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Technology is transforming our lives, but rapid growth comes at a price. When designing your next product or service, we are looking at the bigger picture. Our sustainability design consultants experts will help you deliver solutions for a sustainable future.

If you have considered these questions before, it means you're in the right place to get started!

Sustainability has become a priority for many sectors, impacting people, planet and profits. Vast as it may seem, we have done it before — and so will you.
  • Is sustainability important to you, but you do not know where to start?

    Beginnings can be tough — except you're here, which means you have already begun. Let us help you take it a step further.

  • Are your customers shifting to other more sustainable competitors?

    Together, we will make your business the sustainable alternative to your competitors, rather than the other way around.

  • Do you want to have a real impact instead of just greenwashing?

    We'll collaboratively uncover where, why and what the solution needs to be to create a lasting and meaningful impact.

  • Do you need help with delivering on your sustainability commitments?

    You can count on us to help you break that journey down into smaller, more easily achievable steps.

Netguru has been our biggest and leading investor into our product development. The partnership allows us to build the best in class product, while in the process both teams are contributing to the impactful cause of increasing clean energy access in sub-Saharan Africa and remote regions in the world.

Leroy T. Nyangani

Co-Founder and Team Lead at NeedEnergy

What's in it for you?

Make your company stand out with sustainability by proactively leading the conversation.
  • Grow with care

    Consumers feel that companies should do more to protect the environment. Such brands will benefit from increased loyalty and willingness of consumers to spend more on a sustainable product.

  • Increase efficiency

    With rising prices of energy and water, sustainable solutions can help reduce your costs and drive profitability to find better, cleaner ways to navigate your business into the future.

  • Reduce turnover

    Environmentally responsible companies find it easier to attract talent. Your employees will value working for a company that is dedicated to solving the problems they face as consumers.

  • Discover opportunities

    Shifting the focus to sustainability can help your company enter new markets. Changing how your brand is perceived may help you reach new customers and sometimes lead to new solutions.

Let’s work together

USE: our holistic approach to sustainability design

The proprietary USE framework created by Netguru ICON helps us navigate any challenge comprehensively, from understanding, through strategizing and all the way to execution.

How we work?

  1. We review and analyze the current situation and set the vision for incorporating sustainability into your business.

  2. Through a variety of methods we collaboratively come up with the way to make that vision a reality.

  3. We establish a step by step plan of action that will lead your business into a more sustainable future.

What is sustainability design?

When designing for sustainability, we are focusing on the impact your service is having on the environment and the society. By incorporating the triple bottom line perspective — that is, People, Planet, and Profit — we look beyond the value delivered to end users and take into consideration all aspects of the solution.

We look at not only what is delivered, but how it is done. Such an approach allows us to define and design tailored solutions and recommendations that will help you generate a unique and sustainable value proposition for existing or future customers.

Why is sustainable design important to business?

With the increased focus on sustainability and urgent actions required to limit and neutralize our impact on the environment, businesses need to change the way they are looking at resources. They need to measure and understand the footprint and impact of their activity.

A business that ignores the importance of sustainability is not going to be a brand of choice to customers seeking services and products aligned with their values. Sustainability design will help you make educated decisions on how to efficiently and consciously run and grow your business.

How does a business design for sustainability?

When designing a new solution or redesigning an existing one, businesses are taking into consideration many aspects related to the user experience, value to the end user, the look and feel and other characteristics that define a successful product or service.

With sustainability design those elements are expanded to include the social and environmental impact of the discussed solution. Such a shift of focus allows businesses to make more conscious decisions at the design phase and results in efficient and competitive solutions.

How can we help you with innovative solutions for sustainability?

Our sustainability design consultants will provide tailored solutions and recommendations that will help you generate a unique and sustainable value proposition for the existing or potential customers.

Netguru's sustainability design consultancy has been successfully tested in numerous projects and irrespective of the challenge, our experts will provide an actionable roadmap for solution development or prevalidated prototype that will take into account the business and sustainability needs.

Learn more about what Netguru is doing for sustainability and diversity.

Gain competitive advantage and drive positive impact simultaneously

As a B-corp certified company, we take sustainability seriously and we know how to help you on the journey towards a better future. Our world class experts will take care of every aspect of the solution. Whether you need data analytics to measure your carbon footprint, powerful data visualizations or you are on a mission to help your users lead a sustainable life, we have got you covered.

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Mateusz Krawczyński

Consulting Director

Mateusz is leading a team of product managers and innovation consultants who daily create value for most innovative brands from around the world.

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