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Why Build Custom Software?

If you’re looking for the right software solution to take your business to the next level, having it custom-made could be the right choice. Custom software is developed with your company’s specific needs in mind. It can involve complex or cutting-edge technological solutions, such as big data or machine learning. You can achieve rapid growth with business intelligence or connect with your customers through a new channel. Whatever your business requires, modern technologies make it possible.

At Netguru, we’ve built top-of-the-league custom software for industries such as healthcare, banking, manufacturing, retail and telecommunications. We’ve worked with robotics and drone technologies, supported ecommerce businesses through user experience and engineering insights, worked with big data and artificial intelligence, and helped local businesses spread their wings. As a full technological partner, we offer business consultations, software development services, quality assurance, product design and DevOps support. We believe that through such a complex approach to the challenge of developing custom applications, we can deliver real value to clients and help them change the world.

Defining custom software development

The world of business is undergoing rapid change. Companies compete with each other in new ways, many of which involve developing custom software solutions. These include management tools making core processes more efficient, new channels of communication with customers, Big Data leveraging the hidden value of information, Business Intelligence enabling making more informed decisions, and many other uses of custom products. They come as web, mobile applications, and desktop applications, built to suit the company’s needs and fit seamlessly into existing processes. That’s the main advantage of custom software: it’s tailored exactly to the purpose of supporting your business.

Custom software services

Industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, retail, banking, and telecommunications are all taking advantage of cutting-edge technological solutions. If you’re interested but you already use a number of apps to support your processes, don’t worry. A good software review and a development plan could be all that stands between your business and higher revenue or better conversion rates. When looking for a technological partner, choose experts who have worked in a multitude of different environments, joining forces with clients from around the world. This way, you can be sure they’ll know how to communicate effectively and adjust their development process to the needs of your business.

Full product development support is the key to a good cooperation. More can be achieved with software development through early consultations (e.g. a scoping session, or a product design sprint to establish needs and requirements), top-quality development services, quality assurance, project management, product design, DevOps, and maintenance. It’s crucial to focus on transparency, answer clients’ questions and look for new ways in which technological advantage can be achieved.

Technology solutions for your business

When building solutions for enterprises, using both web and mobile technologies can give you an extra edge. Delivering top custom software is meant to solve issues and explore business opportunities. One example of achieving business advantages is creating real-time apps, such as business analytics systems your employees can access through their phones. At Netguru, we’ve also worked on web applications and mobile apps powering drones and robotic personal assistants, revolutionising industries from surveillance to smart homes. Technology has a huge potential for fostering business growth. In manufacturing, process automation and Augmented Reality could help increase efficiency and lower operation costs. Healthcare and banking rely on iron-tight solutions to protect sensitive user data, while making critical services more available and personalised. Retail can build entire new channels of communication with users, inspiring customer loyalty, and the telecommunications industry should always be on top of new technological developments. These are only a few examples of how technology can affect business, and how leveraging cutting-edge solutions can benefit your company.

Is custom software development right for you?

There is almost no way of remaining competitive in this day and age that does not involve investing in high-quality software solutions. Custom software can be a big investment initially, but it tends to bring costs down in the long run when compared to alternative, off-the-shelf software. These solutions built to suit various types of businesses often lack efficiency, include too few or too many features, and are difficult to maintain. They also tend to use more resources than necessary, and force companies to adjust their internal processes.

Custom software has none of these disadvantages. It’s built for a purpose and can be made flexible and scalable enough to make major changes later down the road, when requirements change or there’s a big shift on the market. When approaching custom software solutions, it’s important to learn about the client’s company first: their processes, tools, and internal culture. With this knowledge, it’s possible to focus your design on real value, making sure that the product you build together will serve your business for years to come.

Custom technology for brands

Make your brand unique with custom technological solutions. Disrupt your market and create your own niche, or become more effective than your competition. Define your brand through smart technological solutions, satisfying experiences delivered through tailor-made apps, and consistent designs. Create a brand experience that will delight your users.

Your custom software development company

During custom application development, your team should always focus on your business needs. Bespoke software solutions aren’t just about uniqueness or cutting-edge tech. Their main purpose is to support the client’s endeavours, make their users happy, and provide opportunities for growth. Sometimes, this can be achieved with a simple app built in a short amount of time. Other times, it means a complex project spanning months or even years. Both can lead to a great success if approached right.

Breaking into the world of innovation

You might have noticed the buzz around the concept of digital transformation – the process of adopting a digital-first business strategy, which can result in higher revenues, better conversion and user satisfaction, lower costs, and improved security, to name a few benefits. More and more organisations choose to apply this approach, revolutionising the way in which they do business, making employees happier, and building better relationships with users.

Another step in the same direction is to introduce real innovation to your market. It can be done in small steps, such as improving a crucial internal process and managing your projects better. Or it can be a big change, like introducing a Big Data solution to your business and using complex analytics to build your company’s strategy. There are countless ways in which innovation can help you grow. Modern companies that take advantage of technology shake up long-established markets such as real estate, or create wholly new concepts, like a physical, robotic personal assistant. We can’t wait to see what you can bring into the world, especially if we could help you on this journey.

Experts in IT development services

Look for trusted software development partners who will take their responsibility for the success of your business very seriously. It’s not difficult to recognise a top-quality development company. They’ll work on maintaining the highest possible quality of service, investing in the education and training of their team members. You’ll see them attend conferences and stay on top of newest trends. But make sure your partner remains cautious about applying these trends in clients’ projects. It’s important to know the risks new technologies sometimes mean for security and efficiency and to be conscious of the fact that decisions on what technological solution to use can affect the entire future of your company. Look for a custom software development firm that will always keep your best interest in mind.

Learn more from our software developers

Netguru software developers and consultants are happy to share their knowledge and expertise. They can advise you on the important aspects when you look for an experienced custom software development company. Check out our knowledge base about software development.

Industries we excel at

Our clients are businesses of different types and sizes. We developed projects for companies in a range of industries: finance, media, healthcare, education, government, real estate/property, social media, travel/transport, e-business, e-commerce, to name a few.

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Trust is a foundation for great products

Our clients often cooperate with us for many years, launching various products. It's because we always strive to become trusted technological partners who care to provide more than just software development expertise. Thanks to that, we work as an extension of our clients’ teams rather than an outsourcing agency.

What I appreciate in working with Netguru: that you take the ownership, you're experienced, and that we can rely on you.

Peter Grosskopf
CTO, solarisBank

Netguru has been the best agency we've worked with so far. Your team understands Kelle and is able to design new skills, features, and interactions within our model.

Adi Pavlovic
Director of Innovation, Keller Williams

Let me put it this way: we have built a grand and impressive building. But without Netguru’s insights, we would be stuck on the ground-floor forever.

Artur Kryzan
Team Leader and CX Manager, Volkswagen

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