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Get fast results with a leading consulting firm

Working with an IT consulting firm gives you access to years of industry expertise, innovative thinking and diverse skill sets. From initial concepts up to launch day, leverage professional support to build something great.

Specialist teams to create comprehensive solutions

Working with consulting agencies means having expert support at each stage of your project
  • Control your budget

    Know exactly where to put valuable resources with a comprehensive overview of your project

  • All tools included

    Gain access to powerful development tools with no additional impact to your budget

  • Process automation

    Automation to streamline day-to-day processes and increase your overall efficiency

  • Improved project productivity

    Reach your goals faster with a dedicated team of experts

Let’s work together
Artemest innovation consulting e-commerce

Bringing historic Italian craftsmanship to the world

Artemest uses technological innovation to breathe new life into centuries-old trade-crafts

Bringing together master artisans from across Italy, the Artemest platform gives customers from the global marketplace access to a world of bespoke, hand produced furniture and décor. As the platform's popularity increased, Artemest turned to Netguru to significantly renovate its existing architecture and future-proof their system for continued growth.
Our cooperation with Netguru is a true partnership. Whenever we faced challenges this year, we could rely on Netguru for our urgent staffing needs and time-critical deliverables. The Netguru team has gone above and beyond any expectations of what a strong and reliable partner can be. It's a pleasure to continue our growth with such an outstanding tech company.
Hima Mandali Solarisbank CTO

Hima Mandali

CTO of Solarisbank

The tools you need to build exceptional technology

IT consultancies bring together skilled and experienced personnel into one high-powered team.
  • Web and mobile development

    Build a consolidated online identity with a web and mobile presence that reflects your business strategy

  • Digital transformation services

    New challenges require the latest solutions - move your business forward with robust digital capabilities

  • Product design

    Design insights that help you fine-tune your products for a rapidly changing marketplace

  • Machine learning solutions

    Leverage the latest machine learning innovations to bring new levels of productivity to your projects

Let’s work together

Tackle the challenges of modern business with expert IT consultancy

The extensive Netguru team of 650+ experts provides your business with comprehensive solutions to digital challenges.

What can an IT consulting firm really offer my business?

In the digital age, most businesses will find a need for IT consulting services at some point.

For a short term project or challenge, a company wouldn’t benefit from hiring a range of new in-house specialists and purchasing new equipment and software tools. All these resources can end up redundant once the project is concluded.

External software consulting firms cut out these overheads by offering ready-to-go teams of specialists who can step in at any stage of a project and get it to the finish line.

What is software consulting?

Software consulting happens when businesses need outside expertise to supercharge a project’s development or to offer insight on any challenges the company might be facing. The exact kind of services that an IT consulting agency might offer depends on the hiring companies goals and needs.

In short, software consultants are the ones who can diagnose an issue and recommend a solution. Whether you need to see the big picture or get a detail-orientated analysis of your digital state, IT consultants have the team members needed to get results.

To meet such high expectations, a software consulting company must be incredibly diverse by necessity.

Meeting the needs of the world's leading businesses requires bringing together professional expertise in the fields of design, ideation, software, project management and many more. Once assembled, these teams bring their full range of knowledge and experience to bear on whatever project a business is working on.

Mobile and Web Apps

Web and mobile applications have become the primary ways that companies find and retain new customers, build brand recognition and increase market-share.

A website or mobile app will frequently be the first impression users get of your business – making it essential that these apps offer an engaging, hassle-free experience.

Beautiful, functional design draws customers in and leads them seamlessly to the information you want them to see.

An IT consulting agency brings together industry experience, aesthetic design and technological skill sets to help you build an online presence that reflects who you are as a business. Netguru has years of experience building fast, reliable platforms that are a pleasure to look at and a joy to use.

Whether it's advice on digital trends, designing highly specific user requested features, or helping bring successful products to new markets, consulting with Netguru gives your ambition the support it needs.

Custom software development

Each business has unique goals and a distinct customer base. Settling for generic software solutions can be like forcing a round peg into a square hole. With custom software consultation and development you get exactly what your business needs, with no redundant or badly optimized features.

The rate of technological change is increasing year on year, and the expectations of customers rise ever higher. In such a competitive environment, inefficiencies or poor user experiences caused by bad software can leave consumers looking elsewhere and let competitors leap-frog to the front of the queue.

The need for innovative, design-focused technologies has never been greater. Whether you require new digital products, renovated digital systems or enterprise solutions, Netguru specialises in producing custom software solutions that add value to your company.

Digital transformation

Digital transformation is the process of rethinking outdated or static business processes and finding ways to innovate an organisation with digital technology.

Companies of every size, from SMEs to large enterprises, are recognizing the need to harness the power of IT. By doing so they can remove bottlenecks, automate out repetition and waste, and capture new customer demographics in the digital marketplace.

The process of digital transformation can be complex and frustrating, simply because it encompasses so many different elements of your business model.

Even the initial step of identifying what parts of the structure might benefit from digital transformation can be a challenge. Software consulting companies offer an indispensable ‘objective’ orientated perspective on where potential growth and innovation areas might be hiding in your existing infrastructure.

Beyond helping to give you an overview, tech consulting firms have the tools and practical skills to action changes rapidly and smoothly.

At Netguru, our consulting team pulls together a range of specialities to offer thoughtful and informed advice on each aspect of your digital transformation.

Our partners about the cooperation with Netguru

  • I really appreciate it that you take ownership, that you're experienced, and that we can rely on you. I’m happy to say that so far it has worked out tremendously well for solarisBank.
    Peter Grosskopf

    Peter Grosskopf

    Former CTO at solarisBank
  • Netguru has been the best agency we've worked with so far. Your team understands Keller and is able to design new skills, features, and interactions within our model, with a great focus on speed to market.
    Adi Pavlovic

    Adi Pavlovic

    Director of Innovation at Keller Williams
  • I’ve had a long-lasting partnership with Netguru. Happy that it works so well and hopeful that we can cooperate on more projects in the future. Netguru always tries to make things possible.
    Susanne Wechsler

    Susanne Wechsler

    Director B2B at Babbel

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Delivered by Netguru

We are actively boosting our international footprint across various industries such as banking, healthcare, real estate, e-commerce, travel, and more. We deliver products to such brands as solarisBank, PAYBACK, DAMAC, Volkswagen, Babbel, Santander, Keller Williams, and Hive.
  • Lead generation tool that helps travelers to make bookings

    $47M Granted in funding

  • Data-driven SME lending platform provider

    $20M Granted in funding

  • Investment platform that enable to invest in private equity funds

    $28M Granted in funding

  • Self-care mobile app that lets users practice gratitude

    $5M Granted in funding

Do you have more questions?

Read answers to the most common queries we get about software consulting.
What is the difference between consultant and developer?
In some ways, a consultant is like a doctor – they research, analyze and diagnose the issue before recommending a comprehensive solution. By contrast, a developer is more like a surgeon. They get the diagnosis from the consultancy team and begin the practical work of implementing the strategy. That might mean redesigning old digital architecture or developing a whole new software to meet the needs of the business.
What is the work of a software consultant?
A software consultant’s role is primarily to offer an expert opinion regarding a company’s IT services. The exact details of their work really depends on the company they work with. Does the business need advice on developing an app for a target audience? Migrating services to the cloud? Refreshing their online presence? Each situation requires a specific and individual response.
What are IT consulting services?

IT consulting can cover a wide range of services. From planning digital architecture to devising a digital strategy and the implementation of processes, IT consultants combine deep industry knowledge with technical expertise. Regardless of the exact service, IT consulting agencies are skilled at analysing the individual elements of a business’ digital infrastructure, contextualising issues against larger strategic goals and finally recommending solutions that take into account a range of internal and external factors.

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