processes automation. Automate complicated activities in your back-office operations and customer support thanks to machine learning, NLP, and workflow automation.
  • Team extension. Insufficient technical resources don't have to prevent your fintech product development. Netguru can help you with both consulting and software development services.
  • Online payments audit. To further secure your online transactions and protect the data of your customers, apply cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain.
  • Customer loyalty program development. Providing customers with tools such as digital assistants, personal finance management, or product comparison platforms will help you win their loyalty.
  • Insurance offering ideation. Develop insurance products and services that will enable your customers to discover their coverage gaps, review solutions, and provide flexible policies.
  • New business model discovery. Take advantage of technology and create innovative solutions such as banking-as-a-platform or insurance cloud services.

Fintech App Development Services - Overview


In the dynamic realm of finance, where speed and efficiency are paramount, both businesses and consumers are on a quest for innovative solutions that simplify, secure, and supercharge their financial management.

This is where fintech app development services comes in, crafting a new era of financial applications that are not only secure but also user-friendly and feature-rich.

What is fintech app development?

In the financial sector, fintech software solutions emerge as the champions. These versatile fintech app solutions fuel a myriad of critical services, from seamless mobile banking experiences and robust payment gateways to sophisticated investment platforms.

Behind these innovations lies the prowess of a fintech app development team, armed with a diverse array of cutting-edge technologies. Together, they craft mobile and web applications that rise to meet the distinctive challenges faced by banks, financial institutions, and the entire fintech landscape.

UX design for fintech applications

A fintech app’s success largely depends on its ability to offer a seamless, user-friendly experience.

This is where UX design comes into play, focusing on crafting intuitive and engaging interfaces that allow users to navigate the app with ease, whether they’re checking their account balance, making a payment, or monitoring their investments.

Custom fintech development

In an increasingly competitive financial landscape, businesses require tailored fintech solutions that cater to their unique needs and objectives. Custom fintech app development companies provide just that, offering mobile and web applications designed to address specific business requirements, as well as seamless integration with existing systems.

Web & mobile fintech app development

In the dynamic realm of fintech, the catalyst for innovation lies in mobile and web applications. They serve as the driving force, seamlessly connecting you to a world of financial services and products, accessible anytime and anywhere, across all your devices.

Envision a future where mobile banking apps grant you immediate control over your accounts, simplifying tasks such as bill payments and money transfers with effortless precision. Think of investment apps that provide you with real-time insights, equipping you to make informed decisions, regardless of your location or schedule.

Our fintech software development experts

At Netguru, we offer diverse solutions to enhance your fintech business's operations and your users' experience. Our design and development solutions for fintech are delivered by experienced financial services consultants and technology experts.

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We are actively boosting our international footprint across various industries such as banking, healthcare, real estate, e-commerce, travel, and more. We deliver products to such brands as Solarisbank, IKEA, PAYBACK, DAMAC, Volkswagen, Babbel, Santander, Keller Williams, and Hive.
  • $5M

    Granted in funding for Shine. Self-care mobile app that lets users practice gratitude
  • $28M

    Granted in funding for Moonfare. Investment platform that enables investment in private equity funds
  • $20M

    Granted in funding for Finiata. Data-driven SME lending platform provider
  • $47M

    Granted in funding for Tourlane. Lead generation tool that helps travelers to make bookings

Fintech application development services - FAQ

Discover answers to some frequently asked questions on fintech software development services.

What are the key technologies in fintech?

The fintech industry thrives on technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain, and machine learning. These game-changers drive innovation, elevating user experiences, and unlocking new business possibilities.

Artificial Intelligence

AI automates processes, delivers personalized recommendations, and boosts customer support. Fintech app developers leverage AI to craft intuitive, efficient, and user-centric solutions for both businesses and consumers.

Blockchain & Smart Contracts

Blockchain and smart contracts redefine fintech security and efficiency. By harnessing these technologies, fintech app developers ensure transaction integrity and usher in a trustless, frictionless financial ecosystem.

Machine Learning & Data Analytics

Machine learning and data analytics empower fintech apps to analyze user behavior, predict trends, and offer personalized financial guidance. It elevates the user experience and drive superior financial outcomes with data-driven insights.

How to choose the right fintech app development partner?

Selecting the ideal fintech app development partner is pivotal. Your project's fate hinges on this decision. Evaluate potential partners based on three key factors:

Fintech Industry Expertise

Partnering with a fintech specialist guarantees your app aligns with industry trends, regulations, and best practices. Expect a robust, reliable solution designed for success.

Portfolio & Success Stories

Reviewing past projects and client feedback reveals your partner's capabilities and track record. Make an informed choice with real-world evidence of expertise.

Communication & Collaboration

Efficient communication and collaboration are crucial. A partner who excels here ensures project success and a product that meets your goals and user needs.

How to develop a fintech app?

The fintech app development process is a comprehensive journey that includes planning and strategy, design and development, testing and quality assurance, and launch and post-launch support, all of which can be provided by app development services.

Understanding each stage of the process is key to ensuring that your fintech app is developed to meet the highest standards and fulfills all business and user requirements.

  • Planning & Strategy
    Define your app's goals, audience, and features. Create a timeline and budget aligned with your business objectives.
  • Design & Development
    Collaborate with experts to craft an intuitive user interface and implement key features.
  • Testing & Quality Assurance
    Thorough testing ensures a bug-free, high-performing, and secure app, saving you time and money.
  • Launch & Post-Launch Support
    Deploy your app, monitor its performance, and receive ongoing maintenance and updates for a seamless user experience.

Fintech app development services unlock innovation, security, and user-friendliness. With tailored solutions and emerging technologies, your fintech app can exceed expectations. Embark on this exciting journey to transform your financial management.