7 Reasons Why You'll Love Working at Netguru

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What are the reasons to work at Netguru?

We really care about our folks’ comfort and do a lot to make them feel happy at work. We have a strong remote working culture, which we have cultivated for the last couple of years. Are you looking for a perfect workplace in the IT industry that will give you ample space to evolve? Do you want to be a part of exciting projects and use top-notch tools and trending technologies? Would you like to join a happy team from all around Europe, who enjoy the time they spend together on projects? If so applying to Netguru will be an excellent choice. This might sound like bragging, but let us convince you with the 7 reasons why you’ll enjoy working with us.


Reason 1: Employee-friendly working conditions

We really care about our folks’ comfort and do a lot to make them feel happy at work. We have a strong remote working culture, which we have cultivated for the last couple of years. Also, we want to make sure that both early birds and night owls can work according to their preferences: you can start work as late as 10 AM if you prefer.

Reason 2: Challenging projects

Just look at the challenges we’ve faced. 

Our Clients 

At Netguru we are always amazed with the type of projects we work on. When we assign you to a project we always ask you for your preferences and interests to find the most suitable project for you. 


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Reason 3: Top-notch tools and dev-friendly environment

All of our processes are based on Scrum and Agile methodologies, and include dev-friendly processes, such as Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Code Review, and bug bashes. We do it on a daily basis to ensure the quality of our work.

Effective work also requires using top-notch tools. Our toolset does the trick – in the daily work on projects we use:

  • JIRA and Trello for project tracking,
  • Slack, Zoom, and Google Hangouts for remote communication,
  • CircleCI, Rollbar, Codebeat, GitHub for developer work,
  • Sketch, Principle, InVision for Product Designer work,
  • and more!

Reason 4: Constant learning and knowledge sharing

The people we hire differ with regards to their level of professional experience: from newbies to experts with thousands of commits under their belt. No matter how much you know, there’s always something you can gain and share. Everyone at Netguru is open to teaching you something new and helping you find a solution to development puzzle. Netguru also provides you with an opportunity to share knowledge as a speaker at domestic conferences and lets you work on a wide variety of projects.


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Reason 5: Smooth onboarding

We understand that joining a new company is not easy. To help you adjust to our work ethic and get to know all work-related issues, we provide you with a mentor. A mentor will guide and assist you during the first two weeks of your work and make sure you pick up our positive vibes.

Reason 6: Regular feedback

We believe in the importance of a feedback-giving culture and its positive influence on your personal development. While working at Netguru we give you feedback on a daily basis. Moreover, after finishing each project we schedule a feedback session with you during which you get valuable insights from the developers you worked with.


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Reason 7: Transparency

We talk a lot about transparency, because it’s the core value of our working culture. But what does transparency mean exactly? It means that you know a lot about us from the start. Before you apply, you can check your pay grade in our job offers. Once you start working at Netguru, you can ask us about anything. There are no stupid questions, really! We value equality, and there is no strong hierarchy in our teams. All team members exchange knowledge to keep other team members in the loop about challenges, changes, and issues.

At last, our contract rules are simple and they don’t change. We pay you for each hour you spend working for us. Trust is our core value, therefore it’s you who track your time.

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We hope these 7 reasons convinced you to give Netguru a try. For even more details, check out our job offers or drop us an email at devpartners@netguru.com . We’re looking forward to hearing from you!





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