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How to Find the Best UX Design Agency – A Partner That Will Help You Deliver a Great User Experience

If you are running a business and would like to expand an existing product or create a new one, you are probably asking yourself “How can I develop my product to make it a success?”. The idea is one thing, but user reception can be another. So, if you want to avoid pointless work and wasting resources, your product has to be perfectly prepared. You might have also thought about hiring a company that is focused on UX design - experts in connecting businesses and their users.

Companies that take care of UX design are an essential part of successful product development. They will investigate your competitors, research the market, get to know your users, and make sure that your product is wanted, functional, and user-friendly. Through various processes, a UX company is able to eliminate many difficulties before introducing a product to the market and guide you through the different stages of a product launch. In many cases they are able to give you wise, valuable, and professional guidance and even become instrumental to the success of your product.

So, there might be a question popping up: how to find the best UX design agency? In this article you will find out a few valuable tips for your search. Let’s start from the beginning - the UX designers.

What makes a great UX designer?

UX designers are the foundation of successful product development. They focus mostly on user experience, so things like how the product is received by your potential customers. And it is not just about visual design. It is also about functionality, what kind of user engagement is activated, and how easy the product is to navigate. So what makes a great UX designer?

  • High level of empathy. A UX designer has to understand the needs of users - the ability to figure out another person's emotions and sensitivity to what they are experiencing is necessary.
  • Research is the cornerstone of successful product development. Thus, a UX designer has to be a great researcher with the best quality and usability expertise. They need to know not only know how to use and gather information, but also to understand its value.  
  • Wireframing and being able to create an understandable information architecture - building your product’s framework is a key operation that UX designers have to be great at.
  • Because they will spend a lot of time working with users, business stakeholders, and other team members, he or she has to have excellent communication skills. UX designers explain and present their ideas and solutions on a daily basis. Along with that comes giving and receiving constant feedback. Without great interpersonal skills that tasks would be very difficult.
  • A can-do and problem-solving attitude are crucial as most of their work is solving issues and eliminating difficulties.
  • Experience. Practice makes perfect, so, if the designer was a part of various projects they are more likely to speed up the process, find the best solutions or be better advisors.  
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How to choose the best UX agency?

Experience can be a crucial thing in a successful launch. Nowadays, we check portfolios of most companies we are considering working with - from construction crews to potential business partners. It should be no different with UX design agencies.

  1. To make the best decision, first of all, you should verify projects that the agency has done in the past. Were they successful? Maybe you or your friends are using their products on a daily basis and enjoy them? These are good signs of credibility. If they were able to accomplish great things for other businesses, the probability that they will do the same with yours is much higher.
  2. It is important to check if the company has enough resources. Product development is one stage of the launch. So what about the other steps? An experienced UX agency will be aware of the issues that can occur during the whole process. Thus, they will be able to advise you on other parts, like UI design, development, and product maintenance. Their broad knowledge, covering areas beyond UX design, will be helpful in choosing the optimal solutions from the beginning. As a result, you will avoid a situation when, for example, the product looks amazing but does not perform as it should, so it needs to be redesigned. The process of digital product development can be very complex, so advice from an experienced company can solve many problems, thus saving time.
  3. Every client is unique. So, while looking at the UX agencies’ portfolios, think about how they deliver solutions and approach particular business objectives. A design company should be the bridge between the users and the business. Are their past projects relevant?  Every product should be prepared in a way that fulfills user needs. That can be achieved by building a fit-for-purpose interface, functionality, and appropriate aesthetics. Is the design of a healthcare app adequate for its role and is it different than that of a dating website? An experienced UX company understands and knows how to make the best choices for diverse clients.

What are the benefits of top UX design agency partnership?

Choosing the right UX design company is a strategic decision. Through different processes and methods, it can take your product to an absolutely new level. UX agencies not only take care of usability and functionality, but also make sure that the product is targeting its right audience. And they know what your audience wants. What is more, if they are prepared and experienced enough to help you with other stages of a launch - you are getting an end-to-end solution. And that makes you so close to success. That is why it is so important to make sure that you pick the best one.

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