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10 UX Trends to Watch in 2019

Digital product design is evolving dynamically with the rise of new cutting-edge technologies that change the way users interact with their devices. That’s why it’s crucial to stay up-to-date with the recent discoveries and methodologies used to provide the best experience to your audience. We put together 10 UX trends that will help you craft user-centered products in 2019.

1. Meaningful conversations

Conversations with users will be getting much more personal this year. The language of the interfaces augmented with machine learning algorithms will come closer to the real human voice and give the impression of being more individual. What's more, the role of the UX writer will gain importance.

2. Voice assistants of the rise

Interaction with devices is going way beyond the screens of our smartphones. Voice User Interfaces (VUI) are becoming more present in our day-to-day life. The popularity of voice assistants shouldn’t be underestimated. They are already taking over new industries like hospitality or automotive. UX designers also need to start thinking beyond flat screens and learn to craft experiences using voice assistants.

3. More personalization

Try to think outside the design canvas. We no longer build thoughts to fit into everything. Users expect more unique experiences on every device, featuring personalized content made with their preferences, taking geographic, demographic and psychographic data under consideration. Using machine learning algorithms you can collect more data about users to deliver an individual experience.

4. Designers who code

Communication between designers and developers is essential to bring a product to the market. That’s why designers should get a better understanding of programming. The gap between designers and developers is becoming smaller and designers will also have to learn more about coding and start using more artificial intelligence solutions.

5. Business-centered designs

Designers should know more about business. Enterprises value UX design agencies who offer UX experts with many years of experience, who are capable of taking responsibility for the product they deliver. That’s why designers should learn more about KPIs, market constraints, resources, and all the stakeholders’ needs to better shape the experience without losing real business value from their sight.

6. Crucial workflows

It’s no longer about selling a product. It’s more important how the designers came up with the idea rather than just creating the product itself. That’s why more and more designers will present their workflows, processes, and how they reached the final result as a part of the whole delivery package.

7. New design patterns

New, bigger-screen devices are designed with user comfort in mind. Thus we’ll see the rise of new design patterns with the gestures and bottom navigation controls focus. If foldable screens succeed, 2019 will be the time for designers to explore new possibilities of this invention as well.

8. Self-explanatory animations

Designs will be getting more self-explanatory thanks to leveraging animations. They can make a big difference in showing users how they can move around the application. Oftentimes, animated illustrations can better explain how to use the app than a block of text. On top of that, they’re way more appealing.

9. Security as a priority

We will be designing each product with security and privacy as a priority. Information about hacked blockchains or mass data breaches will continue to raise users' awareness of threats lurking in their digital identity. We are also awaiting the increase in the use of hidden biometric authentication.

10. AR, VR and blockchain gaining momentum

Augmented or Virtual Reality and blockchain have already disrupted some of industries, but we will see a bigger evolution of these technologies in 2019. AR, VR, and blockchain will receive more attention and gain momentum in many applications.


That's it for today. Hope our trends will come useful in the UX design process. If you want to add something to our list leave us a comment or drop a message.

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