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Diversity of people, knowledge, and experience. Shared values, culture, and goals. Thanks to them we are a unique team. The team, that is our greatest strength.

Netguru Team

Netguru builds software products that let people do things differently, and change the approach to daily activities. In planning and completing projects with success, many wheels must go round smoothly to deliver the intended goal. These necessary wheels are our departments and people.

Each of us is different, has different experience and knowledge. Thanks to this, we can complement each other while aiming for the common goal. We know how to be the team, that is our greatest strength.

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Netguru team Netguru team
What makes us special?

At Netguru, the work culture and core values are essential. 
We know that teamwork can beat distance, we share the need for self-development, and believe that at Netguru you can be whoever you want to be. Supporting, caring, and trusting each other are the foundations of everyday work. Transparency is an integral element. 

All of the values lead to the place where people can work the way they like while doing the things they enjoy. They lead to Netguru.


Valuing communication and transparency.
Trusting each other, exploring opportunities, and feeling safe stepping out of the comfort zone.
We are not afraid of making mistakes, but always remember to learn lessons.


Sharing information about Netguru openly.
You can check the pay grade, ask about anything, and you will always know what other teams are working on. We value equality and news sharing among the entire company, and we believe that trust is the key.


Providing a growth budget and believing in knowledge sharing.
We cultivate constructive feedback, regularly improve career paths, and we’re more than happy to support team members who want to speak at conferences or take courses. 


Working from wherever and when we want.
Thanks to appropriate processes and tools, following the “remote-first” approach, is possible - as far as you take part in meetings and see each other on regularly organized get-togethers. Work&travel is a lot like Netguru's style!

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