UX and Website Development for a Community Startup

A global community for moms, groups & businesses

Helping a professional and social networking platform which connects women with ideas and opportunities for professional careers.

Mumslink's users come from all types of businesses, organisations and charities.


  • Identifying key features of the app.
  • Creating wireframes, designing the user experience and developing a website with Ruby on Rails.
  • Supporting a non-technical client throughout the development process.


Netguru focused on the features that would work well and be achieved within the proposed deadline. The client stayed involved and received a lot of guidance.

  • Brining technical expertise for a full-stack service for a single-founder company.
  • Innovative UX which received good feedback from users and early adopters.
  • Creating a friendly and glitch-free site used by the UK's Department for Education and various returners' programs.


We appointed a project manager to make the projects run smoothly and added a quality assurance specialist to the team to ensure the highest quality at every iteration.

  • Providing a source of information and support.
  • Building the site with the best technology available.
  • Keeping the client in the loop of constant communication with the rest of the team.
Netguru's work ethic and professionalism are the key points... You feel like you're supported throughout the process and that you are part of the team.

Jo Williamson

Founder at Mumslink

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