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Although it is relatively straightforward to identify existing vulnerabilities in your environment through a scan, exploiting these weaknesses can reveal deeper insight into potential penetration points. Regular penetration testing services are key to understanding the latest attack techniques and developing an accurate picture of your defenses.
  • Web application testing

    Web application testing helps to understand the vulnerabilities associated with your digital products such as potential entry points - SQL injection flaws, cross-site scripting problems, or gaps related to application logic or session management flows.

  • Cloud penetration testing

    Our cloud security assessments are tailored to the unique rules and needs of each cloud platform, enabling our team to thoroughly examine vulnerabilities and then take decisive measures to mitigate them.

  • Network infrastructure testing

    Network infrastructure testing helps to prevent potential cyber threats by providing an in-depth analysis into network security. We identify and exploit a wide range of vulnerabilities, classify the risks posed to cybersecurity, ultimately guaranteeing that your data is not exposed nor compromised.

  • Mobile security testing

    Mobile security testing is an essential to build safe applications for customers that safeguard private and sensitive data. Comprehensive assessments of these applications ensure they are developed according to industry-standards with secure code and guaranteeing customer-privacy.

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Get your business security improved by the pentest experts

Change prone to proof in terms of business cybersecurity

Threats and risk scenarios are constantly evolving so it's more and more important for organisations of all sizes to invest in comprehensive penetration testing solutions.

They enable organisations to:

  • identify and mitigate vulnerabilities
  • gain objective visibility into missing blind spots and unseen threats
  • test the effectiveness of their current security tools and technologies
  • allocate budgets efficiently when it comes to investing in new technologies.

By implementing penetration testing services, organisations can vastly reduce the risk posed by cyber attackers, ensuring a higher level of protection for integral IT systems.

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