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Illustrations are super communicators, they are showing instead of telling

Digital product users often meet with complex and abstract concepts that could be hard to understand. They may need to read a couple of sentences above the action button, check the data, swipe the onboarding back and forth and with all this context try to understand what does the product want from me on this particular screen?

They can feel confused, frustrated and disconnected if there are no proper visuals to guide them. And that’s actually a perfect scenario for adding illustrations.

Illustrations are super communicators, they are showing instead of telling, and we all know how much faster we process visuals compared to text. But it's not only about speed.

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  • laptop illustration
  • creative head illustration

Besides elevating the product experience illustrations are capable of so much more

Illustrations are powerful tools that can be used to help tell stories, convey ideas, and enhance brand communication
  • Brand recognition

    In a digital market visibility is key and high brand awareness is the first step to user acquisition.

  • Building trust and connection

    We always try to find something human in technology, we want to connect with it and see their face. There’s no better tool for it than illustrations

  • Emotional gratification

    Celebrating a win or a milestone is always adding a pleasurable note to the experience and makes us use the product on a daily basis

  • Visual metaphors

    Visual metaphors are something unique that illustrations are capable of. The message becomes catchy and very easy to remember

  • Improved readability

    Illustrations are great for breaking the text walls and being added to complex dashboards with lots of data

  • Friendly and more human experience

    We shouldn't underestimate the power of eye pleasing images inside the product. They give us the aesthetic satisfaction and improve the experience

  • Guiding and focus attention

    Emphasize the feature and guide the user through visual stories that are easy and faster to understand instead of reading pages of text

  • Explaining complex processes

    Some products are having complex technology behind it, but it shouldn't make it complex for the user to understand

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Illustrators are experts in storytelling and visual problem solving with your business goals in mind

Illustrations help to understand messages faster and clearer, make the user feel safe and comfortable, understand the values of product features better, communicate direct message and celebrate a win, or simply love the aesthetical side of their presence.

Illustration Services

Product design strives to deliver beautiful and usable products that solve user problems and help you achieve your business goals.
  • app illustrations

    App Illustrations

    Illustrations include the ones used directly in the app in order to guide, explain or focus attention. Beside having the above purposes, illustrations also have an emotional and aesthetical impact we shouldn't forget about.

  • web illustrations

    Web Illustrations

    Website illustrations include Hero and Spot types. Illustrations that don’t fit into these descriptions can also have a place on the page, as projects can go out of these standard categories.

  • illustration system

    Libraries and Illustration Systems

    Libraries are awesome tools in case of creating a big volume of illustrations in house by the clients team (design or marketing) and for maintaining consistency.

  • illustration guidelines

    Illustration Guidelines

    Illustration Guidelines include the rules of the company's illustration style. From the general principles and approach to details such as how to build a character or how to use the colors and perspective properly.

  • art direction

    Art Direction & Style Exploration

    Development of unique style for a brand. The service is focused on deep experimentation and exploration of the possible visual solutions represented by illustrations. The process includes creation of the moodboards, style swatches and examples of compositions. Short brand guidelines are included.

  • animated illustrations

    Animated Illustrations

    Adding a hint of life to illustrations leveling up the experience game for the viewer. We can capture attention, tell a story, explain the message and improve the emotional connection even better with moving illustrations.

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To keep the assets in order and allow for quick browsing and creation of the new illustration compositions we chose to use Figma software.

Frequently asked questions about illustration services

Find out answers to these common concerns.
Why should you use external illustrators?

External illustrators offer a wealth of specific graphic design experience you may not get internally. They also provide a valuable outside opinion that can shape an illustration project beyond what you first imagined. Professional illustrators have varied skills, from custom and character illustrations to animations. By collaborating with talented illustrators from an external company like Netguru, you can:

  • Draw users’ attention
  • Navigate customers in the right direction
  • Give your product a breath of fresh air
  • Build trust and connection
  • Break text walls and improve readability
  • Offer a friendly experience
  • Make your product memorable
  • Guide and focus on consumers
  • Explain complicated processes with ease (and fun)
  • Build your brand and make it instantly recognizable

These positives can help you increase your customer base, generate loyalty, and increase sales and revenue.

Where can I find good illustrators?

Look no further than Netguru. Our experienced team has worked on illustration projects across many industries: education, government, real estate, social media, transport, e-commerce, and more.

Through illustrations (what we like to call “super communicators”), our designers help your product attract attention, convey a message, and persuade prospective customers. Our clients often partner with us for years across many projects. Why? We build trust and work to your specific requirements.

What is the purpose of using illustrations?

Quality and professional illustration design – custom illustrations, apps, or web illustrations – make complex and abstract concepts easy to understand. High-quality illustrations build a connection with customers by showing instead of telling.

They also add personality, help you build your brand’s image, and act as a visual anchor. Illustrations aren’t just an adornment: well-crafted visuals created by talented illustrators can significantly impact your revenue.

What makes a good illustration design?

There are some general guidelines to refer to, but ultimately, it’s a collaborative process between you and the experienced illustrators you partner with. For example, if you’re using animation, there are 12 principles to keep in mind (anticipation, staging…). If you’re using color, consider what message you want to convey.

For instance, green is relaxing to the eye and associated with nature, safety, and the environment. The shapes and orientation of lines you use also influence perceptions.

What are business illustrations?

Companies, enterprises, and startups all use business illustrations. Why? They bring attention to their product. They act as a visual representation by drawing attention, focusing on customers, and explaining information quickly.

Organizations around the world across a host of industries use our high-quality illustration services to make products more aesthetic, eye-catching, and user-friendly. Ultimately, business illustrations act as a powerful tool that can boost the performance of products.

What illustration services do we offer?

Considering 80% of the population are visualizers, that indicates the majority of people (and your customers) learn, remember, and, very often, make purchasing decisions by looking at an item or a product. Based on that reasoning, whatever you’re selling needs a strong visual presence.

Why? To draw consumers’ attention, engage them, and explain complex info quickly. Our experienced team has worked with clients across many industries, from technology and media to healthcare and finance – we’re on hand to help you with your illustration design project. Our talented illustrators will work with you on your specific requirements, bringing your vision to life. Our creative services span a range of illustration services:

  • Customized illustrations
  • App illustrations
  • Web illustrations
  • Character illustrations
  • Animated illustrations

We also offer additional creative services that help you develop and finesse your style, including:

  • Illustration guidelines
  • Library systems
  • Art direction
  • Style exploration

Our high-quality illustration services help you show instead of telling, build a connection with people, and lay the foundations for a long-term relationship with your customers. Our purposeful, well-considered, and professional illustrations foster brand recognition, generate trust, and offer a human experience. In short, illustrations are a powerful tool for your business that can impact your revenue.

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